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Track List for Buffett’s new Christmas Album

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Jimmy Buffett’s new Christmas album “Tis The SeaSon” is now available for pre-order from (release date is October 28, 2016).

Born on Christmas, it seems apropos that Jimmy Buffett would be the perfect person to perform your holiday favorites! 20 years after his platinum-plus selling holiday album, Jimmy returns with a new installment, soon to be a classic! Recorded in 6 cities while on breaks during his 2016 summer tour, the 13 track album includes 9 traditional songs, 3 new originals, and a very special Parrothead version of the The Twelve Days of Christmas.



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It’s still hot in Destin

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Even though the calendar says it is now Fall, the temps are not reflecting that. We had another week of near record highs as we were in the mid 90’s all week. We should start to cool down to more normal temps this week if you can believe the weatherman.

Sunshine Cindy and I actually took it kind of easy this week. Friday was my regular Friday off. I got some errands run and even made stop at Barbary Coast for a haircut. Tim the barber started Barbary Coast over 20 years ago. I have been going there for several years. It’s a place for guys. I have never seen a lady in there except for the ladies who work there. About a year and half ago Tim had a stroke. He was bouncing back from that when he got another one. Tim is not doing well from that stroke. I found out one of the ladies, Kelly is buying the business and will keep running it as it is now. I hope Tim will get well enough to stop back in from time to time. And good luck to Kelly.

When I got back home Chaos and I washed and cleaned BadAss3. Actually I did most of the work while Chaos sniffed around the yard. But she was right there if I needed her! lol

The Parrot Heads had a meeting Friday night at KC’s Sandbar in Fort Walton Beach. Sunshine Cindy didn’t get home from work till almost 6 so we ended up missing the party. Oh well, next time.

Saturday morning Sunshine Cindy and I loaded Chaos into BadAss3 and we went to make a few stops. We hit Home Depot, Pet Smart and Destin Ice Seafood. Chaos loves riding in the car especially with the top down. But it was hot out and she was glad to get back home and into the air conditioning.

Later in the afternoon I headed to Crab Island Cantina and Charley’s BBB bar to watch some football. Johanna was working the bar. She got called in as they were shorthanded and had to bring her daughter with her. All I can say is kids can sleep anywhere! Charley’s has Edamame and it is so good. I had it with a few brews while watching some games. Carlos came by and we chatted for a few minutes. I have not seen Carlos in a few months so it was good catching up. I headed home and watched some hockey in the evening as Canada beat Russia in the World Cup semifinal game.

Sunday Funday had me going to Landshark Pizza to watch the Browns. Brian had sent me a message saying a couple guys from Cleveland down on vacation were coming in to watch the game. Jerry and Jack were great guys. Typical Cleveland guys. They love the Browns and love to party. It was fun hanging out with them. They stayed till the middle of the third quarter before they had to go back to their condo. The wives were wanting them back!

The Browns almost won. If our kicker had made a field goal we would have but it was not meant to be. As the game was ending B came and joined me. He told me Steve is in the hospital and not doing well. He had some surgery and did not wake up properly. They don’t know if he had a stroke or what but B said he can’t recognize people and does not remember even talking to folks right after having a conversation. That is so sad. He is a great guy who is well known in Destin. I pray for his wife to have strength at this time.

Things continue to happen on the Island. Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone is planning an expansion. The addition proposes a wide range of family amusements, including electric Go-Karts and bumper boats.

The other big news from the Island is the owner of the Ramada is planning to tear down the Ramada and replace it with a Hard Rock Resort. Immediately people were crying about this proposed development. I doubt many of them read or heard the plans instead jumping to conclusions that this was going to be built on vacate land adding to the traffic problem and removing more beach from public use. I would like to see a slowing of the development around here too but this is just a wash as we replace one resort for a newer one.

It is going to be a busy crazy week in Destin. The Seafood Festival is this weekend with our friends The Southern Drawl Band performing on Friday night on the main city stage. The fishing rodeo kicks off this weekend too. Fall is in full swing in Destin.

Have a great week. I will have a full report next Monday.

