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Buffett attends premiere of Jason Bourne

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Frank Marshall and Jimmy Buffett pose on the red carpet ahead of the U.S. premiere of the film Jason Bourne at Caesars Palace on Monday July 18th. Jason Bourne stars Matt Damon and was produced by Marshall. The film opens on July 29th.


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Exclusive: Spiritual Rez Announces Fourth Studio Album!

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Spiritual Rez will be releasing their 4th studio album Setting In The West this fall. The 10-track album, scheduled to drop on October 7th, 2016, includes guest features from Duddy B of the Dirty Heads, Hirie, and trombonist Billy Kottage from Reel Big Fish. Spiritual Rez has decided to provide fans with an early taste of Setting In The West, streaming their new single “Square Grouper” exclusively through The Pier!

The Boston-based reggae fusion group is known for throwing down wild live performances, bringing an unrivaled energy and passion each time they take the stage. Spiritual Rez has experienced success in the studio as well. The band’s 2014 album Apocalypse Whenever reached #2 on the Relix/Jambands Radio Chart and #8 on the iTunes Reggae Chart. Their music packages engulfing tales with a genre-defying sound that consistently blurs the lines of reggae, rock, ska, and jam. To record their new album, Spiritual Rez spent time on both coasts, stopping at Jim Kaufman Productions in Los Angeles, Hookbeat Studios in Venice Beach, CA and 9B Studios in Milford, MA.

Spiritual Rez Discusses New Album: Setting In The West:

We caught up with Toft Willingham (lead vocals/guitar) and Ian “Meat” Miller (drums) for an in-depth discussion on the making of Setting In The West, as well as a closer look at a few of the band’s favorite tracks from the upcoming release.

“The new record is a little bit of a departure from our last record in the sense that Apocalypse Whenever was totally self-produced. We kind of did whatever we wanted. We had this jammy free-form. This album we really focused on writing the best songs possible, and we had really good outside producers. We had a lot of great sit-ins, co-writes and things like that..just a lot of great people involved,” says Willingham. “We really tried to involve the whole reggae community and I think we ended up with a great product.”

Setting In The West producer Kenny Carkeet, a member of AWOLNATION, connected Spirutual Rez with Duddy B for their collaborative song “Red Room.” Hirie also joins the New England group for a smooth love song. “We met Hirie at a show we were playing in Santa Cruz, and the vibes SpiritualRezwere just great,” says Miller. “There’s a song we had, this love song, that was just begging for her to be on.”

If you’ve caught a Spiritual Rez show recently you may have heard two of the band’s highly anticipated hits, “Sober” and “Square Grouper.” Willingham has labeled “Sober” as the best chorus the band has ever written.

“Square Grouper” is a lighthearted story song that the band specifically chose to premiere on The Pier. Miller says the band decided to open every show on their last tour with the track in order to get the party started right off the bat. “It’s very metaphorical. The whole point is you have to find your nest egg or square grouper, especially in the music industry. Obviously we’re not in this to get rich or find a big ol’ bale of weed. But you’ve got to find a way to make life happen in a crazy music industry.”

The album title, Setting In The West, is also a metaphorical reflection on the band’s journey so far. Miller explains, “Rising in the East was like the rising of the band. ‘Apocalypse Whenever’ came out in 2012 when the shit was hitting and the fan and everyone thought it was going to be the end of it, and we’re all still here, so let’s make fun of it. And then ‘Setting In The West’ where things are heading in this great direction.”

Ian Miller finished our conversation by discussing the bands effort to create a great album with ample space to expand on during the live shows. “What we do live is insanity. We like to indulge upon our songs live, because we want to show people a better time than just playing the songs. And show ourselves a better time too. This album it’s got these really singable songs but you aren’t going to hear the exact same version live. We like to make it crazier.”

Spiritual Rez Premiere’s New Single: “Square Grouper”

The premier single, “Square Grouper,” will hold us over while we wait patiently for October 7th. Spiritual Rez is currently on the road bringing their ruckus to a series of festivals and shows around the country. Check back to The Pier for further updates!

