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Dub Rockers: Reggae Dubs & Dabs EP

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Dub Rockers/VP Records have compiled a 7-track EP of smoker anthems in anticipation of the 4/20 holiday. The EP, fittingly titled Reggae Dubs Dabs, becomes available April 15th, 2016.

Included on the selection is a mixture of reggae’s most relevant reggae artists from the US, Europe the Caribbean, each singing their ode to cannabis.

The EP kicks off with with Alborosie‘s reggae-dubstep tune “Fly 420.” Next, Kingston’s Raging Fyah present “Raggamuffin,” an unreleased track from their forthcoming studio album, Everlasting. Mystic Revealers and Chronixx teamed up for “Herb Must Legalize Now,” a straightforward message demanding for the worldwide legalization of marijuana. Reggae Dubs Dabs then moves on to “Pass The Herb” by Fortunate Youth featuring The Green and Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher, a major hit off their 2015 album Don’t Think Twice.

The EP closes out with 3 East Coast bands in Soul Rebel Project, Stick Figure, and The Movement. “Good Burn” by Massachusetts outfit Soul Rebel Project comes off their 2014 album Higher Place. “Smokin’ Love” by Stick Figure featuring Collie Buddz also made the cut. Last but certainly not least is “Habit 2016” from The Movement, a rejuvenated version of their 2008 song “Habit.” Collie Buddz also appears on the song with The Movement.

Heavily featured on Reggae Dubs Dabs, Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, and Raging Fyah are all currently touring together. You can catch them on their U.S. tour, which continues until the end of April.

Dub Rockers – Reggae Dubs Dabs Tracklist
ReggaeDubsAndDabsFinalCover 1.) Fly 420 – Alborosie feat. Sugus
2.) Raggamuffin – Raging Fyah
3.) Herb Must Legalize Now – Mystic Revealers feat. Chronixx
4.) Pass The Herb – Fortunate Youth feat. The Green Marlon Asher
5.) Good Burn – Soul Rebel Project
6.) Smokin’ Love – Stick Figure feat. Collie Buddz
7.) Habit 2016 – The Movement feat. Collie Buddz Bobby Hustle

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Article By: Brian Winters

Listen: Raging Fyah – “Raggamuffin”

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Rain, rain and more rain for Destin…

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This past week it rained in Destin. It rained Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Finally on Sunday about 5 pm it stopped and the sun came out. Just in time to end the weekend. Ugh!

Thursday when I got home from work our neighbors were out in the rain looking for their dog. Hoss was missing so I changed and grabbed an umbrella and started going through the hood. After I got back home I found out they found Hoss hiding under the bed. I guess the storm was scaring him. Oh well, I didn’t get struck by lightning so it was all good.

Friday the Parrot Heads had a meeting at KC’s Sandbar in Ft. Walton Beach. It rained all day but finally stopped before the meeting as KC’s is an outdoor spot. Sunshine Cindy and I were running late so we decided to stay in Destin and make a stop at Landshark Pizza for some dinner. The bar was packed so we got a table. The University of Wisconsin was playing in the NCAA basketball tournament and the game was getting ready to start. The place was packed with Wisconsin fans watching the game.

Our friends Steve and Ida came in and sat at the pizza bar. Sunshine Cindy and I watched a family come in (with Wisconsin shirts on) looking for a table so they could watch the game. About this time a couple of seats at the bar opened up. We offered the father of the family our table while at the same time Steve offered the mom their seats at the pizza bar. They ended up at our table and Steve, Ida, Sunshine Cindy and I sat at the bar so it worked out for everyone. The family was nice and they even bought us a beer for giving up the table.

Next to us at the bar was a young couple. They had a daughter who was about 4 or 5. The mom was taking her to play some of the video games they have then they played the one at the bar. The little girl was having a blast. It turns out this guy is one of the members of the Leinenkugle Beer family. He is like the great grandson of the founder and an active member of the company. He knew Landshark sold a lot of Leinenkugel beer and he wanted to see for himself as they were in town on vacation. Brian got to talk to him and hopefully will be able to get more of their brews.

