2016 Most Anticipated Albums

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Welcome to The Pier’s 2016 Most Anticipated Albums!

We at The Pier spent the bulk of our Holidays and New Year bugging the hell out of bands and their managements about what their plans were for new music in 2016. We like to think that the professional side of us was represented when contacting the bands and not the die-hard fan side, screaming: “PLEASE! TELL ME TELL ME! I KNOW IT’S THE HOLIDAYS, BUT PLEEASSEE!”. In the end, we were able to connect with so many bands and their fantastic representatives who were very gratuitous to make time around the Holiday chaos to answer a few questions about album plans for 2016.

Be advised that each group is at a different stage towards completing their new album. The bands we were able to gather the most information from were groups who are a lot further along in their album process. Other groups are in the early stages of writing and they’re not in a position to confirm much of anything other than “writing and recording.”

One of the bigger bands initially on our list, not mentioned below, is The Green. They acknowledged that while they are working on new music, they’re really not in a place to make any formal announcement about any plans for an official release. The same story goes for Tribal Seeds, SOJA and the band LAW, fronted by Jakob Nowell, son of the late Brad Nowell from Sublime.

We saw on social media that Gentleman and Ky-Mani Marley are working out of Circle House Studios in Miami, FL on what was described and captioned as a collaboration album. Fortunate Youth is planning to release a dub album sometime in 2016 that is self produced and recorded at 17th St. Recording Studios in Costa Mesa, CA.

Pepper’s label, Law Records, will be returning in 2016 with 3 separate releases planned. One release will be Pepper’s new album, as you’ll read below, in addition to putting out records with Katastro and the Darenots.

Regardless of who or what you do or don’t see listed in this article below, The Pier will always bring you the most up to date information on any new releases as soon as they’re made available to us. For now, absorb all the new info on new albums planned for 2016! Enjoy…
-The Pier Fam!

2016 Most Anticipated Albums…

Pepper : Website

Pepper Pepper’s new album is expected to drop in April and the title of the record will be OHANA. The album will include 10 total songs that drummer Yesod Williams says they approached as: “making a new and improved ‘Kona Town’, so hopefully we hit somewhere near the mark!” Williams revealed that the band is taking a unique approach to some of the tracks on this album, and are making sequels to some of their older songs. “There are a couple of songs that we’re calling part two of older songs. That was kind of our direction when we approached this, like let’s pick up where we left off… So we’ve got a ‘Stone Love 2’ on there, and we’ve done that with a couple songs.”

The album will be released on Pepper’s own indepedent label, Law Records, which is a change up from their 2014 self-titled release that dropped on Island Records. OHANA was recorded at Kona Inn Recording, which is Pepper’s own studio and headquarters. It also happened to be Pennywise’s old studio that use to be called Stall #2. Mike Sutherland is credited with co-producing the album with Pepper and Yesod told us that there will be a guest appearance by Brad from from The Green who ripped up some vibes on a remix of a track.”


Dirty Heads / Swordbeach : Website

Dirty Heads Okay let me start by saying that Dirty Heads and Swordbeach are two entirely different groups. Only one member of Dirty Heads is affiliated with Swordbeach and that’s Jared Watson, aka Dirty J. We clear on that? Good. Now before I get to Swordbeach, let’s dive into what’s going on with the Dirty Heads…

After a call with their manager, Cheez, Dirty Heads may be trending away from releasing full length albums for the foreseeable future. I didn’t say FOREVER, but for the foreseeable future. Their plan, as it stands now and explained to me, is to release 5 track EPs every 9 months. As explained by Cheez, today’s market doesn’t hold the same attention span to absorb an entire 10,11,14 track album as it use to. The mindset is different in today’s digital market where it’s easier and more cost effective to release singles and new songs in bunches more frequently than putting all of your resources into one big full length album. Plus, considering how Dirty Heads released 3 albums inside a 2 year time-span from 2012-2014, I can see how welcoming a new approach would be considered. They hope to release a new radio single sometime in March or April with June as the target for a 5 track EP release, followed by another one in February 2017. It was seen on their social media that they were in the studio working with Nick Hexum of 311. Management described the interaction as a producer/writing session. It would be interesting to hear Hexum provide vocals over a Dirty Heads track. Not often you hear him doing vocals for other groups. Aside from that, nothing that can be shared or confirmed right now. They’ll likely be working out of both Sonic Ranch Recording Studio in Texas and/or Circle House Studios in Miami, FL with Rome Ramirez and Supa Dups being thrown out as names for production. That’s whats going on with Dirty Heads, now on to Swordbeach…