Listen: Spiritual Rez – “Square Grouper”

Spiritual Rez – Setting In The West Tracklist:
RZCombo_sm 1.) Sober
2.) Red Room
3.) Together Always
4.) Bad Girl
5.) Square Grouper
6.) Blue Faces
7.) Whiskey
8.) Tidal Wave
9.) Surface Tension
10.) Digital Age

Spiritual Rez Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Winters
Photo by: Eleni Willingham

Watch: Spiritual Rez – “One Big Song” (Official Music Video)

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MP3 Leak of the Week: Dylan Montayne

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Dylan Montayne is a young up and coming Hip-Hop artist who is currently based out of Denver, CO. He caught our attention on Instagram by tagging us in a music video of him as an Uber driver rapping to a car full of Babes he picked up. We asked him to contact us and he sent the song, “Oasis,” from his upcoming EP and allowed us to post it up for FREE…

You can download Dylan Montayne’s new track, “Oasis,” for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, July 23rd, 2016.

Dylan Montayne – “Oasis” – Download HERE (on The Pier homepage)

Dylan Montayne’s “Oasis” Background:

On ‘Oasis,’ Dylan Montayne teams up with Hawaiian reggae producer Breydan Torres and California-native E.N Young to create the 5-song EP that is said to carve out it’s own niche while bridging reggae hip-hop a long a back drop of urban influences paired with island vibes to create something energetic, yet altogether laid back. Passionate, but passive. Invigorating and relaxing complimented by Bass-laden riddims and a diverse array of percussion.

“Oasis” truly lives up to its name -– it is a bright spot of life and growth that stands out from the rest of the musical landscape and provides a refuge for Reggae and Hip-Hop fans alike,” Dylan describes.

With the titled track, “Oasis,” Dylan explained to The Pier that the song came about while traveling from Denver to San Diego to work with E.N Young at Imperial Sound Recording Studio. During his travel, he reflected on his entire musical journey and:
“…Through all that, the actual act of songwriting was always an ‘Oasis’ for me. It was always the part of being a musician that I loved the most,” Montayne explains. “I wrote this entire EP either out on the balcony of my house or skateboarding around Denver at night — writing music I loved, knowing that I was about to go work with one of my favorite producers in the world — it was all very inspiring to me. Those places were my oasis… at the core of it, ‘Oasis’ is about my love for songwriting and the freedom I feel while doing it.”

The new EP is said to drop October 13th on iTunes and all digital streaming services. We’ll continue to catch up with Dylan Montayne to see if we can get a peak into more of his music to share because we’re new fans!

Watch: Dylan Montayne – “Oasis”


DylanMontayneThe Late Ones

Dylan Montayne Background:

Raised in the cultural melting pot that is Santa Fe, New Mexico, Dylan Montayne has been immersed in musical styles from around the globe from a very young age. A drummer since infancy, he studied everything from Jazz to Latin percussion, culminating in traveling the world as a member of both a Scottish Bagpipe Band and the University of Notre Dame Marching Band Drumline. Eventually trading his drums for a USB microphone, Dylan Montayne began writing and recording hip-hop songs in his dorm room at Notre Dame –- by senior year, an average night included hopping on stage in front of hundreds of fans and then heading straight to the library to write a Theology paper. He has shared stages with artists such as Big Sean, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, the Flobots, Fortunate Youth, and Passafire. Now, with Denver, Colorado as the backdrop, the 25-year-old artist is set on spreading his music and message to the masses, with the ferocity of a newcomer and the lyrical depth of a veteran.

