Christmas season in Destin

Posted on Monday, December 14th, 2015 at 8:31 pm
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Christmas time in Destin is one of best times of the year. This is small town living at its best. We have snowbirds in town and but it’s mostly locals that are now out and about. This past weekend was the Destin Christmas parade. The entire town turns out for this fun event.

The parade runs from the parking lot at Old Time Pottery west down Hwy. 98 to Stalman Ave. by Whataburger. It’s a long route running almost two miles. The sheriff’s office does a good job moving traffic to the east bound lanes of 98 with the parade going down the west bound lanes. With almost 100 different groups in the parade it takes almost two hours to complete.

Sunshine Cindy and I took Chaos and went to Landshark Pizza to watch the parade. We sat on the front patio giving Chaos a front row seat. One of the funny things that happened was early in the parade. There was a big gap between groups. We could see up the road it looked like a vehicle was having a problem. It turned out it was our friends with the Parrot Head club. They had Jan playing music but there was a problem with the inverter they used for power from the vehicle. So Jan ended up walking along with everyone else. He even took a seat with some of the folks watching the parade at one point. Jan knows how to work a crowd.

When the Parrot Heads went by Landshark, Bobby and Mike ran across the street dodging cars to give us beads. That was funny as everyone at Landshark got a kick out of it. The rest of the parade was a typical small town parade with marching bands, politicians, local businesses and of course Santa coming up the rear in a fire truck.

Sunday was the Destin Boat parade. Each December in the harbor dozens of decorated boats run along the harbor for crowds along the boardwalk and in the restaurants. This year they added a fireworks display at the end of the boat parade. This type of parade honors our waterfront location. It was a fun evening on the harbor.

After the Saturday parade Sunshine Cindy and I stayed at Landshark. Some of our Parrot Head friends came and joined us. Chaos was like a princess holding court on the patio. The weather was perfect. It was in the 70’s and the sun was shining. In fact, it was warm for many days. We actually turned our air conditioner on at home. I loved it.

Friday night we had a Parrot Head meeting at LuLu’s. The club announced the volunteer of the year award will now be dedicated to and called the Capt. John Gardner award. Debbie and Ron were this year’s winners. We lost Capt. John this year but his big heart and generosity will live on with this yearly award.

Yes, I went to watch the Browns again on Sunday at Landshark. But this week they actually won. Johnny Football is looking like a real quarterback now. We might have some light at the end of this tunnel yet. LOL  While I was there Brian and Glen joined me for a while. Glen had some smoked venison he let me try that was really good. A big crowd was there watching all the various games.

The rest of our week was spent with Chaos. She is growing so fast. It seems like almost every day we can see her get bigger. She is a sweet puppy that likes to play like most puppy’s do. Hard to believe we have only had her for a couple of weeks. It seems like she has been a part of our family forever.

There’s not much else new happening in Destin right now. This is a slow time where the locals can come out and play. Have a great week. See ya next Monday.

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