The night at Landshark took a tragic turn when about 9:15 pm a guy was hit and killed trying to cross Hwy 98. All of a sudden we could see the traffic stopped and cop cars pulling up with people running to help. It was a sad scene as folks from Landsharks who went outside to see what was going on could see the body lying in the street. Everyone knew it was not good. It was a 62 year old guy who was wearing dark clothing. The driver of the car was not impaired I am glad to say but that person will never be the same. Something needs to be done as this will keep happening until they get a traffic light or even better a pedestrian bridge or two.

Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I headed to Hogs Breath to listen to Rob Roman perform. It was Rob’s first time playing at Hogs and he was excited. We sat at the end of the bar. Rikkie was working the bar and Cam was at the inside bar. Alan and Jackie joined us and then Mark and Stephanie did too. The weather turned nasty as the rain was blowing in off the gulf. But they had the plastic down so we stayed dry. The bar filled up and everyone enjoyed Rob’s show. He hopes to get invited back. I am sure he will be!

On Easter Sunday it was…wait for it…raining. Sunshine Cindy and I got out in it and had decided to stop at McGuires for brunch. Our timing was bad as it was about 12:30 pm and the church’s had recently let out. You could not get into the parking lot there were so many cars pulling in. Time for plan B.

We went by The Pankakery but it was packed. Ditto for Another Broken Egg Café and the Destin Diner. We had talked about Olive Garden so we headed there. It was busy but we were able to get in and not have to wait. The Destin Commons is across the street from Olive Garden. We had thought about going to one of the places there but I am glad we didn’t. The parking lot was packed so I am sure all of the places were crowded too. We enjoyed our meal then headed home to dry out!

When in Destin you need to watch Beach TV. It is channel 23 on Cox. I am not sure what it is on Dish or Direct. The commercial for Crab Island Cantina is now playing. Sunshine Cindy, Alan, Jackie, Larry and I are all in it. We are stars! It actually is a cool commercial for the Crab Island Cantina complex which includes Carlito’s Deli and Charley’s BBB Bar. Check it out.

Around Destin the Caribbean Café (the old Malibu Jack’s) has not reopened. I am not sure what happened but the big awning is down and the entire patio has been tore up where it is only dirt now. I don’t know what is going on there. I will have to see James and ask him.

One last note about the Destin housing market. I have been hearing it is picking up but it is now red hot. Places are getting multiple offers the first day they go on the market. I have heard this from several folks. I don’t know what has changed but it seems like everyone wants to live in Destin!

This will be the last big week of Spring Break. It has been pretty calm due to the crackdown on underage drinking. The word is out for sure. A lot of kids are coming to Destin on vacation and going home on probation.

Have a great week. Check back next week for a full wrap up of the week’s news, updates and fun times.

Destin Steve

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Trop Rock Radio Poll and Tips on Recording

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Music and events that happen in Key West as observed by Chris Rehm. “What Happens in Key West Stays in Key West” Wrong! Everyone wants to know what’s happening in Key West!

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Tour Diary: Blake Taylor’s Less Than Jake-ation

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From March 17th to the 20th, our own Blake Taylor flew out to Florida to follow Less Than Jake around on their run of shows celebrating the 20th anniversary of their hit album Losing Streak. Here’s a day by day diary of Blake’s excursion that he refers to as his Less Than Jake-ation


There are numerous factors that go into choosing a favorite band. The way the music sticks in the listener’s mind for days on end causing multiple moments of musical clarity amidst the noise of everyday life is an important one. The relationship between the band and its fans, on and off stage, is quite another. Or the connection one makes to the lyrics; whether or not their original meaning has anything to do with the listener’s real life experiences. In this case, the band has created multiple records that can be played from start to finish without the temptation to skip to the next track. 1Orlando1-Universal

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary release of the 1996 Capitol Records release Losing Streak, Less Than Jake embarked on a brief tour where concertgoers could here the album in its entirety, along with a follow-up night to play their subsequent 1998 album, Hello Rockview. Dates were scheduled for the East Coast and the Mid-West so I decided to make a pilgrimage to LTJ’s home state of Florida to hear the albums 4-nights in a row beginning in Orlando with a drive down to Ft. Lauderdale to close out the brief stretch.

