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Good times in Destin

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It was another great week in Destin. Sunshine Cindy and I were on the go almost the entire week. Sunshine Cindy’s cousin Kari and childhood friend Kelly were flying into Destin/Fort Walton Beach airport from Minnesota on Thursday to spend a few days with us. Sunshine Cindy went out and loaded up on beer, food and snacks even getting some fresh shrimp. No one was going hungry or thirsty for their visit.

Their flight was coming in about 8 pm. Sunshine Cindy and I got to the airport about 7. We wanted to hang out at the Helen Back bar and have a beer and something to eat. The bar is a nice cozy place right where the folks who are coming off the planes pass by. Jessica was working the bar. There were several other folks there waiting for friends or family. One lady was waiting for her husband. They had transferred to our area and Thursday was his last day at work. She was not sure what shape he would be in when he got off the plane as he told her he started drinking Jim Beam at 7 am.

He was fine when he got to the bar. They had a bought a house in Bluewater and were talking to us about Crab Island and how they want to buy a boat. They were excited to be in the Destin area.

When Kari and Kelly landed we hung around the bar so they could have a couple drinks then we went home where they all stayed up very late catching up. This was the start of a fun few days.

Friday we all went to Landshark Pizza in the afternoon for some late lunch. They got to meet some of our friends. From there they walked down the harbor to Crab Island Cantina. We saw Alan and Jackie there. Then BT showed up. He was playing music at the Cantina on Saturday and wanted to check out the stage and set up. We all went to Margaritaville from there for a Parrot Head meeting. Believe it or not, this was our first time meeting at Margaritaville.

We packed the lower level of the club. The Calypso Nuts played music and a good time was had by all. In the “it’s a small world” category…A Parrot Head couple introduced themselves to Sunshine Cindy and I. We got to talking about Put in Bay and Phlocking of the Phaithful. It turns out they have family in Strongsville, the same town outside of Cleveland I grew up in. That’s pretty cool.

Saturday was the ECPHC Chili Cook-Off in Harborwalk Village. I love tasting chili and I always look forward to this event. There were 21 booths set up with mostly restaurants but a couple of individuals in the cook-off. I tried the chili from all the booths except one. No reason why I missed the one except it was busy there and I was moving on. There were some really good chili I had. There was also some not so great ones. One was so bad I had to spit it out. It smelled bad at the booth and the chili tasted as bad as the smell was.

My favorite was hard to choose. I ultimately picked Landshark Pizza’s ghost pepper chili as my favorite. But several others were right there too. A lot of it comes down to individual taste preference. The winning chili’s were all one’s I liked too.

During the afternoon BT was playing at Crab Island Cantina. A big crowd was there to listen and party with BT. He is a great entertainer and is working to make a name for himself in Destin. After his show BT learned Carlos has hired him to play each Sunday at the Cantina from 1-5 pm starting March 13th and running through September. Good for BT.

A group of us went upstairs to Harry T’s after BT’s show. Harry T’s won second place in the contest and Dan was showing off the trophy. Kari and Kelly were enjoying themselves. They did some shopping in the village and enjoyed some of the good drinks that can be had. When we left Harry T’s we headed home for the evening. The girls spent some more time talking about old times growing up back in Minnesota.

Sunday we had to get them back to the airport. It was a quick trip for them that seemed to go by way to fast. After we got back home from the airport Sunshine Cindy and I stopped at Fudpuckers for some dinner. The place was almost empty except for a few families eating and about 7 or 8 LOUD spring breakers who were at the bar. Oh boy, it is starting already. Ugh…

Since I mentioned Put in Bay, Ohio and Phlocking of the Phaithful, I want to remind everyone that registration is open to attend our 4 day Trop Rock party. It is only $75 per person to register. You get great music, a goody bag with an awesome tee shirt and some special surprises. Anyone who enjoys a good time and wants to “Embrace the Chaos” with us can attend. Here is all the information so you can get registered.

It looks like the weather in Destin is going to be awesome this week. We have a lot of pollen coating everything but that just means it’s Spring Time! Enjoy your week. See ya next Monday!

Destin Steve

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How I Discovered Sublime…

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The winners of that contest were Alisha of Maine and Symphony of Connecticut. You can read each of their stories from our 311 Day 2016 contest by clicking HERE!