So apparently Swordbeach is not Jared Watson’s side-project, it would better be described as his solo-project. From what Cheez explained, the music is trap, hip hop with giant choruses, saying, and I quote: “Could be something that eclipses everything.” He went on to say that this is something that Kanye West is into, major labels are into it, including Def Jam and the plan moving forward is to find the balance in managing both the growth of Dirty Heads and the potential that Swordbeach is already showing behind closed doors. The thought right now is for a 5 track EP to release toward the end of the year which, as of this writing, was described as September-October. Rome Ramirez is attached to its production, but from the sounds of it, it doesn’t end there with multiple well-known producers displaying interest. There is a collaboration with Prodigy of Mobb Deep, among others, but this is very new and evolving. We look forward to providing more updates on this new venture.


311 : Website

311 In 2015, 311 celebrated 25 years as a group by emptying out their archive of music that included 81 total tracks of unreleased songs, b-sides, bonus tracks, pre-production recordings and demos in a release aptly titled Archive. They cut their 2015 summer tour shorter than usual to get back into the studio to work on new material.

Here is the official statement we received directly from 311 regarding their plans for a new album in 2016:
“While there is lots of excitement for 311’s yet to be titled 12th studio album, it’s unknown at this point if it will be a late 2016 or early 2017 release. 311 are working on the album at their own Hive Studio in Los Angeles, where they recorded their albums Stereolithic, Universal Pulse, Uplifter, Don’t Tread on Me, Evolver, and From Chaos. 311 is again working with producer Scotch Ralston – who is also 311’s live soundman. Scotch produced 311’s Transistor, Soundsystem Stereolithic albums. We will keep you informed as we learn more info.”


Stephen Marley : Website

Stephen We’re going on year number 3 for this record and unfortunately, there is still no update from their camp about a concrete release of Stephen Marley’s Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life. Stephen has already released multiple singles expected to be on the record with “Bongo Nyah” featuring Spragga Benz and Damian Marley as well as “You Me Attract” featuring Busy Signal. Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life is the follow up album to his last release Revelation Pt 1: The Root of Life that was released back on May 24th 2011 and received a Grammy Award in early 2012. Revelation Part 2 has been on our Most Anticipated list since 2012 and we hope that we’ll finally see its release in 2016.

Here’s what Stephen Marley told us a few years ago with regards to what we could expect from Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life: “Reggae music has influenced hip hop and so many other kinds of music. THE FRUIT OF LIFE will be more open, eclectic kind of record. There will be songs for the club, dancehall reggae will be there, love songs in there, but it will remain conscious good music that you can always take something positive from.”


Rebelution : Website

795Rebelution_Bus_PressShot Back on Nov. 26th, 2015 we published news echoing Rebelution members social network about the group being in the studio working on new music. While their management didn’t reply to our inquiries regarding a new record in 2016, bassist, Marley Williams, shares on twitter that they have been working in the Paramount Recording Studios in West Hollywood, thanking Grammy award winning producer Neal Pogue for working with them. In a separate October post, Marley posted on twitter and Instagram that he and guitarist/vocalist Eric Rachmany were in the “creation station” with producer Don Corleon mixing up some dub beats, expressing this one to be a big tune. Don Corleon is a multi-platinum producer/specialized beat maker in reggae, dancehall and dub mixes.

This collaboration can be a hint that Rebelution plans on exploring the depth of their potential with their reggae music for their next album. Though in the works, we are not sure when we can expect a new album from Rebelution. The guys kept busy this year touring, in addition to the September release of their Acoustic release of Count Me In. Fingers are crossed we get to hear a new Rebelution record in 2016 and if its in the cards, its high most everyone’s anticipation scale.


Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds : Website

tbs Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds will see their first album, since 2012’s The Great Escape, drop sometime this Summer. TBS was officially on hiatus while 3 of the 4 members pursued another project with the group LIFE. Now that TBS is back in full swing, the group has 30+ songs written with constant ideas being added to the vault. No decision on how many songs will make the final track list, but they have worked with quite a few drummers on the record. Lead-singer Moises Juarez told The Pier: “We have Marshall Goodman Aka “Ras MG of Sublime” hitting’ some drums and we plan on bringing in a few other known drummers like Hayden Scott of Awolnation, Fabian Egger of “Big Sean” and possibly Jose Pasillas of Incubus. As for Vocal guests? Stay Tuned.”

The record is being produced by Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Ras MG and co-produced Engineered by Kent Hertz. Moi continues telling The Pier that: “We are staying very true to our OG sound of our debut album ‘Early prayers’. The approach of attack is through the content, lyrics, and dance grooves with great melodies. We are also pulling influence from a lot of old reggae dancehall riddims, funk breaks, blues riffs, hip hop induced lyrics and some punk rock melodies and top lines. We are lyrically telling stories of our lives and what we see around us, past, present, future, third person, or just a story from an observation. We are writing about human nature and the act of positivity and hope… We want to shine some light while showing the horror of true realities that we have faced and all humans face at times.”


Anuhea : Website

Anuhea--Shoulders-EP Anuhea is releasing a brand-new 6 track EP titled Shoulders sometime in January. This is a follow up to her 6 track Holiday EP titled All Is Bright. With Shoulders, Anuhea recorded on Oahu at Sea Major Seven studios, with a young up and coming producer named Noah Cronin for songs “Island Inside Me” and “Walk on Water”. We had a chance to meet Noah Cronin while we were in Hawaii in February and we see a lot of potential with him as a young producer.

Anuhea also recorded on her home island of Maui with Rob Tsuhako for songs “Shoulders”, “Sweet Thing” and “Love Child”, in addition to a riddim made by Dean Pond for the new song “Boy A or Boy B”.

Anuhea tells The Pier: “This EP is a great representation of the evolution of me, Anuhea, as an artist, songwriter, and also as a woman. Its a transitional piece, where you can hear the stories of my past, present and future kind of all wrapped up into one… I take a stab at more RAPPING on ‘Boy A and Boy B’, and even touched on my love of COUNTRY music in ‘Walk on Water’. But you’ll hear my Hawaiian Island Reggae roots throughout the whole EP, and I hope people will enjoy!”


Nahko Medicine For The People : Website

DavidNorrisNahkoBellyUp1-1-16 (23) Come April, fans should be rocking out to a new record from Nahko Medicine For The People. And while they aren’t sharing the title of the record just yet, Nahko said that: “it is along the lines of going forth without inhibition. Being yourself fiercely. Owning your story, and choices, and showing up for life.” The album will be more than 12 songs with tons of guest appearances (that were not yet released) while working with Grammy award winning Producer Ted Hutt.

Here’s a direct quote Nahko about the upcoming record:
“I look at this record in a few different ways, but there are undeniable reflections here. On one hand, we cover a lot of ground. The feels are real. The personal stories, the friendship and love vows, the journeys of life. The styles we show in this record really give a sense of the broad range we are capable of. Our world sound is so present, and it was magic to witness the entire band add their own taste and touch to each song. The entire package is different than the last. We had more time to plan and deliver this one.”

“It’s been four years in the making and some of the songs are older than 7 years and some are younger than 7 weeks. All relevant stories. All important reminders. It’s one of those things you won’t be able to take out of your CD player or go without sharing with someone you know who is in need of some kind of empowerment. Bottom line is that there is something in it for everyone. Expect rock, reggae, folk, hip hop, and a whole lot of feel good reminders that life is good and perspective is all you need.”