Kicking off a 4-day tour on St. Patrick’s Day can be dangerous due to the amount of beer imbibing that takes place. Although I am a seasoned professional, despite the disappointment in my mother’s eyes when she reads this, I decided to play tourist at Universal Studios prior to the first show. It was a long, humid day drinking Duff Beer in Springfield and Butter Beer on Diagon Alley before finishing off with a Red Stripe at Bob Marley: A Tribute to Freedom; a beautiful replica of Marley’s home on 56 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica, yet nothing was going to deplete my adrenaline.

DAY 1 – March 17th, 2016

Date: Thursday, March 17, 2016
Line Up: Less Than Jake, Beebs and Her Money Makers, The Attack
Venue: The Social, Orlando, FL

The Social was a lot smaller than one would imagine Less Than Jake, who is completely capable of packing venues holding thousands in capacity, would play. However, the intimate setting provided the perfect place to experience Losing Streak in all its energetic glory and gave a nice glimpse into what it may have been like to see this band when they began close to a quarter of a century ago.

Orlando’s The Attack opened up the first night with their unadulterated punk/hardcore sound. If you have any interest in old school Rise 1Orlando8-LTJAND2474 Against or Good Riddance, they are right up your alley. After the mosh pit subsided, local Orlando act Beebs and Her Money Makers took the stage. Their unique blend of ska and funk delighted everyone’s eardrums with every note while Beebs’ serene, yet powerful, voice captivated the crowd.

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Fortunately, no one passed out from heat stroke in the close quarters and Less Than Jake took the stage and immediately dove into Losing Streak with “Automatic,” which set the tone for the night and got the tiny pit going. Chris Demakes took the time in between tracks to give some history of a few of the songs, making the meaning much more valuable. For example, “107” was written about their shitty apartment during college in Gainesville, with paper-thin walls that looked like it “could have had a glory hole” to those who felt so inclined.

Drummer Vinnie Fiorello, who writes all of the song’s lyrics, wrote “Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria” as an ode to Chris, who worked as a pizza boy to pay the rent and undoubtedly drove with his “hand on the wheel and the other out the window with a smile on his face” and his middle finger up.

One thing is for sure, if Less Than Jake ever disbanded (God forbid), Chris will have a promising career as a stand-up comic. Security Guard “214” was standing on the side of the stage, responsible for keeping control of crowd surfers, and Chris convinced the crowd to chant his name a couple of times. The now infamous “214” said he was tempted to surf himself at one point but needed to keep his job. It was going to be interesting to see if some of the same jokes would be used the following nights.

Less Than Jake Set-List:
1.) Automatic
2.) Happyman
3.) 9th at Pine
4.) Sugar in Your Gas Tank
5.) Shindo
6.) 107
7.) Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts
8.) Krazy Glue
9.) Never Going Back to New Jersey
10.) How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings?
11.) Just Like Frank
12.) Ask the Magic 8 Ball
13.) Dopeman
14.) Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore
15.) Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
16.) Lockdown
17.) Good Enough
18.) Look What Happened (The Last Time)
19.) Overrated (Everything Is)
20.) Give Me Something to Believe In, Inc.
21.) Ghosts of You and Me

DAY 2 – March 18th, 2016

Date: Friday, March 18, 2016
Line Up: Less Than Jake, The Attack, Wolf-Face
Venue: The Social, Orlando, FL

Fighting off the hangover, I made my way to the Social for Hello Rockview and arrived early to chat with people and see who had seen the show the night before. Much of the pre-show time was spent in front of The Social talking to Nick and Nicole about the local music scene and how easy it was to bribe their parents into babysitting for the night. The quietness of Orange Avenue the day after a chaotic St. Patrick’s Day was easily observable until Wolf-Face took the stage.

Dawning wolf masks and 1980s style basketball uniforms, the Teen Wolf-inspired band started day 2 in Orlando off with quite a howl. Even though the small venue only fit a few hundred people, The Social was at standing room only and the crowd leered and cheered, a response not often given to opening acts.
The Attack was back for the second night as well. Although I am not familiar with their songs, I believe their set list differed from the night before. Even if they played the same song, it was a good chance to familiarize myself with what they have to offer. They did, however, play some songs off of their newest EP to be released on Vinnie’s Paper + Plastik Records.