Thank you for those that sent in your story. Below, you can enjoy some other stories we received by email for that contest. If your email was chosen below then we’re sending you out some FREE Pier Stickers and Buttons!

If you yourself have a story of how you first came to discover 311, include it in the comments below!

How I Discovered Sublime…


By Eric Rachmany of Rebelution:

I was probably 13 when I first heard Sublime. Back then I would try to record songs I liked on the radio to a cassette tape. One day I heard “What I Got” and was instantly hooked. Next time it came on the radio I remembered to record it. At some point my family got a CD player and I bought the self-titled album. I never realized back then that Sublime was influenced by Reggae music. There was nothing about Sublime back then that led me to look up more Reggae. Once I got into Reggae several years later I realized how many classic roots reggae songs Sublime took and flipped to make it their own style. My initial impression was that it was feel good music, although I can’t say I was really listening closely to the lyrics. The groove was fun and it was good music to play along to on the guitar… “Garden Grove” is one of my favorites; I love the west coast vibe of that song.


By Jon Phillips of Silverback Music Management:
[Sublime manager 1994-’96 /Gasoline Alley Records AR responsible for signing Sublime ]

Sublime was introduced to me by “Groovy” Greg Abramson while we both worked at the label Gasoline Alley in Los Angeles. It was late ’93 and Sublime was in the period between “40 oz to Freedom” and “Robbin’ the Hood (which was not yet released). Groovy Greg became my friend at the label. We both shared an affinity for good music and good herb. He had been down in the LBC at Cal State Long Beach and was chronicling the band’s exploits on video, helping them with their unique DIY grass roots promotion through Skunk Records, and generally spreading the sound to the music industry at large while working at both Gasoline Alley and Rick Rubin’s American Records. As a young AR rep myself, at a new label venture called Gasoline Alley which ran thru MCA records (now Universal), Greg gave me some original cassettes of “Jah Wont Pay The Bills” and the purple clear cassette which i think was a rare version of “40 oz”. I remember putting the cassettes into my ’93 Ford Ranger pick-up and hearing “Ruca,” “40 oz,” “BadFish” and “Scarlet Begonias” for the first time. I basically didn’t remove the tapes from my stereo until i signed the band at Gasoline Alley in June of 1994. The first thing I did after meeting the band was invite them to play an afternoon party on a Hollywood Hills balcony where Ron Jeremy used to shoot pornos! I gave them a 1/4 oz of high grade chronic and all the beer they could drink and them (and a small crew of their posse from the LBC) showed up and played 2 sets in the living room until the cops knocked on the door and shut them down. Bradley and the boys were in a good mood that day… I remember some of the guys in the band DFL were hangin out at the house, and a few random music biz people i was trying to convince that Sublime were “the next big thing” LOL! Well a few folks, including myself, got treated to an afternoon of a lifetime. Sublime became my friends first before I was able to get the music industry to catch up to them, lets just say their reputation scared a lot of “suits” but their music was something no one had ever heard before , nor have heard since. I have to thank “Groovy Greg” for the introduction, as it changed my life more profoundly than anything else in this world, and i just want to say much respect to the one and only Bradley Nowell and Sublime for giving us this music as it will live forever. I am eternally Grateful for the “First Time I Heard Sublime”. Thank you Bradley for “Shootin Heaven on Down to Me”!


By Fat Mike of NOFX:

I first saw them at Club Commotion in San Francisco, CA in the early 90’s. After I got 40oz to Freedom I loved it! Never heard anything like it before. I like their song “Seed” because it is a utter and complete ripoff of the NOFX song “Lori Meyers”. Michael (Happoldt) even told me they ripped it off. I met Bradley a few times. He was always kind of unfriendly, unlike Bud and Eric who were always super cool. In short, I was a big fan mostly because they were the band that would get more wasted than everybody else, and could sometimes make magic on stage, and sometimes were a total disaster. Perfect!