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Review: G.P.G.D.S. – Make It Better

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Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Make It Better
Make It BetterTrack Listing:
1.) Make It Better
2.) Live And Travel
3.) Signs
4.) Really True
5.) Walk Right Talk Right
6.) What Kind Of World
7.) Gotta Make A Living
8.) Greatest Of Days
9.) Trouble Deep
10.) Gone

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: September 16th, 2016
Release Date: Rootfire Cooperative
Official Website: Giant Panda Website

Artist Background:
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (GPGDS) formed in Rochester, NY back in 2001. The Upstate New Yorkers are renowned for their effortless ability to fuse jam band elements with a sturdy reggae foundation. The combination is the driving force behind their dynamic live shows. The band is made up by James Searl (bass/vocals), Chris O’Brian(drums/vocals), Dylan Savage (guitar/vocals), Dan Keller (guitar/vocals), and Tony Gallicchio (Keys). GPGDS topped Billboard’s Reggae Album Chart with 2014’s Steady, but have also proved their overall music prowess by writing two well-received Americana albums, Country (2012) and Bright Days (2015).

Album Review:
After another successful dabble with Americana on their previous release Bright Days, Giant Panda settled back into their reggae roots on Make It Better. The album is ripe with breezy, feel-good songs that blend together nicely. A core attribute of the album is it’s knack for transitioning a smooth chorus into a spacey jam. Throughout Make It Better, GPGDS manages to sneak in those crafty jams without losing the attention of the listener.

Make It Better may not have that one barn-burner song, but it is a conveyor belt of enjoyable melodies and deep grooves.

The top tracks on the album are “Gotta Make A Living” and “Trouble Deep.” The first is driven by a majestic horn riff and some powerful social commentary, touching on topics like homeless veterans and income inequality. “Trouble Deep” has a steady reggae rhythm with a hollowed plucking on the guitar that creates this eerie yet mesmerizing effect. The song extends into a nasty jam with a rambling guitar solo leading into a finale of horns.

Though they didn’t initially jump out at me, “Signs” and “Really True” ultimately became two of my favorite songs on the album as well. On the lighthearted song “Signs,” GPGDS sweetly sings, “Pour some wine, and pass it on to me.” The song has an outstanding outro, with a fuzzy guitar solo that mimics the vocals and a subtle, ambient build up of distortion. “Really True” is simply a warm and uplifting tune. Vocal harmonies can be heard throughout Make It Better, but Giant Panda’s use of them on “Really True” is fantastic.

There are only a handful of songs that I found myself glossing over. Mainly “Walk Right Talk Right” and “Live And Travel.” “Walk Right Talk Right” is an interesting break up in the album, incorporating a flavor of funk, really breaking from an otherwise very focused album. The odd cadence of the song just never worked for me. “Live And Travel,” one of the album’s first singles, is catchy enough and has some clever organ fills, but overall it’s a pretty cookie-cutter song.

In any case, GPGDS have created yet another impressive album. The New York band has proved they have a factory-like ability to put out good music, regardless of genre. 10 songs in length and just over a half hour long, Make It Better is a quick, but enjoyable listen. Make It Better is easy on the ears and definitely has a broad spectrum of appeal. Without a clear-cut best song, it’s an album where each listener will likely have a different set of favorites.

On a side note, Make It Better has to have one of the best album covers of any release this year. The image created by the Brooklyn-based, Iranian-born brothers Icy Sot is packed with symbolism, and fits perfectly with the theme of the album. Summed up easily by the 3-word title, “Make It Better.”

Written Reviewed By: Brian Winters

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, NOT the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

Watch: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Gotta Make A Living

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Buffett to play at Humphreys in San Diego

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From the San Diego Union Tribune: “Jimmy Buffett to play at Humphreys for first time since 1984

On Sept. 16, the veteran singer-songwriter and his band, The Coral Reefers, drew an overflow audience of more than 20,000 to their crowd-pleasing performance at the KAABOO Del Mar festival. Next spring, Buffett will be in residence at the La Jolla Playhouse, which will debut his first musical, “Escape to Margaritaville,” slated to open in May.

Now comes word that the tropical troubadour and his band will perform Oct. 18 at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay. It will be his first date at the intimate Shelter Island venue since 1984, during what was then only the third Humphreys season.

Humphreys has a capacity of just 1,450. Securing Buffett to perform there is a coup for the venue, which opened in 1982 and this year has featured concerts by Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr His All-Starr Band the Tom Petty-led band Mudcrutch. Buffett’s date will be followed with Humphreys performances by, respectively, Willie Nelson on Oct. 19 and comedian Tracy Morgan on Oct. 20.

“Buffett’s agent called us in December and asked us to hold a date in October. They didn’t tell us who it was for, which is not that unusual for a big act,” said John Wojas, the vice president for AEG Live San Diego, which exclusively books Humphreys.

