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Escape to Margaritaville Musical to premiere May 2017

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From the Hollywood Reporter: “Jimmy Buffett Musical Sets San Diego Premiere

‘Escape to Margaritaville’ will feature both original songs and the singer’s classic tracks.

It turns out Margaritaville is pretty close to Los Angeles.

The new Jimmy Buffett musical will have its world premiere at the La Jolla Playhouse in the San Diego area, producers Frank Marshall, Mindy Rich, Anita Waxman and Beth Williams announced Monday.

The limited engagement will begin previews on May 16, 2017, ahead of its opening night on May 28, and will play through June 25.

Officially titled Escape to Margaritaville, the musical will feature both original songs and Jimmy Buffett classics. It tells the story of a tropical island resort and its charming bartender-singer who falls for a beautiful, career-minded tourist.

The show will include an original story by co-book writers Greg Garcia (creator of My Name Is Earl, Raising Hope and Yes, Dear) and Mike O’Malley (Yes, Dear and Glee), with Tony Award nominee Christopher Ashley (Memphis, Xanadu) on board to direct. The creative team also will include choreographer Kelly Devine, scenic designer Walt Spangler, costume designer Paul Tazewell, lighting designer Howell Binkley and sound designer Brian Ronan.


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I know it’s Summer in Destin and it is going to be hot but the last few days we kicked it up a few notches. We had temps in the low 90’s with high humidity making it feel like the mid to upper 100’s. I love it hot but you have to be careful you don’t get heat stroke in this weather. The last week we didn’t have any clouds either but now we are getting into a more normal pattern of 30-40% chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Yep, it’s Summertime!

Activity wise this was a pretty slow week for us. I did take Friday off and after running some errands I headed to the harbor for a while. First stop was Landshark Pizza for a brew. Jason was behind the bar. He is going to bartend now as well as serve. I left there and walked down to The Crust Pizzeria. I wanted their baked ziti with sausage for lunch. It is so good and it did not disappoint this time either.

After lunch I walked the harbor ending up at The Boathouse. David, Dougie and a few others were there. I soaked up some sun while enjoying a laid back afternoon. I made one more stop after I left The Boathouse and that was at The Red Door Saloon. There was a great breeze blowing through The Red Door. They had music from a juke box playing. First was a rap song with MF this and MF that. Then came a Meryl Haggard song followed by Harper Valley PTA and then back to a rap song with more MF’s. Interesting song selections to say the least! 

When I got home I talked to Sunshine Cindy and told her I would have the cooler filled and for her to join me at the pool when she got off from work. I got to the pool about 4:30, Sunshine Cindy got there about 5:30 and we stayed till almost 9:30. It was nice and relaxing even if the pool water was warmer than bath water. We had our Trop Rock tunes playing and enjoyed a beautiful Destin evening.

Saturday morning we were lazy so I said I would go and get us some breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds. That was a mistake. The McDonalds in Destin had cars stopped all the way around the building. People were parking in the lot adjacent to McDonalds and walking in. It was a zoo. I decided to head down to Whataburger to see if I could get in there. I passed the Donut Hole. They must have had 100 people lined up outside waiting to get in. The Breakfast Place parking lot was also packed. I guess everyone wanted some breakfast!

At Whataburger I found a parking spot and went in. No one was in line at the register. Wow, I thought I would be out quickly. But there were about 7 or 8 people waiting for food. About 15 minutes later I had our couple sandwiches and I headed back home. Note to self: Don’t get out on Saturday mornings for food till September.

In the afternoon Sunshine Cindy, Tiffany, Chaos and I headed to the Destin Brewery. They were doing a beer tasting and they had the Big Red Truck selling food. It was like a tailgate party. They had some tables set up under trees on some grass that helped keep the heat down on a brutally hot afternoon. We tried three different styles of beer and they were all really good. The food from the BRT was also good. We sat with a couple from Niceville and enjoyed their company. Jeff and his wife loved Chaos and we all sat for a couple hours shooting the breeze. It was a nice time and we will be back. Get you some Destin Brewery beer as many of the local watering holes are now carrying it.

