Fun busy week in Destin

Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2016 at 8:48 pm
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Sunshine Cindy and I were on the go a lot this past week. It started out Wednesday evening. We headed to KC’s Sandbar to listen to Trop Rock musician Don Middlebrook play. Don was going to start at 7 pm inside the big tent on the sand. Ten minutes before he was supposed to start he told us he was cancelling the show because they allowed people to smoke and he is allergic to it. That was a bummer but we still had a good time with our friends who showed up for the music. We all sat around and still had a fun evening.

Thursday was Julies birthday. A group of us celebrated it at McGuires. There were twelve of us around a big table. It was cool as they had a big Lazy Susan in the middle of the table that was used to get drinks and food to those of us on the back side of the table. It’s always fun getting together with our friends like that. 

Friday was a beautiful day. I washed BadAss3 as it had been a while. The sun was out and it was nice and warm. Friday evening was a parrot head meeting at the new Landshark Pizza. Landshark is the clubs new home. Brian and his staff did a great job taking care of us. Jan and Kenny played for our entertainment and they sounded real good in there. We had over 100 people show up to party with a purpose. The new board did a great job on their first night on the job too.

Sunshine Cindy and I headed home after the party at Landshark. It was still a warm evening so we sat out on our back porch. Before long our neighbors joined us. We ended up on the porch till almost 1 am. Even Chaos had enough and went in the house and laid in her bed to sleep.

We pretty much relaxed on Saturday. The parrot heads were marching the Mardi Gras parade on the island but decided to stay home instead. We did some things around the house and on the computer but that was it. I did head out for a while to Landshark to watch some football. I sat at the pizza bar. Austin was working there. I had some wings and a few beers. Steve and Ida came in and sat next to me. Steve is a real character. I enjoy talking with him as you never know what he might say. I left Landshark as the Packers game was starting and the place filled up. I watched that game at home. It was the most exciting game of the weekend.

This must be our week for birthdays. Wayne’s birthday is today but we celebrated it on Sunday at Charlie’s Burger Bar inside Crab Island Cantina. We had a good turnout of friends show up. We ate, drank and watched some more football. A perfect Sunday Funday! Josh and Jasmine were taking of our group. Carlos had warned them we were coming. It ended with Alan and Jackie coming in too. They had just got back from New Orleans.

Speaking of New Orleans…A huge trop rock party, Pardi Gras, was held there this weekend. Over 500 of our friends were there. This is one intense party that starts on Thursday and does not end till Sunday afternoon with only a few hours of sleep each evening slowing everyone down. We hated to miss it this year but we will be there next year for sure!

The snowbirds are back in full force. It’s amazing how a few can give the entire group a reputation of being cheap. Sunshine Cindy and her parents went to Millers Ale House for lunch one day this past week. They had a bad experience there as a sign at the entrance highlighted $2 drafts of Kona beer. She and her dad got that special but when the bill came they were charged regular price. Sunshine Cindy went back out to look at the sign to confirm the price. The waitress was arguing with them the sign did not say that. While she was arguing the hostess went out and erased the special. They got the manager there and showed him you could still see the outline of chalk where it had been erased. Someone should be fired for this.

While talking to the manager they told him they were not snowbirds looking for a free handout. He laughed and told them about a couple that came in earlier in the week. The lady wanted some hot water. She then took the ketchup and poured it into the water. She then took some crackers that were on the table and put them in the water/ketchup mixture. That was her meal. You would think that if folks can afford to come to Destin they can afford to eat while they are here.

Have a great week. See ya next Monday….

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