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Documentary: Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision of Paradise

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Coming July 12th, 2016, an in-depth documentary titled Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision of Paradise will release via Cadiz Music. Director Volker Schaner was granted exclusive access to the legendary innovator of reggae and dub, filming Lee “Scratch” Perry over the past 15 years.

The feature-length film, which is packaged within a 24-page hardcover collector’s book, unveils the mysterious, mystical life of Perry and his ingenious musical mind.
Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision of Paradise follows the reggae pioneer on journeys around the world, providing a raw and unparalleled insight into his world. The film weaves in impressive animation by artists Maria Sargarodschi and Norman Petkau, all of which was inspired by Perry’s “imaginary cosmos,” Ethiopian Christian Orthodox Church Art, and The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Also included is an extremely rare glimpse into LSP’s former hidden studio in Switzerland.

In addition to the 90+ minutes of footage, the project contains a photo gallery depicting Perry’s creative space, illustrations by Sargarodschi, a bonus “making of” documentary, and audio commentary from Volker Schaner.

Few have left a more impacting legacy on reggae music than Lee “Scratch” Perry. Perry was there at the birth of the genre, crafting the music alongside the likes of Bob Marley The Wailers, Junior Murvin, and The Congos. LSP built his own studio, known as the Black Ark. It became his temple for creating innovative instrumentals, and psychedelic dubs. He is known for popularizing delay, flanger and reverb, effects which have become synonymous with dub tracks.

At 80 years old, Lee “Scratch” Perry has been at the forefront of reggae since its inception. Now, thanks to Cadiz Music, Volker Schaner, and the man himself, reggae fans will get an up close look at the genius behind the music that has inspired so many artists over the years. To get a sneak peek of what to expect, check out the film’s trailer posted below!

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Article By: Brian Winters

Watch: Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision Of Paradise Official Trailer 2015

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It’s finally “next year” for Cleveland sports as the Cleveland Cavaliers are the NBA Champs

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I might live in Destin but my sports heart is still with my hometown Cleveland teams. Sunday night I was able to finally experience another Cleveland team win a championship. And since I was only 7 years old the last time a Cleveland team won a championship, this one means a lot. The Cavs are the best team in basketball, the champs and they have the trophy to prove it. I have to admit I didn’t think they would do it when they got behind at the half but for once it was meant to be. Time to let some other fan base lament what went wrong. It’s now time to put to rest the tortured past and look forward to the future. Okay Indians and Browns, you are next!

I watched game 7 at home but for game 6 on Thursday I went to Landshark Pizza to watch the game. Kenny saw I was there and joined me. Jerry (another Cleveland guy) was also there watching the game. The Cavs jumped out to a big lead and held on for the win. Courtney was working the bar and they had all the TV’s on the game. I had a pizza while watching the game that was as good as usual. It felt good to be at a bar watching a game and my team actually won!

This was obviously a great weekend but not just because of the Cavs. Friday was my off Friday from work. I ran a bunch of errands in the morning then decided to head down to the harbor in the afternoon. I stopped at the Cantina. It was a nice day on the water with all kind of water craft making their way into and out of the harbor. I decided to walk down towards AJ’s. I was going to stop at Fishheads but the place was packed. Actually the entire boardwalk was crowded with tourist.

It was hot and humid so I headed back to Harry T’s to get into some air conditioning. Old friend Red was working the bar. She was the afternoon bartender at Anglers for many years when I lived on the island and could walk there. It was good seeing her again. Dan the owner stopped by to chat with me for a few minutes. He even bought me a beer. Then a few minutes later he came back by and asked if I like bourbon. He had one he wanted me to try. It is from Crestview and it’s not very good. I thought Dan was going to pour me a small shot but no, I got a whole glass. But it was free so I had to drink it! Lol

When I finished the drink it was time to head home. On the way out I saw Alan and Jackie. This was their last day in town before heading back to Illinois. They had been in town with family and friends for a week. They are all good people and good friends. We look forward to Alan and Jackie coming back in October for the winter.

Sunshine Cindy didn’t get home till almost 7:00 as she ran some errands after work. We had a birthday party we were invited to but by now it was getting late and a big thunderstorm was getting ready to hit so we stayed home.

