We’re Back!

Posted on Monday, November 16th, 2015 at 8:31 pm

Sunshine Cindy and I are back from our trip to the Keys. We had a great time spending a few days in Key Largo then a week in Key West. We got back to Destin late Tuesday evening and I was back at work and reality on Wednesday morning. While we were gone the episode of Red Tide that was hitting Destin dissipated. It was nasty in Destin when we left with a lot of dead fish and some issues breathing. Glad to say it’s back to normal now.

Destin also got hit with a lot of rain while we were gone. There was some flooding but nothing too serious. I am glad to say since we got back it has been beautiful with warm temps during the day and not too cold at night. I have even had the top down on BadAss3 a few nights coming home from work.

Around town Gilligan’s has closed for the season. They are one of the few restaurants that still close for the winter season. When I first moved to Destin almost 17 years ago just about everyone closed but we are now more of a year round destination so almost no one closes.

Down on the east end of the harbor we have some changes taking place. Landshark Pizza will be moving into their new location next to the Red Door Saloon this week. They will have a soft opening with a grand opening in a week or two. This will be a big place with plenty of TV’s to watch the games while enjoying good pizza, wings and good drinks. They will even have liquor now too.

We have not been to The Boathouse since we got home but I hear they will be closing for some remodeling soon. I will have to get down there to get the scoop. I also understand they have opened the old Dockside Bar with a new remodeled interior but the same good food from The Boathouse. I will have to check this out too.

The old KJ’s building just across from The Boathouse is either open or about to open as Duck Duck (I think that’s the name of it.) Chris from Helen Back is opening this concept. When I first heard about this in the spring he was going to have a food truck outside with drinks inside. I don’t know if that’s still the plan or not. It took them a lot longer to get permits for this location. They tore down the building that was there and built new from the ground up. Someplace else we have to check out. Geeze, we were only gone for 11 days and all kinds of things have changed.

In downtown Fort Walton Beach new owners have taken over the old Luxe Sports Bar. It is now called Buffalo Chips Sports Bar. Their hook is real Buffalo burgers on the menu. I have never had Buffalo and will need to try it.

Back in Destin at the corner of Restaurant Row and Hwy 98 the new extended stay hotel is starting to come out of the ground. It looks like they are not wasting any time and it might be open by the spring judging from the progress they have made.

Sunshine Cindy and I did get out a little this weekend once we got our bearings straight from our trip. Friday night was a parrot head meeting at LuLu’s. We have a full slate of candidates for the parrot head board for next year I am glad to say. The meeting was fun as we relived our trip to MOTM with our friends. We were one of the last ones to leave continuing our tradition of last man standing. LOL 

Saturday we had Sunshine Cindy’s parents over to the house. We had a nice visit with them. We were able to try some Code Rum we brought back from Key Largo. We know the owner of the company who makes this rum and it is really good. I hope we can get it stocked here in Destin at one of our local liquor stores. I have talked to Bill from Beach Liquor and he going to see what he can do. I hope he can get it here in Destin.

Sunday we went to Tailfins to watch some football. We got our usual spot and our friends Ed, Ken, Becky and Don came and joined us. The Browns sucked but we still had a good time. We went to Landshark Pizza after the game and had a chance to talk with Brian about the upcoming move. He is excited but also nervous as this is a big undertaking. Just after we got there Alan and Jackie came in. They are our snowbird friends from Illinois. They got into town the day we left for the Keys so this was our first chance to see them. They are good friends and we are glad they are back!

That’s about it for now. Enjoy your week. See ya next Monday!

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