Some days you don’t want to end…

Posted on Monday, August 1st, 2016 at 7:56 pm
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And some weekends you don’t want to end either…okay, almost every weekend you don’t want it to end but this past weekend in Destin was more fun than usual. Sunshine Cindy and I were on the go from the beginning to the end.

Friday morning I took Chaos to the vet to get her nails cut and to pick up her heartworm and tick medicine. Chaos loves to ride in the car. I had the top down and she had her nose up in the air catching the breeze as we drove. She is now up to 57 pounds too. After the vet we stopped at the Destin dog park. It was extremely hot out so we didn’t stay too long but she got some running in with a few other dogs that were there. She was ready to get home and back into the air conditioning though.

I then ran a few errands then headed to Landshark Pizza for some wings for lunch. Sue was working the bar. Tommy and Pops came in right after I got there. Then Tom also came in and joined us. Tom had recently got back from Cleveland where he went for the Republican convention. He was impressed with my home town I am glad to say.

At one point during lunch we noticed a procession of police motorcycle cops and cars passing by on highway 98 followed by a bunch of bicycle riders and more emergency vehicles. It turns out a group of riders had left Naples several days before and rode across Florida in honor of our fallen officers. They stopped in five towns with Okaloosa County being the last town on their ride. That was an awesome honor for those officers and for our Deputy Myers who was killed a year ago.

Friday evening Sunshine Cindy and I went to our pool. We had it to ourselves. The water was as hot as bath water. That’s what happens when you have temps in the 90’s for a couple months in a row. But it was still a nice and relaxing way to spend the evening.

Saturday we did something we have not done in years. We went bowling. The Parrot Heads sponsored a bowling night at Hurricane Lanes. We had about 25 or so show up. It was a blast even though we all are now sore. It was a lot of laughs and drinking beer as no one took it too seriously. Then a big group ended up in Ruperts drinking more beer and shooting pool.

Sunday I went kayaking to Crab Island with Kenny, Becki and Wayne. I have been trying to get out there with them and it finally happened. It was a fun day. The water was beautiful and it was not to crazy out there. A big thunderstorm blew up over Niceville but the Destin Dome held and we had blue skies the entire day. Sunshine Cindy is not big on kayaking. She went to Crab Island Cantina with Julie to listen to BT play. When we finished with our excursion I joined them for the last hour of BT’s set. I finally got to meet Julio, the new manager and we also broke in a new bartender, Marti. The Cantina continues to be a fun place that we love to go to.

When it was time to leave I had a taste for pizza and they wanted Waffle House. We both got our way. I went to Landshark for my pizza and they hit the Waffle House. Everyone was happy! Lol  Needless to say Sunshine Cindy and I were all pretty wore out and slept good Sunday night.

We have a great life in Destin. For years we have had a saying that we live where it does not suck. Well, I took that line and made a poem about Destin.

“Living Where It Does Not Suck”

The Emerald Coast is home to crystal clear water and sugar white sand
You can take a boat out to catch the big one or dance up a storm with a great Trop Rock Band
Head to the beach in a big ol Ford truck
Because we are Living Where it does not Suck!

Check out The Boathouse and Crab Island Cantina for some Patron and brews
Destin has hundreds of great places for you and your krewe
Do you like to shop and play golf, then you are in luck
Because we are Living Where it does not Suck!

Only in Destin can you have a funky place like Banana Bart’s
Or the upscale Grand Boulevard that will capture your heart
Let’s “Embrace the Chaos” bowling and drinking Fireball at Uncle Bucks
Because we are Living Where it does not Suck!

Crust and Landshark are fantastic places for a pizza pie
In Destin you can also get sushi, BBQ and some great Thai
Tourist come in droves across our bridges in their SUV’s and trucks
Because they know we are Living Where it does not Suck!

Rob Romans and BT Turner are part of the Destin music scene who you must hear
Or you can ride a zip line through Harborwalk Village if you have no fear
Catch rays on our beautiful beaches where there is no muck
Because we are Living Where it does not Suck!

Fun bars like Baby J’s and Tipsy Turtle come and go
But this is our beach town and we know how to go with the flow
We have Crab Island as our playground where no one gets stuck
Because we are Living Where it does not Suck!

The sunsets in Destin are awesome
You will love it no matter where you are from
Our life is better than your vacation
So don’t be a smuck
You too can be Living Where it does not Suck!

Steve Kesegich July 31, 2016 ©

I hope you enjoyed this short poem and that it gives you a little more insight on why I love my little (and not so sleepy anymore) fishing town. Have a great week. See ya next Monday!

Destin Steve

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