J Boog : Website

JBoog J Boog has released 2 full length studio albums with Hear Me Roar (2007) and Backyard Boogie (2011). He’s put out multiple EPs and has been a guest feature on enough songs to leave us anticipating another full length studio record with eager impatience. That anticipation has led us to his next studio album set to drop during the first quarter of 2016; so hopefully no later than April.

The album will be titled Wash House Ting with about 14 total songs. Aside from that, not many other details were released, but the album was recorded at J Boog’s own Wash House Records in Oakland, CA. There are expected to be some guest appearances, which is no surprise considering how many songs he’s guested on, but the features on Wash House Ting will remain a surprise. We’ll fill you in when we have more details.


The Movement : Website

TheMovement090_A_Meredith-Coe_lowres The Movement is one of those bands that I wish kept it’s original line up with both original singer/guitarists in Josh Swain and Jordan Miller. Under The Movement name, the band has released 2 studio albums with both singers. First there was On Your Feet (2004) and Set Sail (2008). Then Josh left the group which led Jordan Miller to release an album at the helm with “One More Night” (2012). Shortly after that release, Jordan left the band, Josh returned and The Movement released another album Side by Side (2014).

While I don’t prefer one singer over the other, I actually prefer them BOTH to be back on a record with a dynamic and creative rhythm section outfitted by Jason Schmidt (Bass) Gary Jackson (Drums). If this was the case for 2016, The Movement would unquestionably be our most anticipated record of 2016 knowing what the four of them are capable of collectively producing as heard on Set Sail. It’s the peanut butter jelly scenario where either singer by themselves is good, but they’re so much better together. Set Sail is one of Reggae-Rocks best start-to-finish albums.

Moving into 2016, Josh Swain is leading the group into their second consecutive album since Jordan left and they’re aiming for a Spring time release. The group is incredibly talented having another 2 years since their last record, giving us die-hard fans enough time to day dream at the possibilities of whats to come. Josh Swain told us that they’re working with producer Danny Kalb and that this record wont be your typical reggae album: “it’s still heavily influenced by reggae and even a little hip-hop… In my opinion, it’s by far the best and most important stuff we’ve ever done. It’s better because we are serious about making a serious statement. There were no drugs or alcohol involved, we had the best crew, the best studio, and we really buckled down and focused on making each song unique… It takes a lot for me to get really amped about a project and I gotta tell you, I can’t fucking wait for you to hear this thing.”

No other details were released on album title, number of songs, but we did receive a “Definitely” when asked if there would be guest appearances. We will have to stay tuned… or remain in anticipation.


The Fiction : Website

TheFiction The Fiction consists of former Bargain Music frontman Josh Fischel paired with Kris Jackson as they will be releasing their debut 11 track record in early 2016. Actually, the album is done, they’re just sorting out the artwork and packaging to assure they get this release right. The title of the record is Quixotic, which means marked by rash, lofty, romantic ideas; fitting as the release took about 7 years to complete. As Josh details, “The vast majority is just Kris and I in a room together. Kris and I are very long time collaborators and great homies. Working with that dude is a damn pleasure. We also have a Ween cover band called Stallion. KILLER group of musicians.”

The album was mostly recorded in three of Kris’ home studios throughout the years in their hometown of Long Beach, CA. Here’s what Josh concludes with regards to the new record: “My songwriting style has always been really eclectic but this one explores new ground. There’s elements of soul, 60’s and 70’s Brit rock, garage rock, hip-hop, electronica, gospel, acoustic and a little dub. Personally, I think it’s my strongest group of songs. It might take some people by surprise but if they listen for a minute, I think they’ll really dig it. I can’t wait for you bastards to hear it!”


Common Kings : Website

CommonKings There is nothing like really enjoying the live presence of a band for a few years before they actually release their debut full length record. That is the case with Common Kings who have been tearing up the live show circuit for the last couple of years, but without a full length album to tout at the merch booth. Those days are over as come April, Common Kings hope to drop their debut record, and in true debut form, there’s some back and forth within the group about how many tracks to put out.