Thanks to Less Than Jake, I was able to gain access to the shows with no problem giving me a chance to hand out miracle tickets to the unfortunate souls who were not able to purchase theirs ahead of time. The friendly faces I conversed with before the show packed the front of the stage. The rooftop city-scape theme of the stage, including Vinnie’s window-lit bass drum, riled up the crowd ready to hear Hello Rockview.

Chris Demakes’ interaction with the audience is always entertaining as he singles people out throughout the set. One girl, fanning herself in the venue heat, caught his attention. “You know how you expend more energy eating celery than the nutrients you get while eating it?” he asked before telling the gentlemen next to her to do the fanning for her. One inebriated fan even had the chance to get up on stage but had obviously drunk a little too much to make any sort of coherent sense. At least the band gave him a shot to give his two cents, whatever that might have been.

Chris told a story about the recording sessions when Buddy Schaub played a really catchy trombone tune. “What is that?” he asked. “It’s just something I play to warm up,” Buddy responded, which transformed into an album favorite “Nervous In the Alley.” Perhaps the most memorable moment was the entire crowd belting out the theme for “Cinco de Mustache,” a small clip sang during the Ska Against Racism Tour in 1998 that can be heard after “Richard Allen George…. No, It’s Just Cheez.”

The encore included their anthem “Rest of My Life” beginning with an acoustic style intro before leading into a full band bridge. Vinnie could be seen pointing his drumstick to the sky, eyes closed, singing along with intensity. It reminded me of It’s Not Dead Fest when Vinnie told me each of these songs hold special meaning.

Atlanta Braves General Manager John Coppolella was also in attendance who happens to be a huge Less Than Jake fan and provided the Evo Kid with his Fred McGriff jersey for the evening.

Less Than Jake Set-List:
1.) Last One Out of Liberty City
2.) Help Save the Youth of America From Exploding
3.) All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
4.) Theme Song for H Street
5.) Nervous in the Alley
6.) Motto
7.) History of a Boring Town
8.) Great American Sharpshooter
9.) Danny Says
10.) Big Crash
11.) Five State Drive
12.) Richard Allen George… No, It’s Just Cheez
13.) Scott Farcas Takes It on the Chin
14.) Al’s War
15.) Good Enough
16.) The Science of Selling Yourself Short
17.) Plastic Cup Politics
18.) Rest of My Life
19.) Gainesville Rock City

DAY 3 – March 19th, 2016

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2016
Line Up: Less Than Jake, Beebs and Her Money Makers, Fallen From the Sky
Venue: Culture Room. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

When you take a trip to Florida to see one of your favorite bands two nights in a row and notice they are also playing the following two nights, three hours South, what else are you supposed to do? I would have regretted not making the trip to Ft. Lauderdale so I rented a small car and hopping on Florida’s Turnpike with LTJ’s record See The Light turned up as high as the little Hyundai speakers would go.

I arrived at my motel and took a quick power nap before having a few at the Irish Pub next to the Culture Room. I did not catch much of local act Fallen From the Sky, which was unfortunate because their 3 guitars, in addition to the bass, had me intrigued, but I enjoyed what I heard.

The Culture Room looked like an island venue straight out of Hawaii or Jamaica. The gigantic tiki head overlooked the outdoor patio where the bands set up their merchandise tables and patrons spoke and smoked with each other. I had purchased some Less Than Jake merchandise in Orlando, including the last stash box from their annual Wake and Bake Weekend in Gainesville, and I knew I wasn’t done. Less Than Jake is one of those rare bands that have the merchandise game down and will always be a band I’ll represent no matter where my travels take me. FtLauderdale7-LTJ3

Another bonus for the trip to Southern Florida was seeing Beebs, trumpet player Bunky Garrabrant, and the rest of Beebs and Her Money Makers again. Their music hits the soul and makes any heart beat to their upbeat rhythms. Bassist Levon White has so much range it’s always interesting to see him go from intense speed to a funky solo at the drop of a dime. Beebs never ceases to amaze me with her constant smile and unique style. Her capacity to go from heart dropping melodies to hardcore metal vocals makes one ask, “Is she of this world?”

Less Than Jake took to the stage again with “Automatic” and triggered the first circle pits of the night, which did not seem to stop. They told different tidbits about the tracks, such as how they were almost sued for “Krazy Glue.” I must have been too into the set because my jumping around on the stairwell during “Just Like Frank” caused some of my beer to spill onto the bartender’s head below me. I felt terrible, and only had a $5 bill on me, so I gave it to her to buy a bottle of shampoo or a drink after work to forget about my accidental classless move.