Dylan Montayne Tour Dates

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Huge thanks again to Dylan Montayne for allowing us to share “Oasis” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Uber Driver (Dylan Montayne) Raps For a Call Full of Babes

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Reel Big Fish Discusses 311’s 2017 Caribbean Cruise

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311 has announced the line-up and details for their March 2017 Caribbean Cruise. One of the groups on the bill is Reel Big Fish and vocalist/guitarist Aaron Barrett tells The Pier about the time they toured with 311 in ’97 as his excitement for the cruise boils over…

311’s fifth Caribbean Cruise will set sail March 2nd – 6th, 2017 from Tampa, FL, into the island paradise of Cozumel, Mexico. They’re taking your average Caribbean cruise and transforming it into a massive, floating music festival at sea. The floating fest will include three 311 pool deck shows; shows by many other bands, DJ’s comedians; a personal photo with you, your cabin mates 311; activities with all the artists on-board; fun-in-the-sun with 2,700 other music fans – plus a list of incredible on-board amenities.
Joining 311 with live music will be Rebelution, Reel Big Fish, Stick Figure, People Under the Stairs, Ballyhoo!, RDGLDGRN, Los Stellarians (side project of 311’s SA Martinez), and Beastie Boys tribute group, ILL Communication.

What stood-out to me on this line-up is Reel Big Fish who, a long with 311, experienced mainstream success in the mid ’90’s. As I was thinking of these 2 fantastic groups that are still around crushing shows today as they did in the ’90’s, I couldn’t recall a time where the two had ever really toured together; which makes this floating festival line-up all the more appealing! You have music that has lasted decades that will be performed by ska-rockers, Reel Big Fish, the hip-hop group The People Under The Stairs, and 311. On the other-hand, you have the modern day favorites with Rebelution, Stick Figure, Ballyhoo! RDGLDGRN providing balance to a line-up that happens to be aboard the Norwegian Jade headed for the Caribbean.

I caught up with Reel Big Fish front-man, Aaron Barrett, and asked if their paths had ever crossed and he shared his first impression of 311, along with a story of the one time they toured together:

“My first memory of 311 is hearing ‘Do You Right’ on the radio in ’93 and going: ‘OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST BAND EVER!’ — We did the 1997 Australian Warped Tour together and there are no tour buses down there so all the bands would climb on to a Greyhound type bus and they would drive us to the next big dirt field where the show was going to be the next day and they would hand out tents to all the bands to set up themselves to sleep in! So technically, not only have we toured with 311 before, we’ve gone camping in Australia together! [haha]”

Almost 20 years to the date of that experience will fans have their next opportunity to see 311 and Reel Big Fish share the stage again, only this time it’ll be at sea. This will also be the first time Reel Big Fish will get to know both Rebelution and Stick Figure: “We don’t know those guys personally, but we are huge fans of their music and are so excited to be playing with them on the cruise!”

311 has pioneered a fusion of modern rock, reggae, hip-hop and has followed that up by pioneering a stage and platform to which music can be played and enjoyed. 311’s front-man Nick Hexum shares: “On our past 311 Caribbean Cruises we’ve had fans join us from all 50 US States 10+ countries, it’s really amazing to see all of these people coming together and having the time of their lives. It’s really like a big family-reunion out on the ocean. The energy and positivity is just incredible — and we can’t wait to be out there again!”

The floating festival will take place aboard Norwegian Jade which offers guests 11 on-board bars and lounges, 15 dining experiences, one outdoor pool, hot tubs, and a full array of spa treatments. Guests can enjoy access to other entertainment on the ship as well, whether it’s a game of basketball on the sports court, a workout in the fitness center or tempting lady luck with a few hands in the Casino. Plus, guests will have the option to enjoy a day-long cruiser-only excursion on the picturesque Caribbean island of Cozumel, where unbelievable blue-green waters, golden sandy beaches, and vibrant coral reefs are all waiting to be explored.

For information on securing your spot on the cruise visit or by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: 311 Caribbean Cruise 2015 Recap

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Brent Burns (the Trop Rock musician, not the hockey player) came to Destin…

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It’s always a fun time when Brent Burns comes back to Destin to perform. Brent has been playing Trop Rock music for so many years it was not even called Trop Rock when he started. Brent has been playing music for so long he was actually a guest on the old Michael Douglass TV show way back in the day. Back then he still had hair too. LOL

Brent contacted Sunshine Cindy and I a few months ago to see if we could get a house concert put together as he would be passing through Destin. We were able to make it happen, our friend Julie offered up her backyard and pool for the party and we promoted it and ended up with a good crowd.