One thing about Florida is we get some crazy thunderstorms. It seems like the world is going to end then 20 minutes later the sun is out. We also had a bad one hit Thursday about 4:30 pm. It got so dark it looked like night time. Then the sun comes back out and the humidity seems like it is about 250%. Yep, that’s our home state!

Saturday we had a Crab Island Mambo / Emerald Coast Parrot Head Club beach cleanup. This was our second cleanup of the year. We had over 40 folks come out to cleanup and party with us. Dan from Harry T’s donated a couple cases of burgers and Mike cooked them. Mike and Suzanne also had a few surprises in store for us. Clyde had made a new Shot Ski. This is a board with holes cutout in it. You put shot glasses into the holes, fill the shots with your favorite liquor and you have three people “shoot them” at the same time. It’s a fun time. Then we had a water balloon tossing contest that turned into a water balloon fight. And yes, we cleaned up our mess too!

The entire day was a blast. As the afternoon wore on a group of us went to Fuds on the bay to listen to BT play. He did his usual fun show. By the end of his show and us having been in the sun all day, it started to take a toll so the next stop was home to relax.

Father’s Day on Sunday saw us go to Sunshine Cindy’s parents’ house to celebrate. Her Dad had the day off as I cooked burgers on the grill and the girls cooked some other things in the kitchen. We had a nice visit. Then it was time to head home to watch game 7.

A word of warning…do not try to get into Destin on Saturday’s. You can’t move in Fort Walton Beach as traffic backs up for miles on all the roads to the bridge. And Mid-Bay bridge backs up for many miles from the toll booths. Even as late as 6 or 7 pm it is still a mess. Come in real early or real late. Consider yourself warned! Lol

The new “boat free zone” on Crab Island is now in place. The buoys are in place. The corridor actually runs east and west. For some reason I would have thought it was going to be north and south. This will be interesting to see how the dynamics change out there now.

Don’t forget we have our Crab Island Mambo “Embrace the Chaos” tee shirts and tank tops on sale for just $5 each. Click here to see our inventory and to get your own slice of Destin.

This weekend we have a Parrot Head Phlocking at Dockside Café in Niceville on Friday as we “party with a purpose” some more. Plus Rob Roman’s is at Hooks on the Harbor on Thursday for fireworks night and BT is at The Boathouse on Tuesday. Get out and have some fun! Have a great week. See ya next Monday!

Destin Steve

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Buffett performs at Detroit area show

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band’s “I Don’t Know” tour resumed last night with a show at the the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston MI.

The set list from the show is now available. The featured album for the night was “Son Of A Son Of A Sailor” (released in 1978). Songs from the album included “Cowboy In The Jungle, “Son Of A Son Of A Sailor”, “Cheeseburger In Paradise”, and “Coast Of Marseilles” for the final encore. The song for What’s Behind Door #3 was “Love And Luck” (last played April 27, 2000 in Irvine CA).


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Buffett performs at the HOB in Chicago

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Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed for the first time at the House of Blues in Chicago on Thursday night. The set list from the show is now available. Songs included “Cowboy In The Jungle” (last performed in Frisco TX on May 30th 2015), “Peanut Butter Conspiracy”, and “Banana Republics” for the final encore.


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LIVE: Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, Zion I with The Grouch & Eligh (6-15-16)

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Date: Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 @ 5:30pm
Line Up: Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, and Zion I, The Grouch  Eligh
Venue: Marymoor Park. Redmond, Washington

LIVE: Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, and Zion I, The Grouch Eligh (Return Of The Red Eye Summer Tour 2016) – 6.15.16

The summer concert tours have officially kicked off! One of the first out of the gates this year is Slightly Stoopid‘s Summer Tour 2016 titled Return Of The Redeye. Additional friends will join Slightly Stoopid including SOJA, Zion I with The Grouch and Eligh, and Fortunate Youth on select dates. The nationwide tour commenced this week with numerous dates in the great Pacific Northwest and The Pier was in attendance for the opening show. ZionIEG

After last summer’s successful Everything Is Awesome Tour, Slightly Stoopid returned to Marymoor Park, a favorite venue among Seattleites. Unlike last year’s tour following up on the release of the new album, Meanwhile…Back At The Lab, this year’s tour had no such support. Instead, Slightly Stoopid made Return Of The Red Eye special by introducing some reggae fans to new music with a diverse lineup.