“Two weeks later they told us the hold was for Buffett, and we were thrilled. Then they said we couldn’t announce it until after KAABOO, which is fine, because this will sell out in an instant. The fastest sellouts we’ve had at Humphreys are Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Whitney Houston and Robert Plant Alison Krauss. This could beat those.”

Tickets for Buffett’s show at Humphreys go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. through the Ticketmaster website,, and by phone at (800) 745-3000. Tickets are priced at $159 each, plus service charges, with a four-ticket per customer limit. No tickets will be sold at Humphreys or at Ticketmaster outlets.


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Story Behind The Song

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Music and events that happen in Key West as observed by Chris Rehm. “What Happens in Key West Stays in Key West” Wrong! Everyone wants to know what’s happening in Key West!

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The Expansion of 311’s ‘Grassroots Uplifter’

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311 continues to make noise in and outside of the music scene and The Pier recently caught up with front-man Nick Hexum to discuss the bands latest tour, alternative business ventures, and more.

After completing their most recent national tour with numerous locally aligned appearances to promote the Grassroots Uplifter vape pen, The Pier found that Nick and the boys have plenty more plans in store for fans.

Uplifter New BoxNick Hexum and 311 have been exploring alternative business ventures that align with their music for a while now. After starting with brewing their own beer, appropriately called 311 Amber Ale, the band has more recently dove into the cannabis industry with the 311 Grassroots Uplifter. As previously discussed, the Grassroots Uplifter is a high-end disposable portable vaporizer pen specifically for concentrated cannabis oil.

[Related Article: 311’s Grassroots Uplifter Vape-Pen]

The Grassroots Uplifter was launched in early 2016 and was introduced initially in California and the Uplifter v2 was introduced mid-2016. The popularity of the original Uplifter lead 311 back to the office to further improve on the product’s development and meet the various needs of consumers. The Uplifter v2 steps up the quality in a number of ways including using all glass and stainless for construction, elimination of all plastics, upgrade burner design, and a longer battery life. Consumer demand dictated even more development and the 311 went back to the drawing board to create the Uplifter Cart, a rechargeable version of the Uplifter v2. California again was the first to get the new product which is now available at various locations and even by delivery with Speed Weed.

UplifterCartWith the successful launch and growth, Nick and the fellas are pushing forward with another product launch in Washington, plans for Colorado, and even more plans for the Grassroots brand to expand into more products.

But the Uplifter is more than just a pen…the vape pen industry is a very saturated market and 311 wanted to make sure their pen stands above. 311 has gone further than just developing a quality and dependable personal vaporizer by forging business relationships with local processors to fill the Uplifter with quality cannabis. This aspect of the venture was especially important to Nick who explained to The Pier his background and reason for trying the business.

“I have seen numerous people very close to me find great relief from the use of cannabis. Although The Grassroots Uplifter is a recreational product, I truly believe in the medicinal and holistic benefits of cannabis.”
Nick Hexum, Vocals/Guitairst, 311

These local partnerships provide high-quality, potent, and clean cannabis concentrates processed under various state laws. Despite the varying material being used to fill the Uplifter, consumers can be confident in a clean quality product no matter what state they are in to purchase.

In Washington State, this means consumers will get the Grassroots Uplifter filled by Evergreen Extracts. Evergreen Extracts took their many years of experience with a holistic healthcare practitioner, taking it to the next level by processing their own medicinal cannabis concentrates. With the passing of new laws in WA earlier this year, the Evergreen team continues to produce high-end concentrates but now for the recreational market. Evergreen Extracts fills the Uplifter with numerous strain-specific options giving consumers not only their choice of indica, sativa or hybrid, but also their choice of specific cannabis genetics.

311 has further plans to expand the Grassroots brand into more states with Colorado and Oregon the most likely candidates. But 311 is taking their vaporizer business even further by developing a non-cannabis pen. The Grassroots Big Cloud is still in its initial development and provides the option of vaporizing various e-juice and other nicotine-based fluids.

Stay tuned into The Pier to keep up-to-date with 311, the expansion of the Grassroots Uplifter, and the future release of the Grassroots Big Cloud.

Watch: 311’s Grassroots Uplifter Vape-Pen

311 Tour Dates

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Article and Photos by: Eric Schoep

Watch: 311’s Grassroots Uplifter Vape-Pen 15 Second Ad-Spot

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SOJA to Release Their First Live Album

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Known for putting on one of the best shows in reggae, it’s only fitting that SOJA has decided to release an official live album. SOJA is dropping the album, titled Live In Virginia, on September 30th, 2016 via ATO Records. The 14-track live album contains a diverse mix of songs from the band’s lengthy catalog of music.