Brent does all original songs. As he likes to say, “Buffett does not do my songs and I don’t do his!” We ended up with a perfect day. It rained most of the morning but the skies cleared in time for us to get set up and it stayed nice (and very hot so the pool was heavily used) until well after he was done performing. Dean brought 40 pounds of shrimp from Louisiana and he did a shrimp boil. It was fantastic. Mike brought his Margarita machine, Clyde brought a “shot ski” and a good time was had by all. Just another reason we love living in Destin.

Brent actually got into town Saturday evening and stayed with Sunshine Cindy and I. Chaos loved Brent. She couldn’t get enough attention from him. We had a great time catching up with Brent. We usually only get to see him a couple times a year. He and his lovely wife Pam live in Gulf Shores, AL and Brent is on the road a lot. Brent was amazed by the traffic trying to get into Destin across the Mid-Bay bridge. I reminded him of the Saturday change over. LOL

Speaking of Trop Rock music…Last week we lost one of the best Trop Rock musicians. Jim Morris who had one of the quickest wits and ability to write songs that everyone could relate to passed away suddenly. It was a major shock to the Trop Rock world. Key West and MOTM will never be the same. We made plans where to go based on where/when Jim and his band was playing. There is a big void in our world now.

Thursday evening was spent watching my old Jim Morris YouTube video’s I had recorded at various events. It brought back many great memories but also sadness that we will never make new memories with Jim and his band. We will still get “Laid Back and Key Wasted” but it won’t quite be the same. RIP Jim…

I was off Friday with my normal off day. I could have gone out to Crab Island with some friends but I elected to get some things done around the house that I needed to do. I then made a Publix run to get some stuff for the weekend. I had a couple other stops to make then decided to go to Landshark Pizza for lunch. Sue was behind the bar. Tommy and Pops were there also having some lunch. They each had one charter trip for the day. So they were happy to be relaxing. Landshark had a good afternoon crowd too. It looks like they are doing well in their new location.

Tommy is a boat captain of a snorkel and scuba boat and Pops is a Charter boat captain. It’s funny listening to them talk about some of the people that get on their boats. Tommy’s boat take folks out to either snorkel or scuba dive. He had one lady ask if her hair was going to get wet. Umm, the only way to snorkel or scuba dive is to actually get into the water! Another time he said he had two guys who admitted to him as they were anchored and people were getting into the water that one could not swim and the other was afraid of water. Tommy told them to go sit down and when the trip was over they would get their money back. Geeze…

For Friday evening Sunshine Cindy and I were invited to Julies. Dean was making New Orleans style BBQ shrimp. It was awesome. We swam, listened to some good tunes and told a lot of jokes. There were about 10 of us there. A perfect size group for an evening party. We finally got home about 10 pm…in time to let Chaos out before we turned in for the night.

Saturday was spent preparing for Brent’s arrival and getting the food we were bringing on Sunday ready. We had snack food for Brent plus I went and picked up a large pizza from…wait now…Yep, Landshark Pizza! LOL

Around Destin the new pedestrian crosswalk lights on 98 were activated. I don’t get on 98 very much so I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of how there were affecting traffic but talking to some folks it looks like traffic is so slow already this is just another thing to slow it down a little more. A couple people said it helped them get out onto 98 from parking lots as it caused a gap in traffic so we have that going for us.

Living on the Gulf of Mexico we have some strange occurrences from time to time. Last week there was a fish kill on Okaloosa Island. Dead fish were washing up on the beach. There was no known reason like Red Tide or something like that. There are times it just happens due to something from Mother Nature and that’s what this looked like. I guess it was pretty smelly along that section of beach. I am glad to say this does not happen often.