The SoCal fellas brought the beautiful weather up with them and calmed down the locals looking the usual drizzly forecast. Despite a few clouds in the sky, the night was pristine and dry with the bright sun shining through the surrounding trees for the first set by Zion I, The Grouch, and Eligh. The rap crew stood out with the reggae lineup but they definitely did not disappoint and the reggae community welcomed the group with open arms as we all anxiously awaited the headliners. When posting about his expectations and excitement for the tour on Facebook, Eligh had plenty to say:

“The vibration this group of guys will bring every night will be bright, warm, healing, expansive, love infused, bass heavy delight…Come be present with us, we offer what we offer, music, and every ounce of magic in our bones. Make you smile is the mission. It’s worth more than gold.”
– Eligh

The crowd continued to grow as SOJA took the stage next. The group played a mix of both old and new songs throughout the set. SOJA opened there set with a sequential throwback to their older albums. “Creeping In” from the 2003 debut album, Peace In A Time Of War, went immediately into “Sorry” from their 2006 album, Get Wiser, and “Mentality” from the 2012 album, Strength To Survive. The group got together to treat the crowd to a fun drum circle samba during “Shadow” and “Not Done Yet.” The popular single “I Believe” from the latest album, …Amid The Noise And Haste, and fan favorite “I Don’t Wanna Wait” closed the set.
Finally, the fans got what they were waiting for after SOJA’s set. Slightly Stoopid took the evening stage to a packed “house” that quickly filled in any empty spaces left across the floor and grassy hills. After the “Stones” intro, Stoopid went straight into their hits with “Officer,” “Up On A Plane,” and from the latest album “Hold It Down.” Midway through the set, The Grouch and Eligh were invited to join onstage for “Just Thinking,” filling in for the album’s feature Chali 2na. Fans were treated to many other favorites throughout the rest of the night including “2 AM,” “No Cocaine,” “Collieman,” and the encore cover of “Express Yourself” originally by Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band and later by N.W.A. and others.

Return Of The Red Eye obviously took on the Star Wars-theme and Stoopid took it to a level fans probably did not expect. Besides the traditional Star Wars art onstage, new merch is now available in a variety of stoner-inspired Star Wars themes. All kinds of options can be found from guitar-shaped light sabers, to C-3PO in a flat-brim hat, to Storm Troopers on bicycles, and much more. But the real treat came to those hardcore Star Wars fans later in the night. The Stoopidheads chanted enough for a multi-song encore that started with a little ditty that many recognized and cheered for right away, “Cantina Song.” For those needing further explanation, “Cantina Song” is Slightly Stoopid’s unique cover of the song played in Chalmun’s Cantina, the fictional bar in the “pirate-city” of Mos Eisley on the planet of Tatooine.

There are plenty of dates left on the tour and very likely one is coming to a town near you. When all is said and done, the tour will span the U.S. with 44 dates in almost 30 states. Upcoming tour dates and tickets can be found here along with details about VIP packages and band meet-and-greets.

Watch: Slightly Stoopid – “Hold It Down”

Slightly Stoopid Set-List:
Stones I
Dem Fruits
Up On A Plane
Hold It Down
No One Stops Us Now
Prayer 4 Your
This Version
Just Thinkin (feat. The Grouch Eligh)
Del Roy
2 AM
No Cocaine
Franklins Tower
Don’t Stop
Don’t Care
Anywhere I Go
Operation – Outski

Cantina Song
Express Yourself
Closer To The Sun
Serious Man

SOJA Set-List:
Creeping In / Sorry / Mentality
She Still Loves Me
Born In Babylon
Ancient Truth
Here I Am / Gone Today
To Whom
Shadow / Not Done Yet (Samba)
I Believe
I Don’t Wanna Wait

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Article, Photos, and Video By: Eric Schoep

View More Photos…

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MP3 Leak of the Week: Cydeways

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A melting pot of Reggae, Rock Hip-Hop, Santa Barbara’s Cydeways is still reeling from the release of their new 5 track EP, Ride On that dropped May 10th. We’re giving away the titled track for FREE as we catch up with the group…

You can download Cydeways new track, “Ride On”, for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, June 18th, 2016.