By Ted Bowne of Passafire:
I watched MTV as soon as I got home from school every day when I was in 8th grade. (This was back when MTV played music videos). I was also way into skateboarding, turntablism, reggae music, playing drums, and drawing. When I first saw the video for “What I Got” I was immediately a fan because it included all of my favorite things in one video (and it was a great song). Soon after that song became a hit, Santeria started getting heavy radio play on rock radio in my hometown. I also started hearing it at school dances and in skate/surf videos. It was something I had to know more about as soon as I got ahold of it so I bought “Robbin’ the Hood” and “40 oz.” along with the self titled album. The Internet was not very advanced at that point so it wasn’t until “Second Hand Smoke” came out that I found out that Bradley had already passed. I remember it being a sad realization that this singer I truly loved and identified with was gone forever. My favorite Sublime song to cover when I play solo gigs is Saw Red. I love that Gwen and Brad were friends before all of the fame. They make a great pair on that track. The coolest thing was getting Paul Leary to work with us on Start From Scratch. He had a lot of great stories from the recording sessions with Sublime. Another cool Sublime moment was when Brad’s sister came up to me at a show in Santa Ana and said she really likes our band and that she thinks we are carrying the torch for the Sublime reggae rock movement that her brother created. That was an amazing moment for me that I’ll never forget. All this being said… I will forever be a fan of Sublime.


By Micah Pueschel of Iration:

We first discovered Sublime back in high school on the Big Island of Hawaii. My friend (and original member of Iration) Catlin Peterson had gone to the mainland and
came back with new music. A copy of Adam Sandler’s ‘What the Hell Happened to Me?’ and 2 albums by a band called Sublime.

The first song I remember hearing was ‘Waiting for my Ruca’. The first thing that stood out was how stripped down the song was. The second, was the singer’s voice. At that point, I had no idea who Brad Nowell was, but I knew he could sing. His voice had a mix of grit and emotion with an undercurrent of pain. However, at a base level, he just had a really pretty singing voice. He also had an ear for melody. I think what struck us was that here was a band that incorporated all the styles of music we loved: Reggae, Punk, Hip Hop, Rock with the surf culture we were all a part of. Sublime had great original songs like ‘Date Rape’ and ‘What I Got’ and ‘Badfish’ but also were able to take familiar songs and translate them to their style; ‘Pawn Shop’, ‘Scarlett Begonias’, ‘Summertime’ etc.

Sublime became the soundtrack to every school dance, party, dawn patrol and smoke session. It was universal music. My favorite song is ‘Boss DJ’ simply because of the way Brad’s voice sounds when the chorus hits. It’s so melodic and incorporates all the things that I feel made him such a great singer. Sublime was a style and an attitude as much as it was a great band. I think that’s why they will always live on.


By Yesod Williams of Pepper:

I first heard Sublime on a surf video called “Momentum 2” from a filmmaker named Taylor Steele who was really leading the charge in, not only the surf video game, but the music game in a sense too (at least from my perspective as a 14 or 15 year old growing up on a rock in the middle of the pacific ocean).

It was because of the soundtracks that he had on his videos; it was all NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, No Fun At All, Good Riddance, and a ton of the stuff that was coming from the California independent record labels called Epitaph and Fat
Wreck-Chords. That’s what gave me such a “trust” in those labels and then
later in my life with LAW Records, but that’s another whole story in itself.

“Hope”, the Decendents cover from Sublime’s 40oz to Freedom was the song that was featured on Momentum 2, hence me first thinking that Sublime was this epic new punk band a la the bands of Epitaph and Pennywise. But even the guitar tone, when thinking back on it, had a softer, more inviting distortion, instead of your typical rip your face off, 2nd wave of punk rock distortion; and it was amazing! As these soundtracks hit us in Kona like a ton of bricks, “Hope” from Sublime quickly rose to a favorite around our little town.

I’ll tell you about the first time I actually heard a Sublime album after hearing them on Momentum 2… A friend from California who was a bit older than me, had a car. He had a CD copy of 40 oz to Freedom, quite possibly the only copy on the island cause anything outside of local music and real mainstream music, was real hard to get. You could possibly fly to Honolulu and go to a spot called “Jelly’s” and get a copy, which I actually had my mom take me there on an inter-island trip, but they only had a CD with a weird looking guy with missing teeth and an air conditioner called ‘Robbin the Hood’ whic, without hesitation, I bought. I took it home and remember being so bummed because, as we know, Robbin The Hood is nothing like 40oz to Freedom besides a couple songs and my early teen music tastes just weren’t ready for it. That being said, it could be my favorite all time Sublime album but then again that’s nearly impossible to say.