That’s a good problem to have considering there’s enough songs written and recorded to discuss how to go about releasing it. The group, who don’t have a full length record, have shared the stage with Justin Timberlake and have a song recorded with Meghan Trainor titled “Before You Go”. If you’re not familiar with Common Kings, they’re an equal balance of Pop, Reggae, RB and Rock. It’s a big sound and an even bigger live experience. It’ll be interesting to see how this translates into a start to finish record.


Passafire : Website

Passafire After their Interval EP release in 2015, excitement continues to brew for another full length record from Passafire who looks to release one in 2016 via Easy Star Records.

Here is bassist/vocalist, Will Kubley’s statement for a new Passafire record: “We’re ironing out all the details but we are most definitely aiming for a 2016 LP release. Ideas have been churning out slowly between touring since our last release of Interval in March and we’re currently scheduled for writing/recording throughout the beginning of the year. We’ve experienced a lot of growth both personally and as a band this past year and are looking forward to continue to channel that into our writing.

With each successive album we release, I think we discover an even more distilled version of our sound. New songs are so exciting because many times we have no clue where it will go. They reveal themselves as they get filtered through the four of us in our individual ways. Eventually we end up with a fully realized vision of something none of us even knew existed, and that’s a very rewarding process. I would like to get away from worrying “is this song reggae, is this one heavy rock, this one folky”, but instead see what comes to us naturally and start there. As far as this albums general vibe, I couldn’t tell you because it’s yet to be fully uncovered. We’re just trying our best to write songs that speak clearly and directly to us and hopefully they’ll connect with our fans in the same way.

We’ve agreed we want to give more to these upcoming songs than we have in the past. Not saying we don’t stand behind our past albums, but we want to see the result of challenging ourselves harder than we ever have.”


Ballyhoo! : Website

Ballyhoo Ballyhoo! is waiting till the weather warms up this spring or summer to drop their new full length record. The album will be 10-12 tracks with a guest appearance by Jared Watson of Dirty Heads on the song “She Wants Love”. “I thought the song was dope before but I knew that it needed a little something in the bridge, so we wrote this little jam break and sent it to him,” says guitarist/vocalist Howi Spangler of the song. “Jared crushed it, of course. It’s probably the most modern sound we’ve ever had and his voice on it just made it even cooler. He has a natural ability to just glide over the beat.”

Paul Leary and Matt Wallace are credited as producers for the yet to be titled record as the bulk of the album was recorded out of Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas and as Howi sums it up, he shares with The Pier that: “This will be the most different thing we’ve done. Not trying to scare anyone because it’s definitely still us. But half of the album is going to have a more modern sound. It all has that sing-along, melodic vibe. We went heavier with the beats in certain areas. There’s another great doo-wop song. A few party songs. I think our long time listeners and anyone new will really enjoy it.”


Raging Fyah : Website

RagingFyah Kingston, Jamaica’s Raging Fyah has plans to invade the U.S. with their authentic roots rock reggae music in 2016. Not only will the group be touring the country, but they’ll be dropping a brand new record, their third, in March or April boasting 12-14 new songs. J Boog is expected to be featured on the album in addition to Busy Signal and Llamar Riff Raff Brown on Keyboards. Riff Raff, the Grammy award winning producer, is also credited with producing the record, titled Everlasting.

Here’s what the group told The Pier: “We are really excited about this album, as this album will show our growth as a band from the previous two albums. We are also excited about the features and to be working with such a caliber of a producer.”


The Hip Abduction : Website

THA The Hip Abduction released their debut album in December of 2014 and it came to be one of the highest reviewed albums at The Pier receiving a 4.5/5 star album review. On March 11th, 2016, The Hip Abduction will release their sophomore release with Gold Under The Glow. The album will include 11 total songs with a returning guest appearance by Andie Dilley, who was featured on the groups first record with “Elana”. Dabney Morris is credited as the producer for the record out of Big Light Studios in Nashville, TN.

THA’s David New told The Pier: “Going into this album we knew we wanted something different. ‘Gold Under the Glow ‘combines our indie pop/dance influences with our earlier reggae/world foundations, all without losing the vibe that our fans have grown to love. It was refreshing to create an album that takes you to the islands without actually playing traditional reggae music or sticking with the standard (and often over used) sounds that dominate the scene. This is partly why we used an indie rock producer as opposed to a world music producer. We want to look back in 10 years and be proud of this record. I think we’ve accomplished creating an inventive album that showcases a new, but familiar, side of THA.”


