It’s finally “next year” for Cleveland sports as the Cleveland Cavaliers are the NBA Champs

Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2016 at 7:27 pm

I might live in Destin but my sports heart is still with my hometown Cleveland teams. Sunday night I was able to finally experience another Cleveland team win a championship. And since I was only 7 years old the last time a Cleveland team won a championship, this one means a lot. The Cavs are the best team in basketball, the champs and they have the trophy to prove it. I have to admit I didn’t think they would do it when they got behind at the half but for once it was meant to be. Time to let some other fan base lament what went wrong. It’s now time to put to rest the tortured past and look forward to the future. Okay Indians and Browns, you are next!

I watched game 7 at home but for game 6 on Thursday I went to Landshark Pizza to watch the game. Kenny saw I was there and joined me. Jerry (another Cleveland guy) was also there watching the game. The Cavs jumped out to a big lead and held on for the win. Courtney was working the bar and they had all the TV’s on the game. I had a pizza while watching the game that was as good as usual. It felt good to be at a bar watching a game and my team actually won!

This was obviously a great weekend but not just because of the Cavs. Friday was my off Friday from work. I ran a bunch of errands in the morning then decided to head down to the harbor in the afternoon. I stopped at the Cantina. It was a nice day on the water with all kind of water craft making their way into and out of the harbor. I decided to walk down towards AJ’s. I was going to stop at Fishheads but the place was packed. Actually the entire boardwalk was crowded with tourist.

It was hot and humid so I headed back to Harry T’s to get into some air conditioning. Old friend Red was working the bar. She was the afternoon bartender at Anglers for many years when I lived on the island and could walk there. It was good seeing her again. Dan the owner stopped by to chat with me for a few minutes. He even bought me a beer. Then a few minutes later he came back by and asked if I like bourbon. He had one he wanted me to try. It is from Crestview and it’s not very good. I thought Dan was going to pour me a small shot but no, I got a whole glass. But it was free so I had to drink it! Lol

When I finished the drink it was time to head home. On the way out I saw Alan and Jackie. This was their last day in town before heading back to Illinois. They had been in town with family and friends for a week. They are all good people and good friends. We look forward to Alan and Jackie coming back in October for the winter.

Sunshine Cindy didn’t get home till almost 7:00 as she ran some errands after work. We had a birthday party we were invited to but by now it was getting late and a big thunderstorm was getting ready to hit so we stayed home.

One thing about Florida is we get some crazy thunderstorms. It seems like the world is going to end then 20 minutes later the sun is out. We also had a bad one hit Thursday about 4:30 pm. It got so dark it looked like night time. Then the sun comes back out and the humidity seems like it is about 250%. Yep, that’s our home state!

Saturday we had a Crab Island Mambo / Emerald Coast Parrot Head Club beach cleanup. This was our second cleanup of the year. We had over 40 folks come out to cleanup and party with us. Dan from Harry T’s donated a couple cases of burgers and Mike cooked them. Mike and Suzanne also had a few surprises in store for us. Clyde had made a new Shot Ski. This is a board with holes cutout in it. You put shot glasses into the holes, fill the shots with your favorite liquor and you have three people “shoot them” at the same time. It’s a fun time. Then we had a water balloon tossing contest that turned into a water balloon fight. And yes, we cleaned up our mess too!

The entire day was a blast. As the afternoon wore on a group of us went to Fuds on the bay to listen to BT play. He did his usual fun show. By the end of his show and us having been in the sun all day, it started to take a toll so the next stop was home to relax.

Father’s Day on Sunday saw us go to Sunshine Cindy’s parents’ house to celebrate. Her Dad had the day off as I cooked burgers on the grill and the girls cooked some other things in the kitchen. We had a nice visit. Then it was time to head home to watch game 7.

A word of warning…do not try to get into Destin on Saturday’s. You can’t move in Fort Walton Beach as traffic backs up for miles on all the roads to the bridge. And Mid-Bay bridge backs up for many miles from the toll booths. Even as late as 6 or 7 pm it is still a mess. Come in real early or real late. Consider yourself warned! Lol

The new “boat free zone” on Crab Island is now in place. The buoys are in place. The corridor actually runs east and west. For some reason I would have thought it was going to be north and south. This will be interesting to see how the dynamics change out there now.

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This weekend we have a Parrot Head Phlocking at Dockside Café in Niceville on Friday as we “party with a purpose” some more. Plus Rob Roman’s is at Hooks on the Harbor on Thursday for fireworks night and BT is at The Boathouse on Tuesday. Get out and have some fun! Have a great week. See ya next Monday!

Destin Steve

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