Back to the first time I heard 40oz to Freedom, I heard the song “Don’t Push, and remember being so pleasantly confused. It was nothing like what I heard on Momentum 2, it was even better I thought. I just wanted to listen to it over and over, talking about Bob Marley and shit, but I didn’t put together that it was reggae at first. Now that I think about it, I pretty much fell in love with that song and all I wanted to do was hear it again which was hard until my uncle from Santa Cruz went to Streetlight Records and sent me what I think was one of the first pressings, it was a see through purple tape, I believe they made all different colors on those early printings. Needless to say, it was a hot commodity within our friends. And to make a long story long, once I made the reggae connection it just blew open a whole new world for me, musically, and I started a journey that lasted years of discovering where Brad and the boys had “adapted” all this amazing music, making it their own.

As for my favorite song, let me preface this by saying this is a nearly impossible question for me to answer as it’s just all so good and the music will go in waves for me. BUT today, and maybe just today, because it could change tomorrow, I’m gonna say “Mary.” And I’m gonna throw it back to a song we used to cover in like 1998 before we moved to the mainland: “Romeo”.


By Dave Hillyard of The Slackers/Hepcat

I first saw Sublime around 1991 in Long Beach. I was playing in a band called Hepcat at the time. We were playing at Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach and there was this band on before us.

I remember them playing to a really small crowd. Mostly friends it seemed. I remember someone yelling ‘play freebird.’ It was one of those nights. They sort of stumbled through the set. Lots of long breaks and goofing. Just seemed like a party band but I noted they sounded real good when they covered ‘danger’ by the selecter.

Flash forward to 1996. I saw the video for ‘wrong way’ on TV and went ‘whaaaat? Who are these guys?’ Original melodies. Lots of presence. I was blown away then to my surprise they told me it was SUblime, that band from Long Beach from 5 years before.

Then I was told that the singer had just died. A real shame. Just as it seemed like they were finding a real original voice.

‘Wrong way’ remains my favorite Sublime song and I like playing the melody on my saxophone. It just flows so nicely. Ive snuck quotes from it into a couple solos now.


By Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!:

I actually didn’t hear of Sublime until Brad’s death unfortunately. I saw the report
on MTV News that day. Looking back, it was a pretty shitty way to discover a band. I
realize now what a loss it was. I sometimes wonder what amazing songs he would have
written in the last 20 years. He definitely had the ability. As a songwriter myself,
sometimes I tend to over think and second guess my lyrics and it becomes this difficult task to complete a song. Brad made it look easy.

Fast forward a few months that fall of ’96, a friend of ours would take us to school each morning and he had the self-titled album in the tape deck. I had seen the “What I Got” video on MTV but I wasn’t really feeling it for some reason. I remember hearing songs like “Seed”, “Same in the End” and “Wrong Way” on the way to school and I liked the lyrics. Still didn’t buy the album though. Then I saw the “Santeria” video a few months after that and thought “Wow, this song is great!” The dude could sing and the song was so simple and bouncy. That was the first time I remember thinking they were dope.

Sometime in ’97 I came across the Surfrider compilation. I was skipping around the
CD and “Badfish” came on. I loved the lo-fi sound, it sounded like something
recorded in the early 80’s. The verses and choruses were all fire. The melodies kept coming. I immediately grabbed my guitar, went to my garage and started learning it. I was there for hours singing and playing that song in my garage. I just fell in love with all of it at that point.

After that, I got 40 Oz To Freedom and Robbin the Hood and Sublime quickly became one of my favorite bands. I somehow won a promo copy of Second Hand Smoke and I spun the shit out of “Superstar Punani” and “Slow Ride” on our Winter break. Later that year, I got Stand By Your Van and bumped that one all summer. I was in a record store in Ocean City, MD back in 1998 and I found a VHS copy of what would later become the 3 Ring Circus live album that came out in 2014. A song called “Mad Love” from our first album is greatly inspired by (we maybe even ripped off) that b-side “Foolish Fool”. Big thanks to Chris Pichler and the Sublime Archive too! I had a lot of that stuff that ended up on Everything Under The Sun. Sublime was a huge influence on my band and I’m proud to say it. I wanted to sound like Brad when I sang and I wanted our music to connect with others the way I had with Sublime.