Hirie : Website

Hirie Hirie released her debut record back in September of 2013 and took the reggae rock scene by storm with the release of her music video for her hit single “Sensi Boy”. In the time between her release and now, Hirie has since toured the nation and has collaborated with endless artists, both on stage and in the studio. That parlayed into a $40k crowd-funding request, that she achieved, to kick off her sophomore record that is expected to be 10-11 songs.

Hirie plans to release her new record, titled Wandering Soul, in March with her fingers crossed on some potential guest appearances – none of which can be confirmed at this writing. The meat potatoes of the recording was done at Seahorse Sound Studios in LA with vocals, glitter and overdubs at Rarefied Recording in North Park, San Diego, CA. She worked with producer Danny Kalb, who previously produced The Green Beck, as well as producer Josh Cardinali

When asked what would make this record different from her first, Hirie advised that: “This album is different in one very specific way. All the instruments were played LIVE! I felt very spiritual these past couple of years. I find myself searching for ‘what is?’ And ‘what am I?’ ‘Were do I belong?’ I felt like a gypsy and a constant traveler between cities, thoughts, religions, spiritual gains, falls, emotion turmoil, bliss, etc. Its been a hectic and constant search of reality.”


Simpkin Project : Website

SimpkinProject We’ve been anticipating this album since last year when we first mentioned that Simpkin Project planned to release their fourth studio album, still titled, Beam of Light. Originally, the group planned to drop the album last summer, but instead made a major signing with VP Records which looked to shelve the album for a 2016 push. The new album will include 10-11 all new original Simpkin Project tracks. Fans can expect songs with “lots of energy, streamlined arrangements, big vocal harmonies, soulful melodies and conscious message.”

The album is aimed once again to be released by summer. When we spoke with Simpkin Project last year, they said how they had collaborated with Lukes Morgan of Morgan Heritage who “helped bring this recording to the next level. His insights, knowledge and experience have been very helpful in shaping the tracks during this process.” Not sure if that collaboration will still remain on the record as this year, the group only referenced that New Kingston would make an appearance with their drum bass combo while also pairing up with notorious music producers Rellee Hayden and Al Cruz of A-Team music.

More artist collaborations are in the works and will be announced soon. The album was recorded with their organ/keyboardist, Shawn Taylor at his private studio Hughes Drive Productions in Huntington Beach, CA. Mastering of the album will be done by multi-Grammy winning engineer, Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood, CA.

They have plans to release a single video in the next few months and when we asked the group for more information about the release, Phil Simpkin describes that: “This album catches the true essence and spirit of what the band is today. It’s classic Simpkin, but at the same time something very new and fresh! As a band this is our most collaborative album to date; everybody writes, everybody contributes, everyone has grown so much as musicians and songwriters!”


Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad : Website

GiantPanda Rochester, NY’s big ol’ Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad is always releasing new material and because of how diverse they are musically, we always reach this time of year anticipating what kind of record they’ll put out next. A reggae-rock type album? A blue-grass country record? We never know, but they always manage a great start to finish listen, and as a result, we had to ask the group what their plans for 2016 are.

In a simple statement, here’s what vocalist-bassist James Searl told The Pier: “We get in the studio and we crush tracks. The process consumes us. The music has a mind of its own. They are a reflection of the times we are living in. In those ways, the album will sound familiar. However, most songs were brought fresh to the recording sessions and were unfamiliar to the band. In that way the album is different and mysterious. Like your heart beats every day, same heart, different beat. This album is new life. It will supply the power necessary for a revolutionary 2016.”

So if anything, that only added to the anticipation and really answered no questions we had, other than to expect something in 2016. We look forward to unfolding that journey as the year goes on.