SOJA recorded their live show earlier this summer at the iconic Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Vienna, VA. The Wolf Trap is just around the corner from the band’s hometown of Arlington, VA. Singles for the live versions of “Believe” and “Rest Of My Life” are currently available on Spotify, and the band is offering instant downloads of the two songs for all pre-order purchases of Live In Virginia. The album also debuts a new song called “Morning.”

Hot off of their summer tour with Slightly Stoopid, the internationally revered band is preparing for a fall tour through Europe. SOJA kicks off a 20-show tour with an October 9th performance in Dublin, Ireland, and closes out on November 3rd in Lisbon, Portugal.

SOJA has been promoting the upcoming release with a pair of music videos for “Believe” and “Rest Of My Life” from the Wolf Trap show. Check out those videos below, and Click HERE to pre-order Live In Virginia (and receive the 2 digital downloads instantly).

SOJA – Live In Virginia Track Listing:
live-in-virginia-soja-album-cover1.) Creeping In
2.) Sorry
3.) Mentality
4.) She Still Loves Me
5.) Open My Eyes
6.) Be Aware
7.) Lucid Dreams
8.) Samba
9.) Rest Of My Life
10.) Morning
11.) I Believe
12.) Tear It Down
13.) Born In Babylon
14.) Promises and Pills (feat. Alfred The MC)

SOJA Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Winters

Watch: SOJA – Rest Of My Life (Live In Virginia)

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Interview: Josh Fischel

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Long Beach legend, Josh Fischel, former front-man of Bargain Music and more recently The Fiction, is putting on his very own 3-day music festival called Music Tastes Good from Sept 23 – 25th, 2016 on the streets of downtown Long Beach, CA. Much like Josh’s own musical background, the line-up boasts an eclectic mix from The Specials, De La Soul, Melvins, Living Colour, RX Bandits, Easy Star All-Stars, The Ziggens, and more! In addition to live music, the festival will feature the finest culinary offerings from local food vendors, chefs and artists. Each day is it’s own theme with live music and food, specifically curated to the day’s theme.

To get a better understanding of Josh’s new venture with putting on his Music Taste Good Festival, we wanted to trace back his 20+ years of conceptualizing art and music inside the cultural melting pot that we know as Long Beach, CA. Josh lived in 19 different homes over 18 years, mostly residing in southern, CA. He spent time living in Texas as well as New York before finally calling Long Beach, home. He directed Sublime’s lone documentary, Stories, Tales, Lies Exaggerations in 1997 before starting his own band, Bargain Music, who would go on to independently release 6 albums from 1998 – 2006.

Josh was nice enough to have The Pier out at his Music Taste Good Headquarters in Long Beach, CA where we had the chance to discuss the last 20+ years of his involvement in film, music to putting on his first music festival. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know and converse with one of my favorite artists who spent years laying the bricks to the foundation of a music community we cherish and value today.

Interview: Josh Fischel

The Pier: I want to start at the beginning — What brought you to Long Beach?
JF: I grew up all over southern CA and when I was 22 or 23 I moved to New York for a while. My brother, Zach, actually started working for a record label called Gasoline Alley and working with Jon Phillips and all those guys there. Sublime came into the picture and the cover of “Get Out” that we did for the Sublime tribute album, the whole middle part is 100% true. I was living in New York. My folks had bought a house that wasn’t ready to move in, so we went ahead and rented a house out in Palm Springs, CA for Christmas; Which is kind of a weird thing to do but it was kind of cool, too. My brother gave me this CD, 40oz to Freedom, for Christmas. It was like 1993 or something like that. I went to go get some cigarettes and listened to it by myself. I remember going to see Wayne’s World 2 with my cousin and I was like “You oughta hear this, it’s pretty fucking good,” and he was like, “Woah!” We were kind of taken aback by it.

Around that same time I started taking film classes in New York. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take music or film, I was kind of going back and forth, and whenever I came back out to California I’d go to Sublime shows and film them. At this point, there was like 10 people in the crowd. This was davidnorrisjoshfischelinterviewsocialmedia-4pre-anything. I think the biggest show I saw them do that whole year, and I saw them a few times when I came out, was maybe like 50 people or something like that. And I would honestly just film them just to watch them when I’d go back to New York because they didn’t tour at the time. Then they started touring and I got to get to know them and then they started having more success; they had a radio hit, got on the Warped Tour and all that. They needed some film stuff and asked me and I went on tour with them.