They also made a point to recognize the fans for keeping their career alive, something they never seem to take for granted all of these years later, before going into “Ask the Magic 8 Ball” clarifying it was, “not that kind of 8 ball.”

“Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore” is always a crowd-pleaser, but does not contain horns until the last few seconds. Watching Buddy throughout the entire song doing what Chris called his version of Hatha Yoga was a highlight of the set. It was also refreshing because Chris told a joke about Bikram Yoga in Orlando, which does not count as the same joke. The crowd chanted the usual “LTJ! LTJ! LTJ!” before the band returned for their encore. Needless to say, my second time seeing Less Than Jake play Losing Streak in three days was just as fun as the first.

Less Than Jake Set-List:
1.) Automatic
2.) Happyman
3.) 9th at Pine
4.) Sugar in Your Gas Tank
5.) Shindo
6.) 107
7.) Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts
8.) Krazy Glue
9.) Never Going Back to New Jersey
10.) How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings?
11.) Just Like Frank
12.) Ask the Magic 8 Ball
13.) Dopeman
14.) Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore
15.) Rock-n-Roll Pizzeria
16.) Lockdown
17.) Good Enough
18.) Look What Happened (The Last Time)
19.) Overrated (Everything Is)
20.) Ghosts of You and Me

DAY 4 – March 20th, 2016

Date: Sunday, March 20, 2016
Line Up: Less Than Jake, The Attack, Fallen From the Sky
Venue: Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

After three days I was surprised I was still standing. Pushing myself out of bed, I slowly made my way to the Egg ‘N You Diner down the street for a delicious Southern breakfast. Wait… it was more like a lunch. Either way, my stomach was full and I was ready for my afternoon nap to replenish what energy was left for the second time seeing Hello Rockview in the last few days. I surely hope they didn’t think I was stalking them.

Closer to show time I made my way to the same Irish pub from the night before to have a pre-show dinner and pint. There seemed to be more punk fans than the night before because the jukebox had a lengthy playlist of Strung Out, Pennywise, and Bad Religion. It was at that time I met Nick and Bobby; feeling sorry for me because I was by myself they adopted me as their friend for the night and we walked to the Culture Room for the final show of my Florida tour. FtLauderdale9-LTJ5

I would like to personally apologize to Fallen From the Sky because I was too busy socializing in the courtyard and missed their set again. Arriving at the merch booth, to my surprise, two guitar picks with the covers of Losing Streak and Hello Rockview printed on them were left for me by bass player Roger Lima. At The Attack’s booth I learned they wrote a song that they sang in a few different languages with the help of language experts, a stunning feat for any artist.

At the end of the show, instead of the crowd chanting the usual “LTJ! LTJ!” everyone sang a well-organized and memorable punk version of “Olé, Olé, Olé!” After the show some guy offered me a joke for a cigarette:

Q: How many rude boys does it take to change a light bulb?
A: 4; 1 to drop the ladder and 4 to pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.

Later, I was able to chat with Peter “JR” Wasilewski about how a mutual friend introduced him to the band when they were in need of a saxophone player around fifteen years ago. We also talked about our shared love of baseball and how he’s had the opportunity to visit multiple major league ballparks and hopes to visit every single one in the coming years. I thanked Vinnie for letting me follow them around for the last four days and asked when they would be going on a Pezcore tour to which he quickly responded, “Never.”

Meeting a band whose music you have enjoyed throughout a majority of your life is quite an experience. Getting to meet them a second and third time while learning how humble they are is quite a relief, but also not that surprising. It’s a trip that I will not soon forget.

Less Than Jake Set-List:
1.) Last One Out of Liberty City
2.) Help Save the Youth of America From Exploding
3.) All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
4.) Theme Song for H Street
5.) Nervous in the Alley
6.) Motto
7.) History of a Boring Town
8.) Great American Sharpshooter
9.) Danny Says
10.) Big Crash
11.) Five State Drive
12.) Richard Allen George… No, It’s Just Cheez
13.) Scott Farcas Takes It on the Chin
14.) Al’s War
15.) The Science of Selling Yourself Short
16.) Plastic Cup Politics
17.) Gainesville Rock City

In Closing…

Less Than Jake will be on the Warped Tour this year, playing alongside Reel Big Fish, New Found Glory, Teenage Bottlerocket, Pepper, Ballyhoo!, Masked Intruder, Sum 41, and many others this summer.

