HIRIE’s ‘Wandering Soul’ Is Coming Soon

Posted on Monday, January 25th, 2016 at 4:13 am
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We last spoke with HIRIE in May while she was still in the writing process for her new album. Now after a successful Kickstarter campaign in which the band received over $44,000 from their fans, we got to catch up with HIRIE, who was eager to share some exciting news regarding her new album entitled Wandering Soul.Hirie

When asked why she chose that title, HIRIE said, “I felt very spiritual these past couple of years. I find myself searching for ‘what is,’ ‘what am I?’ and ‘Where do I belong?’ I felt like a gypsy and a constant traveler between cities, thoughts, religions, spiritual gains, falls, emotion turmoil, bliss, etc. It’s been a hectic and constant search for reality…I would say the album is for everyone who questions their lives and what it is they’re here for.”

As mentioned inside our 2016 Most Anticipated Albums feature, the record, which is expected to contain between ten and eleven songs, was recorded live at Los Angeles’ Seahorse Sound Studios and Rarefied Recording in North Park, San Diego under the guidance of Producers Danny Kalb (The Green, Beck) and Josh Cardinali (Natty Vibes, Marlon Asher).

When asked what will set this album apart from her previous release, HIRIE said, “I think the live element comes into play on this new album. The album is live sounding, so it’s got this real, organic vibe to it. It’s something that I’m really happy to bring forward as my sophomore album.”

In terms of guest appearances, HIRIE confirmed one guest appearance on the album and is anticipating two more. Fans eager to hear the album won’t have to wait much longer as she also confirmed that the album will be released sometime in March.

As you can see from the dates below, Hirie will be taking their show on the road up and down the California coast, with the exception of the Winter Rock Reggae festival by our friends at Reggae Rise Up in Utah, in addition to performing at Reggae On The Block in Florida.

HIRIE Tour Dates

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Article By: Andrew Aroche
Photo By: David Norris

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