Krooked Treez : Website

KrookedTreez Krooked Treez turned heads back in 2013 when they released their debut record Higher Place. The album was a mix of alternative reggae-rock and hip hop with a peak into the window of what this new Los Angeles based group was collectively capable of. Since then, however, things have changed within the group replacing their singer, guitarist and drummer, with the band to be guided by its founder, hip hop vocalist, Oscar Brown. They reformed and recorded a song “Close Your Eyes” featuring Moi of Tomorrows Bad Seeds. It looked as though Moi would be the new singer of Krooked Treez until Tomorrows Bad Seeds reformed and Krooked Treez ultimately announced a new vocalist/guitarist with the firm addition of Nick Papageorge.

With a new line up ironed out, the group looks to return in 2016 with the same magic they left us with in 2013 2014 from their debut record. Their sophomore record is expected to drop this summer with about 12 new songs attached. Mighty Mighty Bosstones horn player, Tim Burton, joins the group on a few songs. Ras MG of Sublime and Josh Cardinali of Stoney Eye Studios in addition to Ethan Browne of Spinside Records all contribute production to this record.

Here’s what Oscar Brown dished on with regards to the forthcoming, and currently untitled, record: “Since our last album we have had many big changes, including a new singer, drummer and guitarist. It’s been a whirlwind getting off the ground, yet we finally got it right. Nick Papageorge is an amazing singer and the bandmates all work really well together. It’s a fresh, new sound from our last album and we are digging on the sound. We’ve also incorporated horns on a few of our tracks, so that’s cool too. Yet what’s most exciting, can’t be talked about quite yet, as it’s just getting started. We have some exciting developments inthe works and we are stoked!”


Beebs : Website

Beebs Out of Orlando, FL, Beebs, the leading vocalist of ska band Beebs and Her Money Makers, is ditching her Superhero costume for a more stripped down sound than what we grew to love from her ska band. Beebs is looking to branch out for an EP that is more HER than theatrics. Without a communicated title, Beebs explains the theme of the release is centered around: “shedding layers and not being afraid to show your true self… Lovelady (BaHMM guitar player) and I have been writing together for the last 5 years. Although we are far from done creating together, I felt I needed to push myself into territories I have not yet explored musically. I poured my soul into this album. I didn’t hide behind a costume or confetti or dancing hot-dogs. It truly bares my heart and soul. I can’t wait to show the world what else I am capable of vocally. I really feel that producer Brett Hestla and the encouragement of the band, has pushed me to create things even I didn’t fully know I was capable of.”

Beebs plans to release her first solo EP this Spring, which is expected to be 5 total songs as produced by Brett Hestla. I love her direct honesty because when I asked if there were any planned guest appearances, Beebs replied: “Yes, but if I tell you right now, I would loose my marketing ploy for the album release.” Touche, but I was hoping it’d provide some marketing ploy for this feature – hehe. BaHMM fans can still expect some theatrics in 2016 as the ska band plans to release a couple of singles.


Bumpin Uglies : Website

BumpinUglies2016 Based out Maryland, Bumpin Uglies released a questionably titled EP in 2015 titled Sublime with No One which received a lot of mixed feelings from their hardcore cans – you can read about that HERE. This is a group that is not afraid of pushing boundaries or making waves while touring relentlessly each year from coast to coast in true DIY fashion. This June, they plan to release a new 15 track record titled Keep It Together that looks to follow their history of story-telling lyrics over a punk rock influenced reggae sound.

Lead singer guitarist, Brandon Hardesty, shared with The Pier that the new record: “Is the culmination of the last 8 years of my life. It’s a collection of stories about touring as an independent band, but told in a way that they are applicable to every day life. There are songs about long drives, financial uncertainty, lost friendships, relationships, and panic attacks. It’s a mixture of ska/punk, reggae/rock, and dub, but with a darkness to it that isn’t usually found in the genre.”

Brandon concludes that: “When I got into this style of music, almost a decade ago, I was looking for an album like this and I wasn’t able to find it. Bumpin Uglies is my first band so every show and studio session has been a learning experience for me. After a lot of hard work and more than a few mistakes, I’m very happy to have finally made an album that captures the vibe that I’ve been trying to get across for a very long time.”


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