You can purchase Less Than Jake’s latest record See The Light through Fat Wreck Chords by clicking HERE!

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Article and Photos by: Blake Taylor

More Photos…

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Buffett with the Stones in Cuba, and Margaritaville Havana?

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Jimmy Buffett was backstage at the Rolling Stones concert in Havana on Friday: “The Rolling Stones Dazzle the Crowd at Historic Concert in Cuba

The crowd was lightly sprinkled with glitterati, including Richard Gere, who posed for snapshots with a dozen young Cuban journalists. Jimmy Buffett, leader of the Parrot Heads, allowed that he hoped to perform soon in Havana — perhaps next year. “Living in Key West, it has been so close for so long, but it’s been so far for so long too,” said Buffett, dressed for the occasion in shorts and flip-flops.

Is Buffett’s Havana daydream about to come true? He is looking at the possibility of opening a Margaritaville restaurant in Cuba: “U.S. companies line up to do business in Cuba

And then there was singer and businessman Jimmy Buffett rubbing elbows at a cocktail reception with top White House advisors. He is said to be exploring the possibility of bringing his Margaritaville restaurant chain here.



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The Longest Lasting Gig!!!!

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Music and events that happen in Key West as observed by Chris Rehm. “What Happens in Key West Stays in Key West” Wrong! Everyone wants to know what’s happening in Key West!

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Live: Common Kings & Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds (3/18-19/16)

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Date: Friday, March 18th, 2016 @ 8pm AND Saturday, March 19th, 2016 @ 8pm
Line Up: Common Kings, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, Ethan Tucker
Venue: Jazzbones. Tacoma, Washington

LIVE: Common Kings, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, and Ethan Tucker (Hits and Mrs Tour) – 3.18.16 3.19.16

Common Kings’ nationwide Hits and Mrs Tour with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds came to a close recently after almost twenty shows across fourteen states and the District of Columbia in less than thirty days. The tour started in Texas and then spanned coast to coast before the fellas returned to the West Coast to wrap up Friday, March 18th and Saturday, March 19th with back-to-back shows in Tacoma, Washington. Thanks to Moi, Chaps, and the rest of the Bad Seeds, The Pier was treated to attendance for both of the closeout shows at Jazzbones nightclub.

Friday and Saturday nights’ shows appealed to wide variety of musical interests besides the reggae community. As a whole, the crowd enjoyed covers and mashups from the bands performing a wide-range of genres throughout each night. There was a little something for everyone with covers of rap, RB, pop, rock, punk, jazz, and blues. Cover songs included songs from Bob Marley, Sublime, Stevie Wonder, The Clash, Dr. Dre, Zootons, and more. To help with the cross-genre performances, both shows featured a surprise opener from down the highway in Olympia, WA with Ethan Tucker. The Pier spotted him out in the crowd pre-show on Friday night and took a few minutes to discuss his last-minute visit to Tacoma, WA over a quick drink.

“They just called me up about three hours ago and asked if I could make the trip up real quick to open the shows. So I grabbed up my stuff real quick and made the drive but forgot my picks.”

– Ethan Tucker

Luckily, The Pier had plenty of guitar picks to share! Ethan grabbed a few and took the stage shortly later. As a solo singer-songwriter, Ethan performed without a written set-list. Both nights, though, had songs from his latest album Misunderstood including the title track and “Cool Kids.” Fans showed plenty of excitement when he started playing the very recognizable chords to “Bad Fish” by Sublime.

After Ethan Tucker warmed up the crowd, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds took the stage to get the crowd rockin’. The six-piece band put on an energetic set both nights, much to the pleasure of the fans in attendance. With this being the first tour that Bad Seeds has played since taking a break to explore their previous side-project LIFE, fans may have been a little hesitant on what to expect along with their excitement to finally see the band again. But just as they told The Pier in their exclusive interview (read the full interview HERE!), the boys from Hermosa Beach have come back strong like they never left.