A few years ago I received a message from Brad’s sister, Kellie. She wrote me this
long letter telling me how much my music has helped her cope with his death. I had
to read it several times. It took a few minutes to process because here’s the sister
of “the guy”… The guy that influenced my style and helped me get through my own
mother’s passing. It was a pretty heavy read. But it was a validating moment for

I think “Seed” and “Same in the End” are great songs. I love the
dynamics there. But I would also loved to have heard a final version of “89 Vision”. That demo has a lot potential. I love the vibe.

We used to do a pretty rad medley of “Smoke 2 Joints/Garden Grove/Don’t Push” in our bar band days. That was always a crowd-pleaser. Fun to play. I fucking love that band.


By Roger Lewis of Inner Circle:

The first time I heard Sublime I was at a club in New York called Reggae Lounge. I can’t remember which song I heard, that was a long time ago. It was primarily a reggae club but they would play anything that they figured was good. I think Brad really had vibe and love for the Reggae, he would put his heart in it that’s why it sounds unique. You have a lot of people that sing reggae but don’t feel it. I think he genuinely felt it.

Note* Inner Circle releasing a cover of Santeria in the summer.


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Atlanta area show in June

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
Infinite Energy Arena
Duluth GA (Atlanta area)
Thursday June 2, 2016
Tickets On Sale: to be announced


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Live: Reel Big Fish & Suburban Legends (2-23-16)

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Date: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016
Line Up: Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends The Maxies
Location: The Catalyst Club. Santa Cruz, CA

Reel Big Fish Live @ The Catalyst. Santa Cruz, CA

Reel Big Fish threw their final performance of their winter tour last night in Santa Cruz and blew they the roof of The Catalyst Club. Accompanying them were opening band The Maxies and direct supporters Suburban Legends.

Not only was this a kickass last show to their winter tour, it was also an extra special show because it was the official last show for Suburban Legends. The Orange County based Ska band, Suburban Legends took the stage one last time as this was their final national tour. Beginning their career 15 years ago, The Santa Cruz Catalyst was one of the first venues they ever played in. Having been around the block a few times, Suburban Legends have accumulated a diverse fan base and never failing to exceed their expectations. For example, the band released their 7th album in June of 2015 titled Forever in the FriendZone. The album stands 14 songs strong consisting of powerful horns and a collection of original tracks.

Suburban Legends broke their set up into three parts starting the show with their older hits, Just Be Happy and Dance, Dance, Dance. The band then transitioned into songs of their latest album, “Forever in the Friendzone”. The songs off their new record included: Forever in the Friend Zone, Thank You for Being a Friend and Warrior. Now, if you were not familiar with Suburban Legends you would assume the band to be a tenacious crew that is all about mosh pits and partying. However, the band is also famous for their soft spot…that is Disney cover songs.

With a special place in his heart for this one, Lead Guitar player Brian Klem takes the mic and starts us off with a song about a little mermaid, titled “Kiss the Girl”. As they introduce their number one Disney cover, “Under the Sea”, the guys also introduce the crowd to another member of their band, Patrick, the inflatable Orca whale. To nobody’s surprise Patrick was set free into the rambunctious crowd where a huge mosh pit took place along with endless crowd surfing.


Playing the role as direct support to Reel Big Fish it was interesting to see and hear from so many fans who came out to the show to see Suburban Legends. Their fan base ranged from teenagers to 40+. One younger fan let me know that she loves their shows because, “the Disney cover songs are so much fun!” A few veteran fans shared that they saw Suburban Legends at The Catalyst during their first tour and thought it would be a good time seeing them again.

The band shared with The Pier that this was their last show on a national tour. Their decision to stop big touring is solely based off of pursuing other career goals. Trombonist, Brian Robertson let us know that, the band may still play occasional local shows in Southern California.