The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing at home. I watched some sports and we called it a night fairly early. Sunday Sunshine Cindy stayed in and worked around the house. She cleaned out her closet which was a major project. LOL  I did some computer work then cleaned up Badass. In the afternoon I wanted to get out but Sunshine Cindy wanted to keep working around the house. So I got a kitchen pass and I headed off the Landshark for a little while to get out of her way. Paige was working the bar. It was not too busy. Pops came in then Brian stopped in for a few minutes. It was nice catching up with everyone.

When I got home Sunshine Cindy and I sat on the porch. It looked like we might get a big storm as it got dark and the wind started to blow but the dome held and Destin stayed dry.

This weekend the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic fishing tournament was held in Sandestin. There were two Blue Marlin weighed in that were over 800 pounds and one about 650 pounds. Those are some trophy fish being caught in the Gulf of Mexico. Wow!

With the Fourth of July weekend coming up, the busiest week of the year in Destin will here. All rooms will be gone and you need to plan your trips carefully to try and avoid the worse of the traffic. And for the love of God don’t try to go to McDonald’s or any of the breakfast places on Saturday morning! 

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend everyone. See ya next Monday as we celebrate!!!

Destin Steve

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Jakob Nowell Discusses Sublime with Rome

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Jakob Nowell, son of Sublime‘s late front-man Brad Nowell, has been making the media rounds lately by stopping by a few southern CA radio stations. He stopped by the World Famous KROQ for an interview discussing his band LAW, their musical influences, Sublime and his thoughts on Sublime with Rome

At 21-years-old, Jakob Nowell has a new band of his own that he is talking up all around southern, CA with his group LAW. The group consists of Jakob Nowell on guitar/vocals, Logun Spellacy on bass, Nick Aguilar on drums and Aidan Palacios on lead guitar.
His group has some upcoming shows they’ll be performing with their summer plans filling up with live gigs. As we continue to get to know Jakob, one of the questions die-hard Sublime fans want to know is what he thinks of Rome Ramirez as the front-man of Sublime with Rome.

Discussing Sublime with Rome:

Since 2009, die-hard Sublime fans have been in an uproar over the continued use of the name Sublime in absence of it’s founder, guitarist/vocalist Brad Nowell. The name ‘Sublime’ made headlines when it was announced that surviving members, bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh would be headlining the 2009 Smoke-out Festival under the name with new singer, 20-year-old Rome Ramirez. The show took place, much to the dismay of the Nowell estate, and a little while after the event there was a settlement reached in court on the legal use of the name Sublime and the group was permitted to continue on with Rome Ramirez, but under the name Sublime with Rome. The Nowell estate would continue to receive an equal share of profits as if Brad Nowell was an active member in exchange for allowing the continued use of the name. In 2011, Bud Gaugh would leave the group shortly after the drop of their debut record, Yours Truly. Bud was replaced by renowned drummer, Josh Freese and under the new line-up, the group released their second album, Sirens, in 2015.

Here’s what Jakob Nowell had to say when asked by the World Famous KROQ his position on Sublime with Rome:

“I have no involvement with them. That was what Eric and Bud decided to do—and now Eric and Josh Freese and Rome — that’s their outfit. It’s obviously not the same Sublime and I don’t think that was the intent. They are all good musicians. They all just want to play and that’s their platform to play. I don’t think it’s wholly disrespectful but I choose to have no involvement in that project whatsoever. I remember this one time in high school; I must have been 14 or 15, and I’m at a friend’s house talking and another friend puts on this Sublime song and I think he’s being funny playing one of my dad’s songs and I look over and I see that it isn’t’ my dad singing the song, it’s Rome. It was just such a strange moment of disconnect. It was very emotional. I started to tear up and got real angry at him. That wasn’t fun to have to go through. The realization hit me that a whole generation won’t really know the difference.

Popular bands get new members all the time but my father was such an integral part of Sublime, that me and true fans and people who know that story separate Sublime With Rome from Sublime and I believe that Sublime With Rome separates themselves from Sublime enough to be respectful. I really can’t fault new fans for not knowing the difference. They’re great musicians and I believe they deserve to be doing something in some project and if it’s Sublime With Rome, then it’s Sublime With Rome, but I choose personally to have no involvement.”