Cydeways – “Ride On” – Download HERE (on The Pier homepage)

Cydeways New EP: ‘Ride On’ Background:

Cydeways new 5-track EP was recorded in Lancaster, MA at Commons Recording, and produced by Trevor Buckingham. Cydeways also brought on their good friend Nicholas Marks from The Olés to play horns on the EP.

Dustin Parks filled us in on Cydeways’ latest work, explaining, “This EP is definitely some of our best work yet. I think it really shows who we are and what our sound is. I love The Pharcyde scratch in ‘Wanna Lova’ cause I’m the biggest 90s hip-hop fan. Ive always loved to mix reggae with hip-hop. I don’t see as many reggae bands doing it anymore and that’s what I grew up on. We cannot wait to start touring and really spread our music.”

Cydeways is planning to hit the road at the end of this summer, touring mainly in Southern California. As for the title track of the EP, Dustin continues on, saying: “So the track was recorded and produced in Boston, MA by our producer Trevor Buckingham in his studio Commons Recording. The song was written a few months ago, the last time I was back home in Boston. We recorded the lead guitar and horn here in our Santa Barbara home to finish up the track. This is a song I want people to hear because I feel like it completely shows who we are, and what our style and sound is. The meaning of the song is mostly about my travels to California. Meaning to take your own path and way of life without worrying about what other people are doing. Do what you love and believe in it to make yourself happy and successful.’ If we ain’t having fun, we ain’t doing it.’”

You can pick up the May 10th release of the 5-track EP on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Listen: Cydeways – Ride On EP



Cydeways Background:

Originally from Boston, MA, Dustin Parks traveled out to Los Angeles, CA to pursue Cydeways as more than just a basement project. He currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA where he met lead guitarist Jeremy Baker (Berkeley, CA) and drummer Eddie Cardenas (Fillmore, CA) in Isla Vista, CA. Trevor Buckingham (Boston, MA) an original creator of Cydeways, is the groups producer and engineer. Their music is a collaboration of Reggae, Rock Hip Hop.

Cydeways Tour Dates

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Huge thanks again to Cydeways for allowing us to share “Ride On” featuring B. Lay to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

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Destin in the Summer

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The Summer season is in full swing in Destin. Let me give you a day by day rundown of a typical week in Destin in the Summer.

Saturday is change-over day for everyone who spends a week in Destin. (What happens in Destin leaves on Saturday!!!) Saturday morning you have thousands of people all trying to leave town at the same time. The Mid-Bay bridge usually backs up all the way across the bay from the toll booths to Destin. Fort Walton Beach is a little better but it can take a couple light changes to get off Okaloosa Island. Then about noon the influx starts to build. By 2 or 3 o’clock the traffic is backed up from the toll booths on Mid-Bay past Hwy. 20 and even back to Range Road. It can take an hour or more just to go these last few miles. Fort Walton Beach is even worse at Brooks Bridge. The traffic is backed up on all the roads leading to the bridge. This is another hour plus there. Last week I checked the traffic app at 5:30 pm and the traffic was still a mess.

Because of so many folks trying to get into town, you can usually get into our restaurants as they won’t start to fill up till 6 or 7:00. The evening will start to hop with the younger crowd but it’s not as bad as some other nights.

Sunday and Monday are probably the two slowest days of the week as most folks are getting settle into their condos, going to Wal Mart to pick up who’s knows what and Publix to get food and drinks, plus they are hitting the pools and beach for their initial sun burn and just figuring out what they want to do. Restaurants will be crowded in the evenings but unless there is an accident you can get around our roads as long as you don’t go down 98 from one end to the other.

Tuesday is the parade night at Harborwalk Village. People are now getting out and exploring more so traffic is building. The area around the Grande will be busy as folks head to the harbor. Tuesday you see more people walking and crossing the street anywhere they feel like it. You really have to be alert.

Wednesday is the fireworks show on the island. The area at The Boardwalk on the island is now a destination in its own right. Traffic trying to get over Brooks Bridge in the late afternoon is bad as it backs up half way across the island westbound. When you add people trying to get down there for the fireworks you might as well pack a lunch as you won’t be going anywhere quickly.