It’s going to be another great week in Destin. The Parrot Heads will be meeting Friday at The American Legion. The weather continues to be hot and humid with a 30% chance of rain from now till the end of September! So keep your tank tops, flip flops and cold boat drinks handy to keep cool. See ya next Monday!

Destin Steve

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Video: The Grouch & Eligh – “People of the Sun”

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Featuring a guest appearance by Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid, here is a new song by The Grouch Eligh called “People of the Sun”. The video was Directed by Matt Hobbs for Vital Films with additional filming provided by Jeff Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda. You can catch The Grouch Elight with Zion I on tour with Slightly Stoopid — View the dates HERE! Enjoy the song video…

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Dirty Heads Advice For Aspiring Artists

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Digging in further to the previous Dirty Heads fan QA on Facebook, vocalist Jared Watson got a little personal. Among many topics, Watson discussed some behind-the-scenes aspects of producing Dirty Heads music and included some advice from a true pro for all those aspiring up-and-coming artists.

The Pier and fans received a pleasant surprise from Jared Watson of Dirty Heads during his recent Facebook QA when he shared some advice for up-and-coming artists looking to make their big break. There are numerous places artists can go to learn and improve their musical talents from local lessons, online apps, tabs and sheet music, open mic, and much more. But one of the best ways to quickly advance any skill is through a mentor, and there isn’t a better musical mentor than one of your favorite bands currently making it big.

Well, here you go…a gift from the Dirty Heads. During the previous Facebook QA a fan asked for some advice for new musicians trying to make it. To start, Watson put things very straight forward for new artists, stating: “Just play! Play anywhere and everywhere that you can. And put your shit out…like Soundcloud, put free music out all fuckin day if you want to make a name for yourself. Put out as much music as you can online and play as many shows as you can.”

Watson of course dug a bit deeper explaining the need to network to build a team and a dedicated fan following before throwing in some words of inspiration. He stated, “If you are a kid who has a dream that just wants to write songs go make a name for yourselves and maybe one day get to sing a song with DH.”

But this is not just a pipe dream. Watson went on to tell the true story of this actually happening. Prior to gaining the traction they currently have, AER was a new and aspiring band themselves who are based out of Wayland, MA. Aer vocalist, Carter Schultz, won a Dirty Heads contest with a cover of Antelope and later found a place playing on the same stage while on tour with Dirty Heads.

Mixed in with a variety of other questions, many were focused around the last album’s experimental approach and how the new upcoming album compares. When asked about the most difficult aspects of making an album, Watson explained the difficulties in trusting others with something that’s so personal.

“…then you take it and send out to someone who hasn’t been in the room or writing at all and you trust them to take what you made, you know your baby, and you trust them to mix it…that’s the most nerve-racking for me…giving somebody else something that you put so much time and your soul into and they’re just going to take it and maybe do something.”

Watson discussed the difficulty of giving up something close and personal, which everybody can relate to. As a musician, you must enlist the help of professionals and delegate different aspects of your music to other talented individuals. Sourcing that network is of course a necessity as he discussed.

[Related: Dirty Heads New Single “That’s All I Need”]

To put it short and sweet, nut up and get your music out there wherever and whenever you can, and get your face out there in the spotlight: “Keep truckin, writing as much as you can and putting everything out and play. People really don’t understand the importance of performing and connecting with your fans before you blow up. You can blow up overnight but if you have no fans before that you’re fucking going to go away just as quick. But if you’ve been grinding out and building your fanbase and having people with you at all these shitty shows realizing ‘I was there from day fuckin’ 1!’, then they’ll connect and you’ll feel connected with them. You build that community and that’s how you do it.”

True to form, before Dirty Heads began touring as a full band, they spent their early years playing on bar-stools at local dive bars singing and rapping as a 3-piece with Duddy B. on guitar singing rapping with Jon Jon on percussion and Jared rapping. If there was a stage, a PA and an invite to play, the Dirty Heads showed up, including invites to birthday parties. They have since evolved into the powerhouse they are today, selling out arenas across the U.S. — Check their upcoming tour dates below.