Neighbors to Suburban Legend in Southern California we have headlining Ska-punk band, Reel Big Fish! Reel Big Fish gained an underground following back in the summer of 1997 during the time that No Doubt and Sublime were topping the charts. RBF then blew up on MTV with their single “Single Sell Out”. They quickly progressed in the Ska-Punk and mainstream genres because of their juvenile humor, catchy songs and stellar performances. Last night was their last show of their 2016 winter tour where they did not fail to impress.

Just moments before Reel Big Fish took the stage we witnessed the flood of fans rushing in for the headlining act. Looking around everyone was already sweating and filled with adrenaline, anxiously waiting to continue the party. Before the band could come out the venue made the wise decision to send more security guards to the front of the stage in anticipation of out of control crowd surfing, which they correctly predicted.


Reel Big Fish then came out in full force with big horns and lots of energy, excited to play their last show of their winter tour. The opening song, “Everything Sucks” quickly transformed the crowd into a massive mosh pool. The rowdy crowd carried on throughout the whole show as RBF continued to provoke and engage the audience with playful fan interaction and commentary. One special on stage character throughout the set was Trombonist, Billy Kottage. He had full pockets of confetti that he would dramatically throw on other band members; he was having so much fun.

Based off of song choice, time playing, time talking to the crowd and enthusiasm from the band, Reel Big Fish arranged their set to perfection. They featured a collection of fan favorites such as “Party Down”, “Sell Out”, “Beer” and “Where have you been”. We also heard bits and pieces of cover songs from Less Than Jake, The Offspring, and their signature cover song “Brown eyed Girl”. It was really entertaining when they played small pieces of cover songs because the crowd would get all into the song and then RBF would abruptly stop, and say “wait this isn’t our song” proceeding to psych out the whole crowd each time they did it.

Their final song was top hit “Take on Me”. The crowd roared as everyone shouted each lyric to the song. Once the set ended the band gave out their set lists, guitar picks and broken drumstick to ecstatic fans.

This Reel Big Fish performance was hands down one of my 10 favorite shows I have ever been to. If you have the opportunity to see them live I highly suggest doing so.
Suburban Legends Set-List:
1. Just Be Happy
2. Dance Dance Dance
3. You Got A Friend In Me
4. Friendzone
5. BSM
6. Thank You For Being A Friend
7. Kiss The Girl/Sweet Caroline
8. Under The Sea
9. Warrior
10. Whoa
11. High Fives

Reel Big Fish Set-List:
1. Everything Sucks
2. Alternative Baby
3. Veronica Sawyer
4. Kids Don’t Like/ F.U
5. Cheer up / In The Pit
6. Party Down
7. All I Want Is More
8. Ban The Tube Top
9. Don’t Start a Band
10. Trendy/Yer Guts/Hedfonz
11. Brown Eyed Girl
12. I want Yer GF
13. I Know U/She Has a gf
14. Sell Out
15. Asshole
16. Where U Been
17. Beer
18. Take On Me

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Reel Big Fish Website
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Article by: Julia Goodman
Photos By: Katey Schoenberger aka Madharmony

More Photos from the night…

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Buffett tries out new ICON A5 Aircraft

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Legendary musician Jimmy Buffett had a lot to say while flying the A5. “This is the ultimate toy for the next ten years of my life—and beyond!”.

The ICON A5 starts at $189,000. For details and specs visit

Watch the video.


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The start of Spring Break in Destin

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As February winds down that can only mean one thing…Spring Break is starting in Destin! The first schools are off this week and it will gradually increase over the next few weeks. The sheriff of our county and the sheriff of Walton County have both put out letters stating a zero tolerance policy against underage drinking and wild house parties. If you break the law you will go to jail. They are trying to make sure our area does not become another Panama City Beach.

Speaking of PCB…They are also cracking down this year. No drinking will be allowed on the beach during March. Reservations are down over 50% but most locals are in agreement something had to be done. It will be interesting to see how it works out for them.

In anticipation of Spring Break the local pontoon and jet ski rental companies are getting new crafts and getting them into the water. Many of the charter fishing boats are undergoing their yearly maintenance as they prepare for the start of Cobia season. Everyone is optimistic this is going to be a strong season in Destin.