My Take:
It’s certainly an interesting perspective and one that we haven’t had a chance to hear until this interview. Sublime with Rome went from concept to creation 7 years ago which means Jakob was about 14-years-old when Sublime with Rome started playing. It’s absolutely fair and true to assume there will be a generation of surfaced fans who won’t know the difference between Sublime with Rome and original Sublime — I hear radio DJ’s all the time promoting the upcoming SUBLIME show, while conveniently leaving out With Rome in the promotion. On the other hand, because Sublime with Rome has toured the nation the last 7 years, it has translated into an increased demand for the brand, from music to merchandise. If you’re a casual fan of music that comes across a SwR song, then I doubt you’d care about the backstory to the name. But if you discover SwR having never heard of OG Sublime and you happen to love what you hear, then chances are you’re going to do the research and that’s a rabbit hole most fans never recover from. I jumped down the Sublime rabbit-hole 20 years ago and I forgot what life was like on the other side of that hole. But these days, you can’t fault parents for taking their kids to see Sublime with Rome as its usually a connection they’re wanting to share through music by experiencing it live.

Now that Jakob is of age, maybe we can see a more authentic representation of the Sublime sound with Jakob replacing his fathers presence. When asked about playing a full set of Sublime songs, Jakob shared: “Full disclosure, I’m very good friends with Eric Wilson’s son, Billy, so we’ll see if something will happen in regards to that.”

Discussing LAW:

As for his own band, Jakob is looking to honor the sacrifices made before him in music by his father. When asked what makes his own band stand out in contrast to Sublime, Jakob acknowledged that: “Our music isn’t to promote any kind of weed smoking or partying — there’s no lyrics of surfing or skating. Although that’s all cool, we feel that that wasn’t the goal of what Sublime was doing. Although that may have been a big part of where they came from and their lifestyle, it’s not where we come from. They come from reggae, but we take from certain darker aspects of reggae if anything.”

Jakob continues, breaking down LAW’s sonic approach, explaining: “Ultimately, our style will be this analog; an old school-straight-forward attack that we’re hoping can get people excited that rock can exist… and it can exist in this new re-realized form by this new wave of youthful people who are pissed off and angry about the right things.”

In addition to his stopping by the World Famous KROQ, Jakob was also interviewed by San Diego’s 91x Radio Station where he performed a couple of acoustic songs, including a cover of his Dad’s “Boss DJ” and an original of his own track titled “Labor”.

Catch LAW on touch this summer by viewing their upcoming dates below where they will share the stage with acts such as Fishbone, Hed PE, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Perro Bravo and more. Links can be found for his band, LAW, below.

law Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photos By: David Norris

Watch: LAW – “Know You” [LIVE]

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Trop Rock Music: A View From My Angle…. It’s A Bit Different

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Music and events that happen in Key West as observed by Chris Rehm. “What Happens in Key West Stays in Key West” Wrong! Everyone wants to know what’s happening in Key West!

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Review: Alborosie – Freedom & Fyah

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Alborosie – Freedom Fyah
Alborosie-Inside-300x300Track Listing:
1.) The Prophecy
2.) Can’t Cool
3.) Fly 420
4.) Cry
5.) Strolling
6.) Rocky Road
7.) Poser
8.) Judgement
9.) Life to Me
10.) Rich
11.) Carry On
12.) Everything
13.) Zion Youth

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: May 20th, 2016
Record Label: VP Records
Official Website: Alborosie Website

Artist Background:
Alborosie (Alberto D’ Ascola) is a Sicilian-born musician who started his career in the band the Tickets. After the band played Jamaica, Alborosie became inspired by the Rasta/reggae culture and changed his life around. He moved to Jamaica and became a musical engineer. The multi-instrumentalist now runs his own Shengen Studio in the foothills of Kingston. He has since released one hit record after another, including Soul Pirate, Escape To Babylon (2009), 2 Times Revolution (2011), Sound The System and Dub The System (2013), and Alborosie Meets King Jammy – Dub Of Thrones (2015).

Album Review:
For Freedom Fyah Alborosie branches out from his rather roots-oriented compositions, integrating loads of dubstep, dub, and synth-ier drum patterns reminiscent of mid-career Black Uhuru. At first, I was nervous for another once-roots musician to fall into the contemporary dancehall/club reggae mix puddle. Then I really listened in, and although Albororsie took some dancehall leaps, he’s still very into roots grooves.