The Pier: Really? I never knew you went on tour with the Sublime…
JF: Yeah, yeah. On Warped tour. I didn’t tour with them on the bus, I was in a car but yeah, I spent some time with those guys on their first Warped tour. All of the stuff on the documentary that’s filmed on Warped tour, that’s stuff I shot, that’s me shooting it.

The Pier: Holy Cow! And we’re talking about Sublime’s lone documentary of Stories Tales Lies Exaggerations. See I knew you had directed the documentary, but I don’t ever recall reading anything in depth about the making of or your history or relationship to the band. So all of that footage from the documentary to Bud Gaugh talking back-stage…
JF: Yeah, Bud talking, that’s all me filming it. The one time after he hit Brad and he’s covered in Brad’s blood and he’s got Brad’s blood on his shirt… But, yeah then like six months later, Brad passed away. We just happened to be out in California for the last show.

The Pier: You were at Sublime’s last show (May 24th, 1996)? Did you film it?
JF: Yeah. Um. When we had it transferred, MCA had all of our footage transferred and somehow it disappeared when it got transferred. So yeah, we had the whole show filmed. Yup. It’s kind of a sore subject.

The Pier: Wow! Fair enough — What was Brad Nowell like? You got to tour with him. I know that’s probably a loaded question…
JF: Yeah, you know…To be honest, I would talk more with like Michael (Happoldt) and Bud (Gaugh). Brad would always hang out with Eric (Wilson), but back then Eric didn’t talk much; he talks a lot more now than he used to. But I knew Z-man really well and Michael. Brad had a lot going on, you know? But he was cool, he certainly was talented.

The Pier: So it was through your brother, Zach, that you met Sublime because he was working with Gasoline Alley… You’d come out to Long Beach from New York and you’d stay with your brother?davidnorrisjoshfischelinterviewsocialmedia-2
JF: My folks, mostly. Whenever I’d come out, I’d visit them. And then I started working on music videos after Brad died and there became some opportunity to do more music videos out here and a production company wanted me to join, so I moved back to southern, CA. That didn’t really pan out; I didn’t really enjoy working in that industry.

The Pier: Did you do any notable music videos? Any notable bands?
JF: No, I mean I did the Ziggens. I almost got a bunch of videos that ended up being big videos, but I was still just trying to build up my reel. I just didn’t like the whole process, dealing with the business side of things. Because it was everything that’s bad about the movie industry and everything that’s bad about the music industry, all wrapped up in one. So I kind of lost interest. But I was in Long Beach at that time and we started Bargain Music.

The Pier: And what year was it that you started Bargain Music?
JF: 1998 is when we started Bargain Music.

The Pier: And was that the same year that you had released the Sublime documentary?
JF: 1997 I believe, yeah.

The Pier: So you had all of this footage of covering Sublime and being on the road with them that you decided to put this documentary together –- You got to talk with Gwen Stefani as well any and everybody connected to the band with some fantastic stories. Almost 20 years later and it’s still the only Sublime documentary…
JF: Yeah, I think they’re talking about doing something. I know Sublime has new management and there’s been talk about doing a movie and all sorts of stuff. I was brought in for a little bit to talk about some stuff like that and conceptualize, but that didn’t pan out either.

The Pier: Was that with Surf Dog Records?
JF: Yeah, Surf Dog and the production company that does the Walking Dead. We had a few meetings with them and one of the guys that works there was a really big supporter of it. When we met with the film team there just wasn’t a vibe going on. I don’t think they got the project. I remember when we were in one of the meetings I was telling them the story about Denny’s, that whole thing, and they just look like they heard a horror story.

[Editors Note: Watch a clip from Sublime’s documentary discussing the Denny’s story]

The Pier: That’s as punk-rock as it gets, that story, as it’s told on the Sublime documentary…
JF: It’s hilarious! It’s fucking hilarious!

The Pier: Well it’s a classic punk-rock story
JF: Yes, it’s a classic punk-rock story and that’s what the whole thing is. I remember we went out to lunch later with the guy that was going to do some of the sponsorship stuff and my brother and then the guy from Walking Dead. We went out to lunch and they took away like – “Well we thought we should change this and change that and change this and we should think about it” and I’m like maybe we should think about it and maybe we should think about the fact that these guys aren’t the guys to make the movie. It’s that simple. If they’re not laughing at that story, they don’t get the story. And they didn’t get the story, they didn’t see what it was about. They’re like “It’s gotta be about something,” and I’m like look at The Doors movie, what is it about? It’s a series of vignettes, these little scenes of how all of this stuff was put together. You don’t need an ulterior motive or a subtext necessarily to tell a rock roll story. Just tell it viscerally and as true as you can.