This past week Sunshine Cindy and I got out a few times. Saturday night we went to Landshark Pizza for some brews and food. We like going to Landshark because we always run into friends. Pops and Jenny were at the bar when we got there plus Sue was on our side of the bar for a change. B came in then Steve came in. We had a fun time solving the world’s problems. Brian had a crock pot full of chili he was selling. This was his trial batch for the upcoming chili cook-off. It was so good I had two bowls of it.

On Sunday Sunshine Cindy and I took Chaos and we went to KC’s Sandbar in Fort Walton Beach. We met up with Mike and Suzanne from the PH club to talk about our upcoming beach cleanup dates. KC’s was busy with many bikers there out enjoying the nice day. KC’s is cool as you have bikers alongside yuppies and old farts like us. We saw some other friends there including Bonnie, Scott and Terry. KC was even working and took care of us. Chaos was enjoying all the attention she was getting. Everyone loves her!

Sunshine Cindy and I stopped at Crab Island Cantina on the way home for dinner. They have an outside area for folks with dogs. We had it all to ourselves. Josh took good care of us. Sunshine Cindy had a big burger while I had tamales. They were awesome! When we got home, Chaos had been on the go all day. She was so tired she couldn’t even jump up to watch Sunshine Cindy as she made her food. She ate and then was out for the night. Lol

Around town I see Gilligan’s has reopened for the season. They always seem to do a good business. A new restaurant has opened in the shopping center by Fresh Market. Everkrisp is locally owned and specialize in fresh healthy food. We have not been there yet but it looks like its busy when we have driven by.

This is going to be a busy weekend for the Parrot Heads. Friday night we have a meeting at Margaritaville. This is the first time we have been there for a meeting so it will be interesting to see how it goes. Then on Saturday is the Chili Cook-Off in Harborwalk Village. If you purchase your tickets from the club or on-line and use the promo code, “Parrotheads” the proceeds will go to the Parrot Heads charity, The Arc of the Emerald Coast. I hope you will come out and help this worthy cause and eat some fantastic chili.

We unveiled the logo for the 22nd Annual Phlocking of the Phaithful…What Could Happen??? trop rock event that will be held in Put in Bay, Ohio this June. This was Sunshine Cindy’s creation that she put in many hours to get just right. It turned out perfect. If you want to register for the event (and anyone can register) click the link for more information.

Get out and enjoy all Destin has to offer this week. See ya next Monday!

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Jones Beach show in August

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
Thursday August 25th, 2016
Tickets on sale: To be announced


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face to face’s ‘Protection’ with Fat Wreck Chords

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Punk rock veterans face to face are celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary as a band by returning to Fat Wreck Chords for their ninth studio album Protection. The “back to basics” approach to the album will re-introduce fans back to their traditional Southern California punk sound and will be available Friday, March 4, 2016.

The album is a stark reminder many of the wounds ailing disgruntled youth of the 90s have not quite healed. The perspective of a 40-something punk rocker who has been connecting social commentary to songs worth singing and jumping to is just as valuable as it was a quarter of a century ago.
Protection starts strong with “Bent But Not Broken”, a song founder Trevor Keith says is “about people who aren’t willing to listen to opposing viewpoints because they are so mired in their own beliefs, they can’t see they are bent.”

Protection also draws attention to modern society’s obsession with social media and reality-based fame in “14:59”. Keith proclaims the song “is a commentary on Western culture and its obsession in the past few decades with reality-based fame that comes for people who have no skill other than just being famous. I think it’s disgusting. I hate it.”

Credit for the clean, yet raw, sound of Protection can be credited to Descendents’ drummer and universally respected producer Bill Stevenson in his studio, The Blasting Room. Although he was the first outside producer the band has worked with in over twenty years, “It was a fantastic experience,” Keith says, “Bill was great to work with.” face to face was able to spend more time focusing on the music but were opened to suggestions. “Bill’s influence on the song arrangements and background vocals was key in giving the record the sound that it has.”

The group has already announced appearances at Groezrock in Belgium and Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas in 2016. face to face will also be celebrating their twentieth anniversary this year by re-releasing special edition copies of their early albums.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this release is another band that helped shape our misspent youth continues to be an outlet and a rallying call. “I love the idea that our music can take people out of the grind of their daily lives for a little while and that we can connect emotionally,” confesses Keith. “It’s an awesome and powerful thing.”