Dirty Heads Tour Dates

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Article Photo By: Eric Schoep

Watch: Dirty Heads – “Cabin By The Sea” (The Pier’s Live Acoustic Series)

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Mrs. Skannotto Changes Name to Burn It Up!

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Out of Rochester, NY alternative ska-rock outfit Mrs. Skannotto has announced, ahead of some upcoming shows, a new guitarist and a new album, that they have decided to change their band-name to BURN IT UP.

It’s not often we’re given an update that a band has changed their name. I think the last significant name change we reported on had to do with Sublime, but that was for other reasons. This update comes as a bit of a surprise as the group has already established themselves with the 3 studio albums since forming in 1998.

Fusing elements of alternative rock, reggae, punk and ska, Burn It Up’s distinct sound reflects the eclectic musical backgrounds and styles of each band member and their shared influences such as The Police, Sublime, RX Bandits and Goldfinger. The group consists of Joe Harmon on Vocals, Mike Frederick on the lone Guitar, Justin Lloyd rocking Trumpet, Dan Carter slappin’ da Bass, Evan Dobbins bumpin’ the Trombone, and Alex Bochetto on the Drums. MrsSkaPress

From Mrs. Skannotto to Burn It Up:

They had been kicking around the idea of changing their name since 2002 when the group first moved to Rochester, NY. We caught up with Burn It Up’s trumpet player, Justin Lloyd, who acknowledged: “The name change probably would have been most appropriate then (in 2002), but at the time, we had a little notoriety and 2 albums of tunes to work with, so it was easier to build the band back up with existing tunes and a reputation, rather than start from scratch in a city that, at the time, had no ska scene to speak of.”

Coming up with a new name after 18 years can’t be easy and with 6 members in the group, choosing a new name can be difficult: “We went through a long process with everyone personally writing and refining their own lists of names, first. Then we all sat down together and compiled all the names and had a veto session. Eventually, we narrowed it down to 3 names that everyone had agreed with, then we did a “knock-out” search to see if there were any other band’s with the names or other significant name conflicts. ‘Burn It Up’ was our top pick and coincidentally had no real name conflicts, so it worked out perfectly.”

The original band name, Mrs. Skannotto, was formed as an inside joke around one of the groups founding members, Mark Annotto, who loved ska music. Inside jokes are hard to outwardly explain, and as as the group details: “It’s really hard to remember and even harder to spell correctly, so with a band of our moderate size trying to make and spread a name for ourselves around the country, it was becoming a problem for people remembering who we were and connecting with us after a show, especially the farther away from home we were… Our hope is to move forward with a name that will let us and the music do the talking and not get people hung up on trying to remember ‘What was the name of that awesome band I saw on Saturday night, and how the heck do I spell it?’ Problem solved = Burn It Up!”

Mrs. Skannotto Burn It Up Working On New Record

Back in Oct. 2015, we featured their song “Cadence”, from their last studio album Outlier, as our Mp3 Leak of the Week, the group told us at the time they were holed up in the studio at Hope Alive Media in Farmington NY, where they are reuniting with audio engineer Matt Goodwin and sound mixer Matthew Saccuccimorano, who they worked with on last year’s Outlier LP.

When pressed for hints as to what fans can expect from the new record, bassist Dan Carter says: “I’d say the focus will be on tight compositions, and further developing new ground explored on the last album. The music itself is different. We keep evolving musically.”

Follow Burn It Up below at their new following links and keep a look out for their upcoming shows.

Burn It Up Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Mrs. Skannotto Burn It Up – “Outlier”

Watch: Mrs. Skannotto Burn It Up – “.tribe” (Lyrical Video)

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Buffett makes Forbes List of Highest Paid Celebrities

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Jimmy Buffett comes in at #66 on Forbes List of the Worlds Highest Paid Celebrities with $40.5 million.

Source Of Wealth: Margaritaville
With locations from Atlantic City to Panama City, Buffett’s Margaritaville empire is broader–and lucrative–than just about any venture by his top-earning celebrity peers. He still finds time to play gigs in front of his Parrothead fan base, to the tune of 27 dates in our scoring period.