“We’re pumped, we’re excited, we’re re-inspired and we’re coming for it!”
– Sean “Chaps” Chapman, guitar and vocals

Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds set-list for this show looks like a fan playlist that did not disappoint. Most all fan favorites were played including “Love Street” to start things off, “Reflect,” “Only For You,” “Nice and Slow,” “Vices,” and “Warrior Poet” to close the sets. The fellas threw in some of our favorite covers as well like Valerie by the ZootonsRock The Casbah by The Clash, and Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder. And fans were treated to Bad Seeds’ two new singles “Throwback” and “War Letter.”

After two great opening sets, the crowd was ready for a quick break to cool off before Common Kings took the stage to turn up the heat even more. The Kings have played in the Seattle, Tacoma, WA area multiple times in the past with the last show selling out the Showbox SODO. This time, the setting was the smaller Tacoma venue, Jazzbones, providing fans with a much more intimate performance, albeit much hotter. Common Kings brought their fun energy and attitude to the Pacific North West to give fans an unforgettable show for two nights in a row.

The set list for both nights spanned the bands various singles and LPs including “Wade In Your Water”, “The Light,” “IDGAF,” and “24/7.” As the title implies, this tour is in support and promotion of the Kings “Hits And Mrs. EP,” and thus had most of their new songs including “Alcoholic,” “Since I Woke Up,” “Before You Go,” and “Ain’t No Stopping”. More singles and fan favorites “Sickness” and “No Other Love” closed out the set, the night, and the tour. But the real treat of the night was the cover of Bob Marley’s “3 Little Birds” when Common Kings invited all their brothers on stage for a brodeo mashup performance featuring all the guys from all three bands.

The smaller setting of Jazzbones offers the accommodations of a larger venue while allowing a closer experience with the artists. An ample dance floor, reserved tables, balcony seating, and a VIP section give fans plenty of viewing choices. The laid back crew and security got to the venue to open the doors early (2 hours before showtime) and worked hard to get the crowd in the door quickly so there was little or no line despite selling out both nights. Both nights sold out weeks in advance and added security was posted at the various doors and exits to prevent the multiple sneak-in attempts by some unfortunate fans without tickets. But those that planned ahead and were in attendance experienced happy and friendly employees and security guards, as The Pier overheard during bag check.

“I need to check your bag for weapons, alcohol, and drugs…Oh wait, this is Washington! Drugs are OK now. I just need to check for weapons and alcohol.”
– Jazzbones Security

The bands will now part ways with the completion of the Hits and Mrs Tour as Common Kings returns home for a break while Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds make a few show stops down the coast before returning home.

IMG_0528Common Kings Set-List:
The Light
Fall in Love

DJ HYPE section:
Everyday People

Sexy Beat:
Your Turn

Ain’t No Stoppin
Drum Solo/Bass Solo to Next Episode
Three Little Birds
Since I Woke Up
Before You Go
Wade In Your Water

No Other Love

IMG_9603Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds Set-List:
Love Street
Throwback / Bad Seed
Love Bits…Stay!
War Letter
Only For You
Nice and Slow
Slow Down
Rock The Casbah / Master Blaster
Warrior Poet (w/ Dubstep)

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Article, Photos, and Video By: Eric Schoep

Watch: Common Kings – “Alcoholic”

Watch: Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds – “Love Street”

Watch: Ethan Tucker – “Bad Fish” (Sublime Cover)

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Common Kings:


































Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds:
































Ethan Tucker:



























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Buffett attends baseball game in Cuba

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Jimmy Buffett attended today’s game between The Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team and appeared on SportsCenter. It was the first game involving an MLB team in Cuba since 1999. Also attending the game were President Obama, his family, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Cuban President Raul Castro. The Rays defeated the Cuban team 4-1.



