The Making Of A CD/Album

Posted on Saturday, August 27th, 2016 at 2:12 am
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Going into the studio today. It takes a very different talent  doing studio work than playing live. It’s not often that a great live performer is a great studio musician, and visa versa. Doing studio work is a different ballgame all together.  Playing live is more like driving a Ferrari on a race track, whereas studio work is more like driving a tractor hoeing a field. It’s a very different discipline. Nashville, for instance, I recall hearing years back, has a pool of around 28 musicians they pull from to do a recording. That’s guitar players, keyboardists, bass players, and pedal steel players. 28 total, and they played on every Nashville cut on the radio. About a year ago there was a great movie out called “The Wrecking Crew” about a small group of musicians who were on so many hit songs, I couldn’t begin to count. The Beach Boys wanted to cut their own tracks, but after hearing The Wrecking Crew, they backed off. It’s a verry different talent, as I say.

Ian chose The Ramble Room Studios, on
Eaton Street, here in Key West. The Ramble Room has been open for
around a year, maybe a bit more, I’m guessing? I had not been there
as of yet, nor had I seen any pictures of it either.

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