Production-wise, Freedom Fyah is as steady (if not steadier) than his previous releases: vocals high and clear in the mix (not easy to accomplish for a rapping Rasta), paunchy bass, clear drums, and the rest of the band integrated as needed. Granted, with Alborosie’s producer background, he’s got excellent sense of mixing.

A key track is a team-up with Protoje. “Strolling” is the swashbuckling tale of Rastas taking to the streets, with the two of them word-slinging with their complementary-but-unique swaggers, evoking the montage scene from Rockers! when the characters congregate to the sounds of Peter Tosh’s “Stepping Razor.”

Freedom Fyah offers many more similar song set-ups, which include rowdy choruses sometimes sung by guest stars, usually including some tasty, catchy hook; then Alborosie lays in with rapid-fire rhymes and sometimes tender melodies. This formula hasn’t failed him yet, so he hasn’t needed to deviate. Freedom Fyah marks playful risk taking without uprooting what makes Alborosie a unique character.

“Cry” is an example of this. The chorus is simply “I cry for my people everyday,” but repeated, sunken into the drink of bass n’ drums. And I’ve been singing it in my head since the first time I heard it! “You’re full of broken dreams,” Alborosie offers, “well, you can’t just restore… Will you be a Jedi star/ in this here Star War?” The one drop is heady, as is the lightly dabbled-in Autotune (something he employs often but tastefully).

The earlier Black Uhuru reference is to “Rich” — another album highlight with an Autotune-cushioned chorus: “When your dollars drop in/ like in a gambling machine,” the Sicilian-Rasta rolls out, somehow making the two lines rhyme; “If health start ta’ fail/ and your face get pale,” he adds, “money won’t make you rich.” The roots instrumentation synced with whirly-girly synth and digital drumming is a healthy dose of playfulness.

The first single off the album, “Fly 420”, is both a classic-sounding Alborosie herb anthem and a dubstep/remixed model molded to be the 2016 Spring Break soundtrack topper. The rhymes land one after another over the bullet-resounding drums. This song is proof that Alborosie walked in with a mission. At this point he’s an authority on the game. Even my least favorite song, “Judgement,” is no less finely executed; it’s just a dancehall/club ready booty-shaker drenched in synth drums and not my favorite kind of reggae; Alborosie has mastered it, though.

I prefer the roots of “Carry On,” punctuated by horns, vocal harmonies, and Alborosie singing with grit, “Some people/ without the benefits/ there ain’t no friendship,” and one highlight of Freedom Fyah is that the songs are coherent, not just beats for a rapper to slay over. I also prefer the dub-wise closer “Zion Youth” for similar reasons.

And overall, as one user commented below a Youtube video of Alborosie put it, “Don’t tell Alborosie what to do. He knows what he’s doing.” I’ve found every one of his past releases inspired, bursting with creativity with a surprisingly wide vocabulary for such a musical style. Freedom Fyah is no different. It’s great to hear that, after so many years at the controls, Alborosie lives up to our expectations and his intentions.

Written Reviewed By: John Powell

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, NOT the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

Watch: Alborosie – “Poser”

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Buffett performs in Chicago

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band’s “I Don’t Know” tour continued last night with a show at the the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Chicago, IL.

The set list from the show is now available. The featured album for the night was “One Particular Harbour” released in 1983. Songs from the album included “We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About”, “Stars On The Water”, “One Particular Harbour”, and “Brown Eyed Girl”. The song for What’s Behind Door #3 was “Love And Luck”. For the final encore Buffett sang “Tin Cup Chalice”.

This wraps up the June leg of the “I Don’t Know” tour. The next leg of the tour begins on August 13th with a show at the Atlantic City Beach in New Jersey.

Before the show Buffett stopped by the Margaritaville Bar Grill at Navy Pier in Chicago


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Margaritaville comes back to Biloxi

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From the Sun Herald: “Margaritaville comes back big in Biloxi

Jimmy Buffett again has a presence in Biloxi, and a crowd turned out Thursday to open the new Margaritaville Resort Biloxi.

Buffett was about to go on stage at a concert in Indianapolis and couldn’t attend the ribbon-cutting, but sent a message.

“Well, as you might guess, I am very excited about this latest and greatest Biloxi project,” Buffett wrote. “It has been a long and sometimes trying adventure to get the right kind of place in Biloxi and I couldn’t be happier with this great project, its location and your involvement,” he told the developers.

