Destin is properly blessed

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2016 at 7:29 pm
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This was a week of everything and everybody being blessed in Destin culminating in the “Blessing of the Fleet” on Thursday. This is a yearly tradition in Destin where various members of the local clergy gather on the docks and bless the boats and crews for a safe and successful season. This year over 150 boats were properly blessed. It was followed up by a big fish fry sponsored by Brutula’s. When I came home from work and got on the Destin bridge, looking into the harbor all I could see were boats everywhere. It looked like rush hour on 285 in Atlanta!

Thursday night Sunshine Cindy and I checked out a new place. In the Destin Commons Smashburger opened a few months ago. We got a carry out order. It was good food. Sunshine Cindy had a burger and I had a chicken sandwich. You can get them a multitude of ways. We will definitely go back sometime as it is not fast food like McDonalds. 

Friday was my off day. I took Chaos to the vet then we stopped at the dog park. We were the only ones at the big dog side. Chaos ran and ran. She got a good workout in. After we got home I ran some errands then decided to head to the harbor for a while. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to be out enjoying it. I stopped at Crab Island Cantina. I wanted to see if they survived Cinco de Mayo on Thursday. Josh was working the bar and he told me he didn’t leave till almost 4 am and he was back bright and early on Friday. Even for mid-afternoon, the Cantina had a good crowd.

I then walked the harbor. At the Boathouse Kerby was there having some food. We talked for a while as I have not seen Kerby in several weeks. The old “Coaches” bar is being remodeled. He heard some type of Brazilian place is going to open there. It seems kind of odd as this is a full open air place but we shall see what happens. After leaving the harbor I made one stop at Rotten Apple. It was pretty much dead in there so I headed home.

Saturday was a big day. We (Crab Island Mambo) helped put together and sponsor the “Tequila Talking” tour featuring Brittany Kingery, Rob Hill and Melanie Howe. They are traveling the country doing house concerts and such. Our friends Bobby and Darla graciously agreed to host the party. Saturday morning Sunshine Cindy and I stopped at Island Wings. We wanted a Bloody Mary and some lunch. Well, we had the drinks but we ran out of time for food as I was heading to Bobby’s to help him prepare for the party. We completed the preparations and I headed home.

Sunshine Cindy and I finally got a chance to eat. We stopped at Callahan’s for some lunch before we headed to the party. Lunch was good and the party was a blast. The music was great, we had many friends show up and everyone enjoyed themselves. We always worry about the weather when we have an outdoor event but it was a perfect night. Not too hot or cold. Sunshine Cindy and I got home about 9 and we sat on the back porch for a few hours loving life!

Sunday was spent at her parent’s house for Mother’s Day. We had a nice visit. Chaos came with us. She loves their big back yard and walking out on their dock. It was a nice way to wind down the weekend.

It was a good weekend for my sports teams. My hockey team the Lightning and my basketball team the Cavs both won their second round playoff series and are moving on. I know they will break my heart at some point but I am enjoying it while I can. There was also a horse in the Kentucky Derby named “Destin.” And yes, it was named after our home town. He didn’t win but that was cool someone named a horse after our town.

Commons Drive in Destin is getting overbuilt. We live in a sub-division off Commons. In the Summer there are times we can’t get out of our neighborhood. Now they are cutting down more trees for another strip shopping center. They are putting in a Sleep Number bed shop and a restaurant. Plus the Destin Log is reporting the land that was going to be a Dolly Parton development that fell through is back under contract. It was split up into two parcels with one possibly being some type of residential development and the other a strip mall. Oh boy! There are still plenty of open storefronts in the Fresh Market center but some one feels the need to build more. Where will it end?

Also according to the Log, the old Malibu Jacks is being remodeled into a Burrito del Sol restaurant. A couple guys started out with a trailer on the harbor then moved into a building in downtown Fort Walton Beach across from KC’s. This is going to be a second location. I can’t wait as they do a great job there.

This week we have a beach cleanup on Saturday on Okaloosa Island. It’s one of four we do each year. It’s our way of making sure our slice of paradise stays this way! Have a great week. See ya next Monday!

Destin Steve

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