You can pre-order Protection through Fat Wreck Chords by clicking HERE!

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Article by Blake Taylor

Listen: face to face – “Double Crossed”

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Chicago Show in June Confirmed

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From today’s Chicago Tribune
Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
with special guests Huey Lewis and the News
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (Tinley Park)
Saturday June 25, 2016
Tickets on sale on Monday February 29th at 10 am


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MP3 Leak of the Week: The Slackers

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Based out of New York City, NY, The Slackers are celebrating 25 years of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub, Soul, Garage Rock Jazz. On Feb 19th, they released a new self-titled record, their 16th release to date, and are giving away the first track off the record, “The Boss”, for FREE download here at The Pier. Read up on the band, and their new record…

You can download The Slackers new track, “The Boss”, for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016.

The Slackers – “The Boss” – Download HERE
The Slackers
“The Boss” Background:
The Slackers will be starting their 25th anniversary celebration with a new self-titled album. As their press release reads, if Jamaican Rock n’ Roll is The Slackers trademark sound, this new album might be known as ‘Psychedelic Jamaican Rock N Roll.’ The influences of ‘Pet Sounds era’ Beach Boys, ‘Sgt Pepper era’ Beatles and other 60s rockers are prominent in the blend.

The Slackers release date is Feb 19th, 2016 and will be available in both physical digital format as fans can enjoy this record on Vinyl. It is being released independently on their own Special Potato label after a $30,000 successful fundraiser on and is being co-distributed in the United States by Rare Breed Records, in Europe by Brain Lab Groove, and in Japan by Just A Record. It will also be available online on Spotify and Pandora.

The Slackers were kind enough to extend the first track off the record with “The Boss” to be posted up for FREE download. Here’s what (organ/vocalist) Vic Ruggiero told The Pier regarding the song:

“There’s a face a woman makes…It’s no use to argue or explain. You’ve already lost. ‘But Officer, it’s not what it looks like.’ No. He doesn’t have to explain anything, and you’re not allowed to get mad…it doesn’t work in both directions… You don’t get to dance in the parade at your own funeral. I hope you danced when you had the chance.”

You can pick up The Slackers new self-titled record, in Vinyl or Digital format, by clicking HERE!


The Slackers Background:
Those hard working purveyors of ‘Jamaican RocknRoll’ known as ‘The Slackers’, have been in existence for a quarter of a century now. Hard to believe that this band which started out rehearsing in a dingy basement on the lower east side has gone on to become a legendary touring group playing over a 100 shows a year since 1997.

Beginning in New York City in 1991, The Slackers have developed a signature sound that mixes together Jamaican Reggae and Ska rhythms with Anglo-American RnB, Blues, and Garage Rock. Bandleader, Vic Ruggiero, coined this blend as ‘Jamaican RocknRoll’, something similar to what the rolling stones would have sounded like if they grew up on as much Bob Marley and the Skatalites as they did Howling Wolf and Bo Diddley.

As of 2015, they’ve currently played in 46 American states, 7 Canadian Provinces, 23 European Countries, 5 Latin American nations; have done concerts in Japan and Korea as well. In the last 2 years, they have played everything from large festivals like Punk Rock Bowling and Fest to midsize concert halls like the El Rey, Bell House, Lee’s Palace, and even a few intimate private parties!

Over the course of the year, the band will continue the celebration by doing rotating song blocks of tunes from all 15 of their original albums and developing special theme shows such as their legendary ‘booze cruises’ in New York City and Boston plus their legendary holiday tours on the East Coast at the end of the year. They will also be taking part in Floggin Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise, The Rebellion Festival, and the Boomtown Festival.

The Slackers are currently booking tour dates for 2016 in North America, Europe, Japan and beyond for their 25th anniversary tour, in support of their new self-titled record.

the slackers Tour Dates

The Slackers Links:
The Slackers Website
The Slackers Facebook

Huge thanks again to The Slackers for allowing us to share “The Boss” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: The Slackers – Full Concert – Live In Toronto. (3/28/15)

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