Thursday is the worse day in Destin. They do a big fireworks show over the harbor at 9 pm but the crowds head to the harbor much earlier. It usually takes me 30-40 minutes to get across the island on Thursdays.  The back roads are packed as each Thursday they do a concert at Mattie Kelly on Commons Drive. Don’t go out if you can avoid it! LOL 

Friday’s is a wind down day but still very busy as many folks try for that one last blast of their vacation. Plus you have an influx of the weekend warriors coming into town. You need to hit the restaurants early if you don’t want to wait as they get busy after 6 or so. There is usually a fun vibe on Friday nights around town.

And then we get to start it all over again on Saturday!

I was mainly highlighting Destin and Fort Walton Beach but the same dynamics play out in SanDestin and along 30A. Also all bets are off if it rains. If it’s raining you have thousands of tourist all getting into their cars and going…well I don’t know where but most likely the movie theater or bowling alley. All I can say is if it’s raining, don’t head towards the Outlet Mall or the Commons. You will be sorry!

One more thing I want to stress is you need to heed the flag warning system we have on the beaches. A red flag means stay out of the Gulf of Mexico. We have very dangerous rip currents that you can’t see. Last week we had 4 people lose their lives in the Gulf because they ignored the flags. Play in the sand or find a pool but stay out of the water when you see a red flag.

Last week Sunshine Cindy and I got out a few times. Friday night we went to Landshark Pizza for a Parrot Head meeting. A good crowd listened to Coconut Radio perform. Our friends from Southern Illinois made it and it was nice seeing them again. I got to talk to some of the Landshark regulars who were sitting at the bar. Steve, B, Pops, Jenny, Tony are all good people and good friends. After the meeting Sunshine Cindy and I went to the Boathouse with Steve and Dottie. We hung out there for a while listening to Jason Clark. We finally made one last stop at Waffle House on the way home for some late night food.

On Saturday Sunshine Cindy and Tiffany went out to do a little shopping. I met them at The Back Porch for lunch. We had a short wait for a table but it was worth it as we scored a table upstairs. I didn’t even know they had an upstairs dining area. We had great views of the Gulf and everyone on the beach. Plus the food was really good too…A little pricy but good.

Sunday was hot. I went for a bike ride in the morning and did about 6 ½ miles. In the afternoon I headed to Crab Island Cantina to listen to BT perform. Sunshine Cindy decided she wanted to stay home and get some things done around the house. Jasmine was working the bar. BT was doing his thing. A decent crowd was there for brunch. After a short while Julie and Brodie joined me. Then Alan and Jackie also came down. We had a fun time but it’s always fun when BT is performing.

The water in the pass and bay was a beautiful aqua color. The Cantina is a great venue with BT playing with the view of the water right behind him. There were boats and jet skis everywhere. I stayed till he ended at 5:00 then headed home to get ready for the work week. I did watch the Stanley Cup game as Pittsburgh won it all. Congrats to them as they were the best team in the playoffs. My Tampa Bay Lightning almost had them but just came up short.

Next to Landshark Pizza Asiago Skillet has opened. It’s a breakfast place open from midnight to noon. We will try it and let you know what we think.

We have a Crab Island Mambo / ECPHC beach cleanup this Saturday. It should be fun. Come join us on the Island at Beachwalk access #2. Everyone welcome. We start at 9:30 am with a big beach party afterwards. We hope to see you there. For all our activities on the Emerald Coast check out my Crab Island Mambo Weekly Update Page:

I will have a full report next Monday. See ya then!!!

Destin Steve

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Margaritaville included in Grammy Hall of Fame

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From the TimesDaily: “Margaritaville included in Grammy Hall of Fame 2016

Part of the reason Jimmy Buffett’s iconic hit “Margaritaville” has stood the test of time is that it’s a song everyone can relate to, Shoals bassist, producer and former recording studio owner Norbert Putnam said.

Putnam should know. He produced the track in 1977 with Buffett and his Coral Reefer Band.

The song has been included in the Recording Academy’s Grammy Hall of Fame Class of 2016, along with another track with local connections — Dan Penn and Chips Moman’s “Dark End of the Street,” which was recorded by soul artist James Carr in 1967.