“On the water is what I always wanted,” he said of the location — the former Casino Magic, which hasn’t been open in the 11 years since Hurricane Katrina.

“The added attraction of the landing on Deer island is something that really strikes home,” said Buffett, who was born in Pascagoula and played his first professional gig in Biloxi.

Buffett said he hopes to get to the new resort for a quick visit in July and definitely for Saints games and angling for redfish.

Margaritaville Resort Biloxi offers games for all ages and a volcano climbing wall that “erupts” periodically in the Margaritaville restaurant as climbers enter through the floor. There are several other restaurants as well, and for those who stay in one of the 373 hotel rooms or suites, water views and sunsets, and access to the waterpark and lazy river, which will open Friday (June 24th).


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Buffett performs in Indianapolis

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band’s “I Don’t Know” tour continued last night with a show at the the Klipsch Music Center in Indianapolis IN.

The set list from the show is now available. The featured album for the night was “Coconut Telegraph” released in 1981. Songs from the album included “Coconut Telegraph” and “Growing Older But Not Up”. The song for What’s Behind Door #3 was “Lone Palm” (last played November 20, 1999 in East Hampton NY).

This leg of the tour concludes on Saturday June 25th with a show at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Tinley Park, IL (Chicago).


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MP3 Leak of the Week: Oogee Wawa

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Out of Long Island, NY comes Oogee Wawa who is boasting their new song “Palm Trees”, ahead of their Summer Vibrations tour that includes a span of dates a long the east coast. Download the song for FREE and read more on this alternative, hip-hop infused reggae group from the east coast…

You can download Oogee Wawa’s new track, “Palm Trees”, for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, June 25th, 2016.

Oogee Wawa – “Palm Trees” – Download HERE (on The Pier homepage)
Oogee Wawa

Oogee Wawa’s ‘Palm Trees’ Background:

Oogee Wawa has been hyping their new single up for quite awhile as we come to embrace summer 2016. The song is aptly titled “Palm Trees” and comes with an interesting perspective from the east coast group in how they incorporate their interpretation of symbolism around the Palm Trees.

When discussing the song, the group explained: “There is no deep meaning behind our new summer single ‘Palm Trees’ — just an honest wish. With the amount of negativity and violence in the world, if we all took a moment to enjoy the beauties accessible there would be a lot more smiles.”

Hyped as their summer anthem, we’re giving the song away for FREE download for this week only. If you’re reading this and it’s past June 26th, then the download has expired. You can, however, still discover Oogee Wawa music on iTunes by clicking HERE!



Oogee Wawa Background:

Oogee Wawa is now a 5 piece Alternative Reggae Hip-hop fusion band from Long Island, NY. Their feel good music captivates a wide age range of fans that relate to the message that they bring forth. Oogee Wawa’s hard work and unique sound has found them performing with many national touring acts such as: 311, Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, Sublime with Rome, The Dirty Heads, The Wailers, Badfish, Ballyhoo!, Passafire and basically every other band The Pier follows and covers regularly.

2016 got off to an exciting start for Oogee Wawa, who headed out on their Island Hopper Tour in January, hitting stops in FL and the U.S. Virgin Islands. From July 8th to August 27th, they’ll be out on their Summer Vibrations tour alongside what looks to be a an east coast regional tour sharing the stage with the likes of Resinated, Sowflo, Nonstop To Cairo, NoNeed, and The Offshore Regulars.

oogee wawa Tour Dates

Related Links:
Oogee Wawa Website
Oogee Wawa Facebook

Huge thanks again to Oogee Wawa for allowing us to share “Palm Trees” featuring B. Lay to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Oogee Wawa – “Tips” (Live via Sugar Shack Sessions)

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Interview with Roger Guth

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Paul Leslie got a chance to interview drummer and songwriter Roger
Guth. Roger talks about songs from his new instrumental jazz album “Tin Roof” and is joined by Peter Mayer.

Roger and Peter talk about a few of the songs Buffett has recorded that Roger Guth wrote including “Mermaid in the Night” from “Off to the See the Lizard” (1989), “Frenchman for the Night” from “Fruitcakes” (1994), and “Colour of the Sun” from “Songs from St. Somewhere” (2013)

You can listen to the interview at:


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