The Pier: Well if you’re doing a movie on Sublime it would be hard to know that story exists to not include it on the road of shenanigans at some point during the film, because just to see that on a cinematic screen would be fantastic..
JF: It would be INSANE!

The Pier: You can’t write that stuff, but it actually happened.
JF: There’s a few stories that I’m like, man, it would just look so good on film and it’d be so funny and so shocking… We did start talk about casting, and stuff, which was weird. And we couldn’t come up with any ideas for Brad. But I was like 100% John Goodman could play Jim Nowell, Brad’s dad.

The Pier: Oh wow, yeah, that would be a great casting!
JF: Yup. Make it really about the two of them and that could be cool. But anyone else its like, fuck, who could play Brad? Oh, Wilmer Valderrama, the Spanish guy from That 70’s Show, he was trying to put a movie together with him playing, Brad. I think they had some meetings with him up in LA but that didn’t turn out.

The Pier: I can’t see him playing Brad at all. I think you would almost need an unknown to play Brad; An actor that you don’t have any other visual perceptions or context to…
JF: I think as long as it’s the right person. I mean, yeah, I think that’s what you always want to do so when you look at him, you just see the part, but just using The Doors as an example; Val Kilmer disappears in that role as Jim Morrison.

The Pier: When I think about the time in which Bargain Music existed, starting in 1998, much like Long Beach Dub All-Stars who existed from 97-02 following Brad’s death, music was kind of in a weird place then and reggae-rock wasn’t as common place at all. If you were into that music, it was hard to find –- No social media, no Youtube, MP3’s were still kind of new. How well do you think a Bargain Music or even a Long Beach Dub All-Stars would do coming out into today’s era and market?
JF: I think Dub All-stars would have a much easier time than Bargain Music would. When we started, that scene was pretty bare. It was like Bargain Music, Slightly Stoopid, Dub All-stars, Pepper and The Expendables came on a few years later. And for a while it was just the five of us. But when it comes down to it, the scene that’s there right now, it is that kind of reggae-rock, but it’s a lot more like a Hawaiian-Island style reggae influence these days with what people are doing. The bigger bands like Iration and Rebelution, that kind of stuff — Really keyboard heavy, synth heavy, really happy, third world kind of stuff.

Bargain Music was always difficult because we were different. We weren’t a reggae band. We were a band that had reggae in our catalog, but we weren’t a reggae band. I don’t even fuckin’ know what we were, [haha], we played everything. We played what we liked. Dub All-stars was kind of more straight ahead lovers rock, dub with a little punk in it. So I think they’d actually do pretty good right now. If they were starting out, right now, and they were in their late 20’s early 30’s like they were back then, I think they’d probably do pretty good.

The Pier: When you released Bargain Music’s first album 77 003 back in 1999, you hear a lot of the Sublime influence coming off the Sublime documentary and it just seems like it was a special genre of music without a label that was ahead of it’s time. Even today, and you were there with Bargain Music at the root of it all…
JF: It was experimental in a pop sensibility. It wasn’t like we were Frank Zappa or something like that, doing crazy time signatures and 40-minute songs. Although we did have some long songs. One of the reasons why I think that we weren’t more successful, but also one of the things I’m really proud of is that we never talked about being successful. We never talked about, “Well we need to write this kind of song because fans are going to like this stuff.” When we finally had that conversation is when we broke up. It’s like either we do this or we do that. None of us wanted to write a radio hit. We were okay if a song became a radio hit, but we just wanted to write our shit, you know? I think one of the reasons why people who do like Bargain Music is because it’s very personal stuff. I mean lyrically, it’s odd, it’s funny, but it’s also very real. It all comes from a real spot. And it’s not just, and more power to the bands that do this, but its not just “Light a Spliff” or “Raise Up Jah,” you know? There’s interesting subject matters. We wrote songs about things that people never wrote about before and I’m proud of that, for sure.