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Exploring Remote Florida Keys

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 photo DSCN0768_zpsuau4trtn.jpg

When most people think of the Florida Keys, they think of Key West, or Key Largo. Others will think of Islamorada, Marathon, Bahia Honda, or perhaps any of the other Keys that are linked by the forty two bridges that are known as Overseas Highway.

Well, forty two bridges would link forty two islands, but of course there are also islands not connected by the bridges, such as Geiger Key, or No Name Key, which are off islands which are. I’m strictly guessing here, but I’m estimating the archipelago of islands which have people living on them could be around sixty five to seventy five.

However, the Florida Keys amount to much more than seventy five islands. In total, there are actually over three thousand islands in the Florida Keys!

By the way, a Key, or Cay (both pronounced Kee) is a small, low island.

How can one not be curious about exploring some of these? Back around seven years ago, my friends Rick, Cindi, and Jeff went out to one of these remote keys, and I’ve been going there ever since. With group of friends of ours, we recently went out there again earlier this week, renting a pontoon boat to get there.

Our destination was Marvin Key, or more correctly “The Marvins”. There are two islands in the Marvins, neither of which has a singular name.

We rent the pontoon boat from Backcountry Boat Rentals, which is at Mile Marker 17 ( 17 miles north of Key West), Summerland Key. Every time we’ve gone, we’ve had fabulous service from them. The boats are in great shape and the man who sees you off, Alfredo, is very pleasant, yet also quite precise in his instructions, so there is no confusion.

Marvin Key is about nine miles west of Summerland Key, where the boat disembarks from, and the ride out there takes about an hour. You must stay within the guidelines of the trip, because it’s very shallow and it doesn’t take much to run aground.

The pictures will better explain what it’s like out there. They really do speak for themselves.

 photo DSCN0963_zpspj0xhwbn.jpg

A channel the route takes you through shortly after leaving the dock.

 photo DSCN0932_zps9u3lumy6.jpg

Dani Hoy piloted this trip.

 photo DSCN0934_zpscxhnf74k.jpg

Some of the 3000 islands in the Florida Keys on the way out.

 photo DSCN0760_zpssfpehgfe.jpg

 photo DSCN0768_zpsxzx7spif.jpg

 photo DSCN0798_zps364rcabv.jpg

 photo DSCN0855_zpsspwv9dmn.jpg

New keys are constantly being formed. The sands are constantly shifting throughout the Keys and new islands sprout out of nowhere. A mangrove starts growing in it and next thing you know, there’s a new island!

 photo DSCN0786_zpsjokvmycr.jpg

Marvin Key is in sight!

 photo DSCN0922_zpsjc9mgpek.jpg

Marvin Key

 photo DSCN0844 2_zpsqqjlqv28.jpg

My dogs Cajun and Tooloulou always come on the trip. Here Cajun is the scout, making sure the island is safe for the rest of us.

 photo DSCN0819_zpsvrfwsnmg.jpg

Following the trail Cajun blazed up the island.

 photo DSCN0822_zpslllprlui.jpg

A sandy spot that looks like it would make a fantastic campground… one of these trips!… What? it’s illegal…. hummmm…

 photo DSCN0831_zpscjwirlal.jpg

Cajun and Tooloulou checking out the other side of Marvin Key.

 photo DSCN0833_zpsv5vwxjev.jpg

The other side of Marvin Key.

 photo DSCN0821_zpsh5vn63my.jpg

Coming back out the island path

 photo DSCN0874_zpsmd02xsjv.jpg

Fun in the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys

 photo DSCN0876_zpslgazielv.jpg

My friend Bill Cockrill’s coozie  kept the beverages cool on a 90 (32C) degree day! Thanks Bill!

 photo DSCN0845_zpsjobphse8.jpg

 photo DSCN0926_zpsljy2rhnu.jpg

We spent six hours at Marvin Key! It never gets old!!!!

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