“Margaritaville” is also connected with a restaurant chain, a chain of hotels, and a variety of other products such as “frozen concoction makers,” commonly known as blenders.

“It has every element for a good story,” Putnam said.

The singer refers to sitting on his front porch swing, strumming his six string. He’s noticing tourists covered in suntan oil, smelling shrimp beginning to boil, and cuts his foot on a pop top.

And like all good stories, Putnam said, the song has that element of drama or conflict.

“Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame, but I know, it’s nobody’s fault,” the chorus goes. Later in the song, however, the chorus changes and he laments, “… it’s my own … fault.”

Mac McAnally, who splits his time between homes in Nashville and Sheffield, didn’t play in the original cut, but has performed the song hundreds of times since joining the Coral Reefer Band in 1998.

What makes it special, he said, is how much of Buffett’s persona is transferred during the playing or listening process.

“It represents a lifestyle which is broader than simply being inebriated on a beach, although it frequently includes being inebriated on a beach,” McAnally said. “Jimmy conveyed a relaxed approach to living which starts and ends with a smile. I think most people then and now benefit from a little more smiling and relaxing. I’m proud for my friend and road boss receiving this honor.”

Alan Schulman, who has been engineering and mixing Buffett recordings since 1997, agreed with McAnally’s assessment.

“It has a lot to do with a lifestyle,” Schulman said. “It projects the sun, the ocean flip-flops. He kind of lives like that. He’s a fun man to be around. I think what it does is it gives people a chance to have a different lifestyle from their normal jobs a couple times a year, to go to a Jimmy concert and feel like they’re on the beach.”

Schulman said he was just booked to engineer a new Buffett Christmas album.


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Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort to open end of 2016

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From the Cayman Reporter: “Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort revealed” – Full-service resort scheduled to open at end of 2016

The first renderings and amenity details of the much-talked-about Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort were released yesterday (Wednesday). The 285-room beachfront property, set on the picturesque Seven Mile Beach, will be an ideal addition to the Caribbean and the company’s rapidly expanding resort division.

Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort is located in the heart of Grand Cayman, minutes from the islands’ top attractions including snorkeling, diving, shopping and golf. The property, inspired by the lyrics and lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett, will reflect the warm, authentic Caymanian hospitality consistent with the island’s well-deserved reputation as the “world’s friendliest country”. The resort is expected to open its doors in December of this year.

Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort will be consistent with Margaritaville’s ‘casual-luxe’ design, making it a perfect destination for anyone looking to escape, relax and have fun. An open-air lobby with a soothing beach color scheme, comfortable lounge seating and a License to Chill bar immediately puts guest in the vacation state of mind.

Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort’s restaurants and bar venues will be a welcome addition to the island’s emerging dining scene. In addition to the License to Chill bar, the beachfront resort will be home to Margaritaville Coffee Shop, a three meal-a-day Banana Wind Café with panoramic ocean views, a swim-up bar at the main pool and a charcuterie.

Additional details about the on-site amenities, services and facilities at Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort will be announced in the coming months. This will include plans for the resort’s 285 guestrooms, dining and function space renderings and floor plans, details on the resort’s two-pool layout including a tranquility pool and activity pool, as well as information on the gym, spa/salon and the location’s 1,500 square feet of retail space.

For more information, visit


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The Pier: Did Summer 2016 Miss Its Best Tour?

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This summer, the reggae-rock community had two prominent groups each releasing a new album and not only are these two groups NOT touring together, these two groups have NEVER toured together! So let me preface this read by asking you: Did Summer 2016 Miss It’s Best Tour Line-up? Let’s find out…

Aside from new summertime album releases, we fans tend to salivate over the announcement of summertime tour line-ups and whether or not that line-up will make its way to a nearby stage. When you have two high-profile bands releasing a new album, that just means we get to hear something we haven’t heard while seeing something we haven’t yet seen — Nothing could be more true in the case of Santa Barbara’s Rebelution and the Dirty Heads of Huntington Beach, CA. These are two Cali-based groups who have never toured together, each releasing a new album for the Summer of ’16.