The Pier: You guys put out quite a few albums from 1999 to 2006, I have 6 listed here with your last one being American Born and that was a very cool album. Extremely eclectic with Americana, and some acoustic, but like you said, Bargain Music was never a reggae band, but then you have a reggae song like “Black Eye” and once you have that one popular song that extends on…
JF: Wow, we did put out a few records. But yeah, it was “Black Eye”, “Ballad of Bargain Music,” and “Long Beach Millennium.” It was those three that tended to be our more popular songs, so people tended to gravitate towards that. But also, the other popular songs were “Time To Die” or the “Metal Song,” “Raking Leaves on the Blacktop”.

Josh Fischel
The Pier: Has there ever been talks of a reunion show of any sort with Bargain Music? Perhaps at Music Taste Good Festival?
JF: Fuck, dude, I don’t have time for that with this festival going on. I would love to put The Fiction on it, but it’s just not in the cards.

The Pier: Yeah, I was noticing The Fiction wasn’t on the line-up and I know you’ve been working on a new album, Quixotic, for sometime now. There was a Kickstarter for the album and fan’s have been asking for an update on it to see when it’ll finally drop.
JF: I know it sounds stupid, but we’ve had a real problem with artwork. We just haven’t found something that we’ve liked and we’ve tried a bunch of stuff. We have a great album-cover but nothing else has worked. It’s like we’ve spent this much time on it, why not get it fucking perfect? We finally found the right artist who is actually working on it as we speak right now. So when he’s done, we’ll print them up. I want to get it out before Music Taste Good Festival because I’d like to get a bunch of them out there. I’m proud of it. But yeah, most of the emails on my Kickstarter aren’t there anymore; they’re missing. I’ve been sending updates out every 3 months and people aren’t getting them and I don’t blame them, I’d be pissed too. But they can email me directly at if they’re not getting updates.

The Pier: So The Fiction, is that something you said you kind of started in 2005?
JF: Yeah, it was honestly just these songs that I had that didn’t sound like Bargain Music songs to me. It sounded like something different, you know? I mean my songs are my songs, but it seemed like it was going in a different direction. I started working with my buddy, Kris Jackson, at his home studio and there was just a lot of chemistry with us working together. So The Fiction is basically me and him. We have different people play with us whenever we play live. We haven’t played in awhile, but when the album comes out, we’ll play a lot more.

The Pier: I imagine when you have a band with a new album and then a music festival, it’s got to be a lot. How did Music Taste Good Festival start to unfold? Coming present day from your last 20 years in Long Beach from Sublime to Bargain Music to The Fiction and now a Music Festival of this size on the streets of downtown Long Beach…
JF: [hehe] Yeah, it’s a little bizarre. So I’ve been doing the Riotstage thing which is kind of like this odd amalgamation of different art styles. From performance art to almost theatrical kind of stuff to rock roll, all kind of mixed together… We’ve done it at a bunch of different places. Some outdoors, existing theaters and it’s always a big group of people. And through that I got to know different people in the city and started working with other people and kind of got some people to help fund it. One of my friends that I was working with asked, “What’s Next?” and that’s when I said a music festival would be a great thing for Long Beach. It just seems like the right time. The city is more friendly to music than it’s been in decades. We started putting a team together; we’ve got a great team and started booking bands and the bands said Yes!

The Pier: So how did it come together with deciding on the bands over 3 days? How did it come down to the booking?
JF: As far as the days are concerned, I wanted it to be a multi-day festival. I also thought that we have to get people in town use to it. Because what we are doing is not something the city is use to. We have seen some resistance and we hope to prove that we are responsible and that this is a really great thing that, eventually, will just be a part of the fabric of the city. As far as bands, we wanted it to represent Long Beach and Long Beach is very, very eclectic. You’ll be driving down the street and someone’s listening to 2Chainz and then someone else is listening to Joni Mitchell.

The Pier: And Saturday, Sept 24th is the big day of the Festival?Josh Fischel
JF: Four stages over 8 or 9 blocks. Something like that, yeah.

The Pier: And the other part of the festival is the culinary side with the fine foods, and is that showcasing all local Long Beach businesses?
JF: Mostly! So there’s two components to that on Saturday. One is a local restaurant pop-up food court. So it’s a bunch of restaurants putting up E-Z Ups, cooking on the street, all very wildly eclectic, food wise. And then we have a VIP dinner that, there’s six Long Beach chefs that have picked 6 chefs from out of town and they’re pairing with them, so there are six teams. They’re going to be doing a lot of sourcing from Long Beach farms and we’re calling it a farming taste experience. All the farmers will be there to talk about the food and why they did what they did. Just very interactive.

