Crazy week in Destin

Posted on Monday, February 15th, 2016 at 7:13 pm
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The past seven days have been wild in Destin. There was a home invasion, fires, a plane crash and many tourist in town. The home invasion was in the middle of the day but they arrested a guy for it. Not too much news about it so I am sure it was more than a random act.

The big news was a fire at AJ’s on Wednesday night. News spread on social media quickly as the fire was raging. The tiki bar Club Bimini burned. It looked horrible on some amateur video as the flames were shooting way up in the sky. But the good news is the flames were fanned by a strong wind and it was new palm fronds that were burning. They were recently put up on the roof and they had not fire proofed it yet. Everyone thought the entire building was going to be a total lost but they were actually open the next night with only the Club Bimini sustaining damage. There was no damage downstairs, not even water damage. Wow! We went to the AJ’s on Sunday and you would never know they had a fire unless you went upstairs.

Also on Wednesday there was a fire at the Matador Strip Club in Val-P. This was started in the attic by HVAC work. And last but not least at The Palms Resort in Destin a fire broke out on the fourth floor of the west tower. Luckily it was contained and did not spread.

Thursday evening when I got home from work Sunshine Cindy and I sat on our back porch. While we were back there we heard a bunch of sirens coming from the Henderson Beach park road entrance or so we thought. They were going on and off for quite a while. It turns out a small plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. Two people lost their lives in the crash. Also on Thursday evening someone riding a bicycle on Commons drive was hit by a car and had to be rushed to the hospital. It was a crazy night.

Friday night Sunshine Cindy and I went to Landshark Pizza for our Parrot Head meeting. We had a blast. B.T. Turner performed for us. BT is a new performer in the Destin area but he used to perform in the Jacksonville area for many years. He said he was ready for change of scenery and moved to the Destin area. BT was great. He had the crowd going the entire night. He performed many oldies as well as many Trop Rock songs. This guy will be in big demand in Destin this summer.

On Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I had some errands to run. We went to the harbor so she could stop by Harry T’s and pick up some paperwork for Tiffany. We had Chaos with us and she was enjoying the harbor as well as the attention from people walking around. It was a nice day and the harbor was busy. With the holiday on Monday Destin was busy with tourist who came in for the weekend. After we had a Bloody Mary and walked around we headed to Fort Walton Beach to see our accountant Tommy.

The traffic in Fort Walton was like a summer day. It was backed up from the Brooks Bridge all the way to City Hall. It was nuts. After we got done with Tommy we headed to Niceville to spend some time with Sunshine Cindy parents. They just had their 55th wedding anniversary. We had a nice visit and Chaos enjoyed going to their dock to see the bay.

Sunday was our hockey watching party at Charlie’s BBB bar inside of Crab Island Cantina. Darla, Bob, Wayne, Alan and Jackie joined Sunshine Cindy and I. Jasmine took good care of us. We had a blast but Tampa lost on a bad call. Carlos was there and we talked to him about BT. We hope they work out some shows. When we left Charlie’s the harbor walk was almost empty. This is when we walked down to AJ’s for a nightcap.

Today we had lunch at Pepito’s. Good food and not too expensive. I went down to Landshark pizza after lunch and it looks like we will have Matt Hoggatt playing there on Saturday April 30th from 4-7 pm. Matt used to open for Jimmy Buffett and is a great story telling musician. It will be fun!

Okay, let’s see if things can calm down around Destin this week. I will have a full update next Monday!

Destin Steve

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