Brent Burns (the Trop Rock musician, not the hockey player) came to Destin…

Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 7:49 pm
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It’s always a fun time when Brent Burns comes back to Destin to perform. Brent has been playing Trop Rock music for so many years it was not even called Trop Rock when he started. Brent has been playing music for so long he was actually a guest on the old Michael Douglass TV show way back in the day. Back then he still had hair too. LOL

Brent contacted Sunshine Cindy and I a few months ago to see if we could get a house concert put together as he would be passing through Destin. We were able to make it happen, our friend Julie offered up her backyard and pool for the party and we promoted it and ended up with a good crowd.

Brent does all original songs. As he likes to say, “Buffett does not do my songs and I don’t do his!” We ended up with a perfect day. It rained most of the morning but the skies cleared in time for us to get set up and it stayed nice (and very hot so the pool was heavily used) until well after he was done performing. Dean brought 40 pounds of shrimp from Louisiana and he did a shrimp boil. It was fantastic. Mike brought his Margarita machine, Clyde brought a “shot ski” and a good time was had by all. Just another reason we love living in Destin.

Brent actually got into town Saturday evening and stayed with Sunshine Cindy and I. Chaos loved Brent. She couldn’t get enough attention from him. We had a great time catching up with Brent. We usually only get to see him a couple times a year. He and his lovely wife Pam live in Gulf Shores, AL and Brent is on the road a lot. Brent was amazed by the traffic trying to get into Destin across the Mid-Bay bridge. I reminded him of the Saturday change over. LOL

Speaking of Trop Rock music…Last week we lost one of the best Trop Rock musicians. Jim Morris who had one of the quickest wits and ability to write songs that everyone could relate to passed away suddenly. It was a major shock to the Trop Rock world. Key West and MOTM will never be the same. We made plans where to go based on where/when Jim and his band was playing. There is a big void in our world now.

Thursday evening was spent watching my old Jim Morris YouTube video’s I had recorded at various events. It brought back many great memories but also sadness that we will never make new memories with Jim and his band. We will still get “Laid Back and Key Wasted” but it won’t quite be the same. RIP Jim…

I was off Friday with my normal off day. I could have gone out to Crab Island with some friends but I elected to get some things done around the house that I needed to do. I then made a Publix run to get some stuff for the weekend. I had a couple other stops to make then decided to go to Landshark Pizza for lunch. Sue was behind the bar. Tommy and Pops were there also having some lunch. They each had one charter trip for the day. So they were happy to be relaxing. Landshark had a good afternoon crowd too. It looks like they are doing well in their new location.

Tommy is a boat captain of a snorkel and scuba boat and Pops is a Charter boat captain. It’s funny listening to them talk about some of the people that get on their boats. Tommy’s boat take folks out to either snorkel or scuba dive. He had one lady ask if her hair was going to get wet. Umm, the only way to snorkel or scuba dive is to actually get into the water! Another time he said he had two guys who admitted to him as they were anchored and people were getting into the water that one could not swim and the other was afraid of water. Tommy told them to go sit down and when the trip was over they would get their money back. Geeze…

For Friday evening Sunshine Cindy and I were invited to Julies. Dean was making New Orleans style BBQ shrimp. It was awesome. We swam, listened to some good tunes and told a lot of jokes. There were about 10 of us there. A perfect size group for an evening party. We finally got home about 10 pm…in time to let Chaos out before we turned in for the night.

Saturday was spent preparing for Brent’s arrival and getting the food we were bringing on Sunday ready. We had snack food for Brent plus I went and picked up a large pizza from…wait now…Yep, Landshark Pizza! LOL

Around Destin the new pedestrian crosswalk lights on 98 were activated. I don’t get on 98 very much so I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of how there were affecting traffic but talking to some folks it looks like traffic is so slow already this is just another thing to slow it down a little more. A couple people said it helped them get out onto 98 from parking lots as it caused a gap in traffic so we have that going for us.

Living on the Gulf of Mexico we have some strange occurrences from time to time. Last week there was a fish kill on Okaloosa Island. Dead fish were washing up on the beach. There was no known reason like Red Tide or something like that. There are times it just happens due to something from Mother Nature and that’s what this looked like. I guess it was pretty smelly along that section of beach. I am glad to say this does not happen often.

It’s going to be another great week in Destin. The Parrot Heads will be meeting Friday at The American Legion. The weather continues to be hot and humid with a 30% chance of rain from now till the end of September! So keep your tank tops, flip flops and cold boat drinks handy to keep cool. See ya next Monday!

Destin Steve

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