— What If: Dirty Heads Rebelution 2016 Summer Tour —

Every other year since 2012, Dirty Heads and Rebelution have each released a brand new album, and like 2014, each band’s new record will drop a month a part in 2016; Rebelution’s Falling In Place drops 6/3/16 and the Dirty Heads new self-titled record releases 7/15/16. It starts to read like a blueprint to an epic summer pairing with highly anticipated new albums from two of the scenes biggest groups. Instead, each group took a familiar route with their summer tour line-up.
Rebelution’s 2016 summer tour will include The Green + J Boog, Stick Figure and Through the Roots in addition to DJ Mackle. That tour will span 29 total dates from their Red Rocks show in Morrison, CO on June 3rd to August 20th at Big Sky Brewery in Missoula, MT. The tour will reach 22 different states including 4 dates in Florida and 5 in California — Dirty Heads, touring with Sublime with Rome and Tribal Seeds, will reach 31 total dates from July 1st in St. Augustine, FL to August 20th concluding at Ciderstock in Middlebury, VT. This tour will reach 22 different states including 4 dates in both California and Texas.

I feel like you could remove any group from Rebelution’s summer tour line-up, including Rebelution, and that line-up would still sell-out most, if not all, 31 dates — That’s a testament to the depth of the line up and how in-demand this genre of music is, especially in a live setting. It’s a jam-packed line-up that is half a festival bill, and I feel like this is a shuffling or variation of a line-up that we’ve already experienced over the years.

The argument doesn’t change much with the Dirty Heads who are once again sharing a summer bill with Sublime with Rome. Sure, it’s been since 2010 that they’ve toured together, but between the festivals and guest appearances on each-others albums, this is a line-up that doesn’t feel as new as the music on Dirty Heads new self-titled record.

Okay, But Who Would The Headliner Be?

With all of that said, understand that it is no easy task putting a summer tour together — There’s a lot to consider and discuss. In addition to lining up each others schedule and routing, there’s the discussion of who headlines each market a long the way of what would likely be 30+ dates. Typical questions may be what the take home percentage for each group in each market is and which of the two bands has a more successful history in each market.

When you have two high profile bands promoting their highly anticipated new albums, they want to maximize as much of each market as they can which could take a bit of compromising from both ends. Each group could look at each-others past numbers in the markets of their routing to see who potentially has more sway and who should headline each show, taking home the headlining pay. OR, maybe its a 50/50 headlining-split all the way through, but even then, maybe this leads to one band taking a pay cut in certain markets for the sake of this tour which could be a deal-breaker when your numbers say you’ll make more money if you don’t tour with this band — I have no idea if this happened here, but you wouldn’t believe some of the tours that could have taken place in the past if it weren’t for two sides unable to come to an agreement over who headlines.

Plus, when you’re in the band, you want to consider who you’d enjoy sharing the road with for the 13254626_10154227115573118_4908438894598717669_nsummer. With the potential pressure that comes with releasing a new album, maybe it’s easier to be joined by familiarity instead of a group you haven’t toured with before.

This is all speculation and for all I know, neither group ever considered a summer outing together for this year. But from a fan’s perspective, I think I speak for most of us when I say that we want to see something NEW, something we haven’t experienced before. Regardless, we’re going to buy the albums and go to the next available show, but speaking from the excitement and wonderment of a fan, the experience of presenting a show unlike anything that’s been seen before is what’s more enticing then a repeat or variation of what’s been done already.

I’ve had the chance to listen to Rebelution’s new album and it’s their best since 2012’s Peace of Mind. I have also listened to the Dirty Heads new record which is also their best since the 2012 release of Cabin By The Sea. I’d say 2016 missed a great summer tour line-up from two of the scene’s biggest bands, who put out what will arguably be described as the years two best albums.

I personally wouldn’t care who headlines. I’d stay for both sets and if you want to add some icing to the cake of this idea, then I’d go with The Skints as the opener. Maybe this tour takes place in the fall or the winter, but it wont be the same as it would be if Dirty Heads and Rebelution shared their first tour together this summer around the release of their new summer albums. In any case, I look forward to each of their respective tours, but as a fan, it’s fun to daydream, theorize and pose the question to your friends with: Dude, what if…

Dirty Heads – Dirty HeadsBuy Here

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Article By: Mike Patti
Crowd Photo By: Katey Schoenberger

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