The “Locals Last Stand” Week in Destin

Posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2016 at 7:34 pm
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Last week and this has been dubbed “The Locals Last Stand” week in Destin by musician BT Turner. I think that is a fitting way to describe the chaos we will soon be living with in Destin over the next 12 weeks or so.

Sunshine Cindy and I did our part in the last stand as we had a special day on Tuesday. It was our second wedding anniversary. How did we celebrate? By going to The Boathouse of course! BT plays on Tuesday nights at The Boathouse and we love listening to him and when Julie said she was going we decided we would head over for a while. With us having to work on Wednesday we didn’t plan to stay too long. Well, like all great plans that didn’t happen. It was almost 10 pm when we headed home but we did have fun. Suzanne and Carolyn were there. We had some tourist sitting with us and some others we knew by sight even if not by name.

BT did his usual fun show. There was not a big crowd at first. It looked like it was going to be a slow night then about 8:30 the place filled up. And it was still full when we left. You never know when a crowd is going to show up in Destin! Chrissy and Natalie took good care of everyone. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary.

We didn’t have enough of BT so on Thursday we went to Landshark Pizza to listen to him. Julie and Wayne joined us for a fun evening. I had actually stopped in at Landshark a little earlier in the day. I had a few beers while talking to Brian. Then Pops and Randy came in. It was the first time I had a chance to really talk with Randy. He is a good guy who loves his sports too. Then I went back home and got Sunshine Cindy. A good crowd was there too listen to BT. He is making a name for himself in town. We ended up on the back patio with Brian, Dan from Harry T’s and a few of the servers.

Friday was a rainy day in Destin. In the afternoon Sunshine Cindy and Tiffany went shopping. I was ready to get out and run a few errands so I headed out. I ended up at Island Wings. This place is on the north side of Hwy 98 so it is easier to get to when the tourist crowds jam the roads. The place is comfortable but loud. There is nothing to soften the noise. It was not bad Friday as the place was not too busy but during football games it can get loud. I know, I sound like an old man! I had my first taste of a Destin Brewing Company beer. It’s good. They are a local micro-brewery that has recently opened up. It went well with some chili I had.

Sunshine Cindy called while I was there. They were done shopping. We agreed to meet at O’Quigley’s for dinner. While she was talking to me on the phone some tourist from Alabama were waiting for her to back up thinking she was leaving right away. Someone got out and asked if she was moving. She told them no as she was on the phone. After we finished our conversation she then pulled out and passed the fat tourist who had to walk an additional 20 feet who proceeded to cuss her out. Needless to say Sunshine Cindy didn’t hold back. The nerve of some people.

We had a good dinner at O’Quigley’s. We always have good food and cold drinks there. This was another good “Locals Last Stand” place for us to stop at this past weekend. LOL

Saturday the skies cleared. Julie was having a small pool party that we went to. It turned out to be a perfect day. The water was a little chilly with the temp about 80. That’s warm for the north but cold for us in Florida. Wayne was there and he came back to our place after the party broke up. We ended up on our patio having an enjoyable evening.

And on Sunday we let the “Locals Last Stand” tour take a rest. We spent the day at the house doing things around the house. It was a good end to the week.

Some news from around Destin…The old Chili’s near the Commons that closed about a year ago will now be taken over by local restaurant Graffiti The Funky Blues Shack. The plan is for them to be moved in by the end of this year, and offer lunch, dinner and late night atmosphere. As a side note Funky Blues Shack will be moving its location from Baytowne Wharf into this new location.

This past week the Gulfarium released a sea turtle that had been rehabilitated back into the Gulf of Mexico. Hundreds of people came to witness the release that took place at Henderson Beach State Park. It’s great to see people celebrate the release back into the wild a majestic creature. We tend to celebrate a lot of things in Destin and this is one of the cooler ones.

It looks there will be another hotel or condo project in Destin. This one will be between the Days Inn and Chick-Fil-A. They are looking to break ground in late fall or early 2017. Just something else to bring more traffic to town.

Over at AJ’s they are adding an observation deck above the first floor. It will be a standing room only space where views of the Fishing Rodeo and sunset will be visible. They are also adding a unique roof/side panels to Club Bimini which will help regulate the temps and keep rain off of folks.

The addition that Burrito del Sol is adding to the old Malibu Jack’s location is going to be large. The frame is up and it will add a lot of space when it’s done.

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend. We will be celebrating on Saturday at our friends Bobby and Darla’s house. They host a fun time each year to honor our service men and women. Plus Friday night the Parrot Heads will be at Rotten Apple for a Country Music night. Everyone be safe and have a fun weekend. See ya next Monday!

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