Destin in the Spring Time

Posted on Monday, April 4th, 2016 at 7:40 pm
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I see some parts of the country is still getting snow but our weather in Destin has been terrific. That is as long as you ignore the monsoonal rains we got Friday afternoon and night. The weather was so nasty Friday night Sunshine Cindy and I didn’t even go out. But it was back to beautiful on Saturday.

We went down to the harbor on Saturday to meet up with our friends Alan and Jackie. They were heading back to Illinois on Sunday so we want to see them before they left. Their daughter and son-in-law were with them. We have met Kistin and Jeff before and it was great to see them again. We met up at Hooks for a beer and to enjoy the warm sun. They had a band setting up. The drummer for the band was about 10 years old but he was really good. That was different.

From Hooks we walked down to Crab Island Cantina where Julie joined us. We sat out by the water. We had a front row seat as the folks at Boogies Water Sports were renting jet-skis left and right. This was some good entertainment. At one point three ladies went out on a jet ski. Two of the ladies were really big. They didn’t get more than 20 feet away from the dock when they tipped over. A Boogies guy went to help them as they were in the channel into the harbor. He got them righted and they tipped right over again. A second Boogies guy came to help and they got the three ladies in. Their day was over but at least they didn’t drown or get run over by a boat.

Later another jet ski tipped over. The same Boogies guy just shook his head and went into the water to help them. That poor guy didn’t make enough to have to do all that. We enjoyed watching the show though. We also had Carlos come over talk to us. They have a new GM starting to work there in a few weeks. He comes to the Cantina from Senior Frogs. It will be interesting to see what changes he recommends.

Sunshine Cindy and I walked down to The Boathouse before we left. Gunner was playing and the place was packed. Jonelle and James were there celebrating James’ birthday. We hung around for a short while talking to them then we headed home for the night.

Sunday the weather was even better than Saturday. Sunshine Cindy and I took Chaos to the dog park so she could run. There was a little girl about 5 years old who asked us if she could pet our dog. We said you could if you can catch her. This little girl spent the next 10 minutes chasing Chaos all around trying to pet her. Chaos thought it was a game and she would run away every time the girl got close. I have to give the girl credit, she kept trying and finally Chaos gave in and let her get close and pet her.

After the dog park we took Chaos home and Sunshine Cindy and I went to Tailfins for Sunday Brunch. Lacey took good care of us as we enjoyed some good food and cold drinks. The harbor was kind of quiet but we had a good time people watching the folks walking along the boardwalk.

When we left we headed back towards the house but Sunshine Cindy suggested we stop in at The Other End. This is a craft beer place right on the water across from Hogs Breath. It was pretty full but we found a table. We ended up sharing the table with a family from Atlanta who were in town on vacation. It’s always fun talking to tourist. While there Rob Romans came in. He had a couple of the guys from the band Sway Ja Vue with him. They had done a late night show at KC’s Sandbar and Rob was showing them around.

After a few drinks at The Other End, we hit the road again and decided to stop in at Lucky’s Rotten Apple. We figured it would not be too crowded in the afternoon and we were right. Tracy was working the bar. Ed was at his usual spot at the bar. Jason came in. He was off from Landshark’s and he didn’t have his baby to take care of so he was out enjoying a free Sunday. After chatting with everyone we headed home…or so we thought. We decided on one more stop. We went to Mama Sherry’s as we have not been in there in a long time. We sat at the bar and had some cheese sticks. Mama Sherry’s has been struggling but they had a good dinner crowd come in. Hopefully they will make it.

I heard from some folks that the island was packed this weekend. There was a kite flying competition at the Boardwalk on Saturday and Sunday. That and nice weather had the Boardwalk packed. Across the street at the Civic Center there was a cheerleader competition going on. That also packed out that area. I heard all the roads that lead to the Brooks Bridge were packed and it took a long time to just get to the island.

Also on the island Alan told me he talked to a guy who is going to build a new restaurant on the vacant lot next to The Elks Lodge. He is going to call it Dock of the Bay. There used to be a place there by the same name so someone knows the history of the place. It is going to be a 18 month build out as they will remove all the pilings and build a big dock as part of the restaurant. Hilton was going to build on that lot but I guess that has fallen through.

Alan also heard they plan to build a boardwalk along the bay from Fudpuckers to the Civic Center. There is going to be a pirate boat and a sightseeing boat docked there to go along with the Catywampus catamaran that our friend Tony captains from there. It sounds like the island is trying to keep people there and not go to Destin. It’s like what Baytowne did for Sandestin.

The old Staff’s restaurant and bar in downtown Fort Walton Beach has new owners. Two guys are working on getting the bar open where they will have jazz music. They will then go to work on renovating the restaurant. That is supposed to take over a year as there is a lot of work to do with this old building.

The trailer for the possible new TV show, “Bar Stools and Beach Chairs” is available for viewing. This show is the brainchild of Fred McFarlin from Atlanta. He came down to Destin about a year ago to film the pilot of the show. Sunshine Cindy and I were a big part of the filming. Fred has been pitching the show to networks as he tries to get someone to pick it up. Check it out and if you know anyone who can help get this show picked up, let me know and I will get you in touch with Fred.

This week we have a Parrot Head meeting at Landshark Pizza in Destin Friday starting at 5:30 pm. Jan and Kenny will be providing music. Come out and “Party with a Purpose” with the Parrot Heads. The weather is going to be good this week for everyone to “Embrace the Chaos!” I will have a full report next Monday for ya’ll…

Destin Steve

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