The Pier: Very cool and like you said, it’s all local, for the most part. Local farmers, everything Long Beach local…
JF: Yeah except for the chefs that are paired with local chefs. We got one guy coming from Mexico City, Diego Khalo who is actually Frida Khalo’s great grand-nephew. Frida Khalo is the Mexican woman painter who painted a lot of pictures of herself with the one eyebrow.

The Pier: Yeah, right on! Well Josh, thank you so much for the time. With your history of Long Beach you deserve this success with your first music festival in the heart of the city. We look forward to covering the event!


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Exclusive Sublime Blog

Interview by: Mike Patti
Photos By: David Norris

Listen: Bargain Music – “Black Eye”

Watch: The Fiction – “Sleep Don’t Come”

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Video Premiere: Darenots – Focus To Faded

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Based out of Ontario, Canada comes a 4-piece eclectic group known as the Darenots. They released their debut EP, The Now Is Truth, on May 27th via Law Records. Now the group has released their first music video for the song “Focus To Faded.” The video was directed by Ryan Long with animation by Nate Galbraith. The main theme of the video, as the group tells The Pier, is to illustrate girl vs band. “Being in the same place at the same time taunting each other but never actual getting together in the end.” The video was shot in Rockwood (farm country outside of Toronto). In discussing the song, drummer Swav Pior explained the song to The Pier: “The song was inspired by a past experience with a hot little party mess. Lots of ups, or better defined as, highs surpassed by even more lows.” Jimmy goes on to explain that: “The song reflects that of the crazy girls we always seem to be attracted to. They appear heaven-sent, but really, they are from the pits of hell.” You can pick up their new EP on iTunes by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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Krooked Treez to Release New Collab. Single

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Los Angeles, CA based Reggae-Rock-Hip Hop group Krooked Treez have a new song in the works titled “Militant Soldiers.” You can’t hear it because it’s not yet released, but it features guest appearances by vocalist Karim Israel of Arise Roots and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill.

Krooked Treez is one of those groups I have been an instant personal fan of and rooting for since they dropped their debut album, Higher Place, back in July 2013. The momentum of that release, in addition to their live shows, lead them to being voted Break-Out Artist of the Year for the 2013 Pier Awards.

Since then, they’ve had a tumultuous tenure as a band — After about a year of Higher Place being released, vocalist Bzbwai and guitarist Adam Willis would leave the group to pursue a new band. During that time, original Krooked Treez vocalist O. Brown and original bassist Bobby Zen would continue on with Krooked Treez, even releasing music with Moi J. Quinn of Tomorrows Bad Seeds on guest vocals, in addition to Krooked Treeztrying out a new singer/guitarist, Nick Papageorge, whom Krooked Treez initially planned to release a full length record with. Those plans didn’t pan out as Nick would leave the Treez, opening the door for the original line-up to re-group and that’s what they did as of this summer.

With the original line-up back together, they’re starting to sound like themselves again. They have been working with producer Brian Vasquez out of BNV Studios in Burbank, CA which is where we come full circle with Krooked Treez releasing a new single with fellow LA Natives, Karim Israel of Arise Roots and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill.

“Karim and I talked about doing a track together before he went on his last tour,” O. Brown tells The Pier. “Bzbwai was already working at BNV Studios with Brian Vasquez. Brian played a few tracks and he played one with Karim on the hook and I was like ‘Damnnnn I got a verse for that!’ I jumped on the mic immediately and dropped my verse. Bzbwai wrote his part after I came out of the booth and then he went in and recorded.”

O. Brown happens to be longtime friends with Sen Dog and after he emailed him a copy of the track, Sen Dog came into the studio and recorded his part after writing his verse. This rounded out the collaboration on what is said to be a classic West Coast LA Reggae Hip-Hop track.

Vocalist, Bzbwai tells The Pier: “We all rep Los Angeles and we’re all soldiers of the same struggle. Its about racial injustice. To motivate and inspire our people. Stand up for what you believe in and stand up for whats right. Keep the peace one love.”

Krooked Treez looks to drop the single, “Militant Soldiers,” by November 2016 accompanied by a music video to which the group is enlisting legendary photographer director, Estaven Oriol, to shoot. They’re working with two producers on the new record; the aforementioned Brian Vasquez and Josh Stoney Eye out of BNV Studios in Burbank, CA. Stay tuned for more details.

Krooked Treez Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti

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Watch: Krooked Treez – “Close Your Eyes” (ft. Moi of Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds)

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