Destin in the Winter

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2016 at 8:26 pm
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We are in the middle of the winter doldrums in Destin. The snowbirds are out doing snowbird things. The weather is kind of acceptable. It’s either wet and warm or dry and cold. But we did have a great day on Saturday…it was dry AND warm.

With the nice day on Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I decided to take Chaos to the harbor. This would be her first time down there. We want her to get socialized and there is no better place than the harbor to do that. Our first stop was at The Crust Pizzeria for lunch. We sat outside on the patio and it was actually hot sitting out there. I had a baked ziti dish with Italian sausage that is to die for. I could eat that every day! Sunshine Cindy had a salad and chicken. All the food was excellent and with lunch prices very affordable. Chaos sat with us and behaved while we ate.

After lunch we walked the harbor boardwalk. Our first stop was at Fishheads. Melissa was opening for one of the first times this season. She is ready to get the new season started. Chaos was becoming the star of the show. Everyone wanted to pet her and she was loving it. Chaos was good with other dogs too. She does not bark and if they get to rough she just walks away.

We left Fishheads and made our way down to Duck Duck. This is in the old Monkey Bar/KJ’s location. They did a nice job with this place rebuilding it completely. This was our second time stopping in there and the bartenders are friendly with a good mix of locals there. Chaos made several new friends there too.

Next stop was The Boathouse. It was busy and loud but that didn’t bother Chaos. Bree took care of us and even got Chaos a bucket of water. The GM, John stopped and talked with us for a while too. He was excited as The Boathouse had just won the Gumbo cook-off at the fishing history museum. I love their gumbo so it’s not surprising they won. We also saw and talked to Jack for a few minutes. We lamented how close his wife Lynn got to being in the final two of the Super Bowl pool. She had Arizona who got knocked out in the championship game. Oh so close!

Our last stop was up the hill to the Red Door Saloon. We were in the outside area with Chaos. Our friend Ken came in with Lisa and Brad and they all joined us. Ken loves dogs and he immediately took to Chaos as she did to him. He had her running around and biting his beard. They both had a good time. lol

By now Chaos was a tired puppy and we took her home. She fell asleep in Sunshine Cindy’s arms on the ride home. 

We also had a busy day on Friday. I received a phone call from Carlos at Crab Island Cantina. He said they were filming a commercial starting at 2 pm and he wanted us to come down to be part of “the crowd.” We got Alan and Jackie and Larry to also join us. It was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect as we had to act naturally while having some beers. We can do that! They filmed while we were sitting in the dining area, the bar and the outside dining area overlooking the water. They said the commercial will be on Beach TV starting in April. We can’t wait to see if we are stars!

After the filming we went inside Charlie’s BBB bar for some lunch. Sunshine Cindy and I split one of their burgers. These things are huge and really good. Alan and Jackie split some wings that were also big and looked great. Josh and Jasmine were working the bar but Jasmine went home sick. She didn’t look good so it was better that she left instead of getting everyone sick. Carlos was very appreciative of our support but we love going there so it was not work at all…lol…

The parrot heads were meeting up the village at Harry T’s so off we went. We had a blast with Jeff and the Camaro’s playing for us. He puts on a fun show. The place was packed. When the party was over a group of us went to the American Legion for Karaoke. Kelly and Judie got up and sang. We got a chance to talk with Steve and Becky from Oklahoma who were in town. They are good folks who get to Destin several times a year. It was a fun night.

Sunday we took Chaos to the dog park. Once again she interacted with the other dogs without a problem. Plus she was able to run as much as she wanted. The dog park is really a neat place in Destin. They have a side for smaller dogs like Chaos and a side for bigger dogs. We got Chaos good and worn out.

In the afternoon I made a run to Landshark Pizza to bring home some pizza. While there I sat with Alan and Jackie who were there. Steve, Jane and Jerry also came in and joined us. Austin was working the pizza bar as the place was filling up for dinner. I also got to say hi to Sue. She just got back from 3 weeks in Asia. Her trip was one of those once in a lifetime things. I can’t wait to hear some of her stories.

One bit of news from around town I heard is Alan Laird who owns AJ’s is buying the old Fudpuckers and current Oar House building on the island. I don’t know what he plans to put in there but I am sure it’s another type of restaurant that will also have entertainment.

Super Bowl is this Sunday. Crab Island Mambo will be at Charlie’s BBB bar inside of Crab Island Cantina. Come and party with us! Game time is 5:30 pm in Destin.

Have a great week. See ya next Monday!

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