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Review: Mighty Mystic – The Art of Balance

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Mighty Mystic – The Art of Balance
Mighty MysticTrack Listing:
1.) How I Rock
2.) Rebels
3.) Something Bout Mary
4.) Red Light Girl
5.) How Many Miles
6.) Fast Car
7.) Woman
8.) Easy
9.) Solid as the Rock
10.) Boys In Blue
11.) Only Birds
12.) High Grade
13.) Is Not Gold
14.) Only the Strong

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: March 11th, 2016
Record Label: Roots Musician Records
Official Website: Mighty Mystic Website

Artist Background:
Mighty Mystic is a Boston-based reggae artist known for his signature “Hard Roots” style. Born Kevin Holness in Jamaica’s St. Elizabeth parish, Mighty Mystic moved to Boston at a young age and soon began developing his vocal talent. The Art Of Balance follows on the heels of Mystic’s first two albums Wake Up The World (2010) and Concrete World (2014), which featured hits like “Cali Green”, “Concrete World”, and “Riding On The Clouds”. Mighty Mystic is backed by John Felice (guitar), Tyler Last (Bass), Salvador Pineda (drums), and Jens Swetting (keys).

Album Review:
Mighty Mystic has taken his third album, The Art Of Balance, in a relatively new direction from his two previous releases. Mystic sprinkles in his vintage hard roots verses and his signature “Yaow!” war cry throughout, but overall The Art Of Balance highlights his softer side, running mostly at a slow n’ steady tempo. The album, which was produced by Mighty Mystic and his brother Stephen Thunder, is primarily a pure and stripped-down sound from Mighty Mystic and his backing band.

Consistent with the previous two albums is Mighty Mystic’s crisp voice and ranging vocal techniques. However, Mighty Mystic definitely seemed to reach for a more mature sound, suppressing some of the grit exhibited on earlier tracks like “Riding On The Clouds” and “Firetown”, and opting for a more heartfelt tone.

The first two tracks from The Art Of Balance, “How I Rock” and “Rebel”, are actually prime examples of the Mighty Mystic we’ve seen so far. Energetic and lighthearted, yet forceful. “Something Bout Mary” is a fun and fairly catchy song that begins the transition into the heart of the album. “Red Light Girl” and “How Many Miles” prove that Mystic can indeed pull off the sensible slow jam. In the latter, you can really feel Mighty Mystic’s soul protruding from his voice, as guitarist John Felice skillfully fiddles up and down the fret-board, molding each note around the vocals.

“Easy” is a simple track, but it features what are likely Mystic’s best vocals on the entire album. However, by the end of the song the generic reggae guitar chucks become a bit repetitive, stealing focus from the vocals and other instruments. Mighty Mystic unplugs completely for “Solid as the Rock”, and definitely hits the mark. It will be interesting to see if he incorporates more acoustic guitar in his future work.

The last third of The Art Of Balance begins with “Boys In Blue”, Mystic’s stand against one of today’s most pressing issues, police brutality. The second verse pays tribute to a handful of the recent victims to police brutality, beginning, “Laquan McDonald, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Walter Scott, and so many more…” A minute later, the song fades out with Eric Garner’s last words, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

Finally, we come to the best track on the album, “High Grade”. This is one of those tunes that puts you in a hazy hypnotic dub induced trance. The keys, bass, and guitar all smoothly combine with Mystic’s vocals for what amounts to The Art Of Balance’s answer to Concrete World’s hit “Cali Green”.

The Art Of Balance is definitely a solid effort from Mighty Mystic and his crew. It was a seemingly conscious attempt to experiment with new sounds and slower tempos. Mystic’s new approach hits the mark definitively on songs like “How Many Miles” and “Easy”, but falls short on others like “Only Birds” and “Is Not Gold.” These two tracks, and a few others never really gained traction with my ears; Perhaps a 15 song album was a stretch. I wish Mighty Mystic and his band had toyed around even more with the cloudy dub sounds delivered on “High Grade” and “Only The Strong.” Also, a few more “Yaows!” from Mighty Mystic wouldn’t hurt. All in all The Art Of Balance is certainly worth a good listen, and going forward it is clear that Mighty Mystic plans to keep us completely off balance, hitting us with either a pair of hard roots verses or one of his passionate slow burners.

Written Reviewed By: Brian Winters

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, NOT the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

Watch: Mighty Mystic – “How I Rock”

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Sacramento show at Golden 1 Center in October

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band will be one of the first few shows to perform at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, CA when the venue opens in October 2016. Buffett’s “I Don’t Know” tour is coming to the venue on October 20th, 2016. Ticket on sale details to be announced.


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