Spring is in the air in Destin

Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2016 at 8:55 pm

Yes, Spring is in the air in Destin and so is the pollen. It does not take long after washing your car for it to turn yellow…like about 10 minutes.

With the coming of Spring we are now in the middle of Spring Break. We can tell the traffic is getting heavier and the restaurants are more crowded. On Saturday Sunshine Cindy and I took Chaos to World of Beer in the Destin Commons. We could hardly find a place to park and WOB was crowded too with families. It was fun there as Becca took care of us. We had not seen her in a while. We had a couple of good craft beers and Chaos had some ice cold water.

One of the issues with Spring Break is overcrowding of houses. In the Log today was a story of students from Georgia. They talked about how 30 of them were in one house. They rented the house with the help of one of the students Moms who is a real estate agent. She needs to have her license pulled. Nothing good can come from 30 students in one house.

Another sign of Spring Break is all restaurants are now open. The Destin Diner has opened back up and The Boathouse is now open 7 days a week. That is a sure sign of Spring!

An unfortunate aspect of Spring Break and the Summer season is some of the local establishments use this to drive away the locals. As an example Rockin Taco on the island have discontinued their happy hour. I have no problem with businesses trying to make as much money as possible but don’t ask the locals to keep you going in the winter but turn your back on us when it’s busy. I am sure others are doing this too but they were the one I heard about.

This weekend after we left WOB, Sunshine Cindy, Chaos and I went down to the harbor. We parked by Dewey Destin’s and walked down towards Harborwalk Village. Chaos was again enjoying all the attention. We saw the work they are doing at AJ’s to replace the upper tiki deck and bar. They are making great progress getting the new roof framing up. Every day they are closed they are losing money so they are in overdrive to complete it.

We finally stopped at the outside bar at Tailfins. This is in the spot of the old Tipsy Turtle. We sat there and had a couple beers, chatted with the bartender, a few tourist that stopped there and some locals that were also at the bar. It was a perfect day with no clouds and temps in the low 70’s. From there we walked down to Duck Duck. In the hour or so we were there three different people came in to retrieve credit cards they had left from the night before. It must have been a good party! We enjoyed our time there but decided it was time to head home.

Sunday I went out to rinse off Badass. Chaos wanted to go out with me. She always wants to get in the car so with the top down I put her in the front seat while I rinsed off the car. She loved sitting there watching me. Lol  Later we took her to the dog park for a while so she could run and play with other dogs.

Last week there was a big police K9 competition held in town. The officers and their K9 dogs were staying at the Ramada but each morning I would see a bunch of cop cars at The Donut Hole for breakfast. I guess that is appropriate. On Thursday when I was heading home from work as I passed the Convention Center on the island the entire parking lot was packed with cop cars. Many of them had their lights flashing. If someone didn’t know what was going on they would have thought we were under attack or something. It was an impressive sight I must say.

Also last week was a big Trop Rock event in Tampa called, “Music on the Bay.” We had many friends there enjoying three days of Trop Rock music. Friday afternoon while I was at work I was listening to Songwriters Island Radio. I didn’t know they were going to do it but they broadcast the entire Southern Drawl Band show live. So even though I was not in Tampa I was still able to enjoy the music of SDB!

Last but not least…Sealand Restaurant in downtown Fort Walton Beach is undergoing a complete remodel. They have been working on it for weeks. It should be nice when they are done. 

A lot is going on this week. Drop Dead Dangerous is playing at various venues around town. The ECPHC has a meeting Friday night at Landshark Pizza. We spring ahead on Sunday as we move the clocks up. And there will be several early St. Patty’s Day pub crawls around town. We hope to see you out and about. A full report next Monday!!!

Destin Steve

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