Rainy week in Destin

Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2016 at 7:46 pm
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This past week saw a lot of rain along the panhandle but it was nothing like they got in Louisiana. We actually got lucky as only Friday was a total washout. Otherwise we had thunderstorms blow through but we had plenty of time between the storms.

The rain didn’t stop us from getting out though. Sunshine Cindy’s daughter Tiffany flew back to Atlanta on Saturday so on Friday we all went to Harry T’s for happy hour and some dinner. Tiffany’s last day as a server at Harry T’s was Wednesday so Friday many of her co-workers came by to say goodbye. Red was behind the bar but she was getting off and Mike and Susan took over. Lou also came by to give Tiff a big hug. Harry T’s has a great happy hour at their bar. It is half price everything from 11 am to 7 pm. It’s a great deal. Plus they have some good food specials.

From there we headed to Landshark Pizza for our monthly Parrot Head meeting. A big crowd was there as Jan and Kenny entertained everyone. There was even the longest conga line we have had in a long time erupt! Lol  Our friends Steve and Becky were back in town and made the meeting. It was great seeing and talking to them. By the time we left Landshark to head home the rain had stopped and it was actually clearing up.

Saturday was our 3rd Crab Island Mambo / ECPHC beach cleanup of the summer on the island. Sunshine Cindy could not make it as she had to get Tiffany to the airport but I was there with almost 40 others. We did our usual good job cleaning the beach and then we had a fun beach party. The theme was chicken wings. Folks brought some and we had a contest. I was a judge and it was difficult to pick a winner but the judges agreed Mike’s were the best. He grilled them and added the right amount of spice. They were fantastic.

We had our usual assortment of drinks and good conversation. We even fed one of our lifeguards. She stopped to talk to us and she was grateful when we offered her some wings as she forgot her lunch. About 2 in the afternoon the skies darkened and we could see rain was coming. Everyone packed up about 3 and I headed home. As I pulled into our neighborhood it was dark and the rain was coming. I unloaded and within two minutes the sky also unloaded. I just made it.

That was different from Friday. I left Publix and the sun was out. Our house is about 3 miles away. By the time I got home it was raining. Later in the day I went to the post office. I walked in and it was not raining. I checked my PO box and walked out. Now it was a monsoon coming down. Go figure.

Sunday Sunshine Cindy and I made a run out to Santa Rosa Beach. On the way back we wanted to stop at one of the beach bars but all the parking lots were packed. We ended up at the harbor and Tailfins for lunch. While there we saw Julie was at the Cantina listening to BT so we walked down there to join her. Jan and Loujean also showed up. Jasmine and Marti took good care of us. It was hot and humid with no breeze but we still had a good time.

We ended the weekend at home visiting with our neighbors. The dogs all ran around and everyone enjoyed the summer evening.

Our tourist season is officially over for the summer. Traffic was its normal rate last week. I got home in about 25 minutes instead of 50 minutes that it had been running. Our local schools were back in session as were many of our neighboring states and cities schools.

I saw a new Emergency Room facility is going to be built at Emerald Lakes. They are going to have a ground breaking this week. I don’t know if this will be in addition to or replacing the current ER on Airport road.

Speaking of Airport road…the curve was busy collecting cars in the ditches this past week. When it rains people don’t slow down and they end up in the ditch. I saw two different cars in the ditch and Sunshine Cindy saw one. I don’t understand why people don’t slow down especially if they travel that road often and know how bad it is.

Have a great week. I will leave you with another poem I wrote.

Destin Steve

“What Happens in Destin Leaves on Saturday”

Patty came to Destin on Saturday to get away from the daily stress at work
She will put her feet in the sand and the hot guys she sees are just another perk
It’s a girls week at the beach as they leave Atlanta behind
As they check into their condo they are now in a relaxed Destin state of mind

Meanwhile the locals are heading to AJ’s to check out the new Saturday arrivals as they are hoping to score
They will be having beer and rum drinks while trolling the dance floor
With their flip flops and cargo shorts you can’t miss them as they come down the walkway
With the bay and harbor in the distance they are land sharks looking for their prey
You have airman to the left and fishheads to the right
Everyone is looking to make this a memorable night

Dougie comes each Saturday to scope out the club, there’s a cute girl here and a hot one there
At the bar sits Patty in a colorful sun dress with her shoulders bare
Patty and her girls are sipping their Jack on the rocks
Dougie decides to move in like a sly fox

Black Eyed Blonde is playing great music to dance to
Dougie and Patty start to dance as he says, “I like you”
Patty tells him she is not looking for “mister right” but just “mister right now”
After dancing and laughing all night Dougie can only say, “wow”

They hook up all week hitting Hogs one night and The Boathouse the next night
The week is slipping away but with each passing day it feels right
Cruising up and down Hwy. 98, renting a pontoon boat and taking a dolphin cruise they look like love birds
But the reality of Patty leaving on Saturday are the unspoken words

Friday night is epic as they promise to stay in touch and see each other often
But it was the blow of Patty leaving they were trying to soften
They said good bye with the memories of the week fresh in their minds
While they toasted the good times with one last glass of wine

What happens in Destin leaves on Saturday
Dougie went back to AJ’s Saturday night…he’s ready to play
Patty’s memory is so yesterday
He’s walking around the bar looking for his next hook up
With his Costa shades around his neck and a beer in a red solo cup
You have airman to the left and fishheads to the right
Everyone is looking to make this a memorable night
What happens in Destin leaves on Saturday

Steve Kesegich August 2016 ©

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Article source: http://destinsteve.blogspot.com/2016/08/rainy-week-in-destin.html

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