No hurricane in the panhandle

Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2016 at 7:48 pm

Obviously the big news last week was Hurricane Matthew. This was a big and powerful storm that at one time was a Cat 5. It weakened only slightly to a Cat 4 as it headed up the east coast of Florida. The good news is it mostly stayed just off the coast but the storm surge was huge and there were spin off tornado’s. All in all it could have been a lot worse.

I saw some film of some weathermen who were out of control. One guy (I don’t know what city he was from) was telling people on the air that if they didn’t evacuate they would die. No if’s, and’s or but’s, you will die. Yes, this was a storm that demanded respect but saying things like that just gets people to tune out. You can only cry wolf so long.

Over here in Destin we had no effects from the storm at all. Our weather was picture perfect. In fact the only thing that happened in Destin was some of the evacuees who didn’t want to die came to town till the storm passed. Destin was slammed with folks. Friday it was like a summer day with so many people here. It was a problem because businesses were not staffed to handle the crowds.

Sunshine Cindy and I were busy this week. On Monday we headed to Pensacola as our friends the Southern Drawl Band were featured on WSRE TV’s show “StudioAmped.” This is a Austin City Limits type of show. They taped it with playback to be in the Spring. It was a lot of fun. They had about 8 camera operators so they got a lot of great footage. The guys did an hour of their original music. It was really cool.

A touching and emotional moment came at the end of the show. They had time for one more song and Mike Nash decided to sing “Numbered” for the first time since their lead guitar player David Crow was killed in a motorcycle accident. The song is about how all of our days are numbered but we don’t know what number we are on. There was not a dry eye in the house. Mike held it together for the song and it turned out to be a great tribute.

Friday was my off day. I did some things around the house then made a run to Publix. The store was super busy. You could tell they were not prepared for the crowds as they only had a couple checkout isles open. Publix is great about having enough staff on hand but they were surprised by this.

After my running around was done I stopped at Landshark Pizza for a few Props craft beers and some Boudin Balls. Sue was working the bar. Bill came in for lunch and we solved some of the world’s problems.

Saturday we had Wayne come over to the house to help us with things that needed to be fixed. We checked everything off the list with only one trip to Home Depot needed. Chaos was supervising the entire time too. Sunshine Cindy made her famous mac and cheese as that’s Wayne’s favorite. Then we all headed to the harbor to enjoy the beautiful day.

We first stopped at AJ’s upstairs. Again, the place was packed in the middle of the afternoon. The fishing rodeo is going on the entire month of October with the weigh in’s taking place at AJ’s. We saw them weigh a huge Mako shark. It was about 8 feet long and had to weigh over 500 pounds. It was a big one! On the way out of AJ’s we saw Tommy. He was watching football and getting ready to head home.

Next stop was at the outside bar at Tailfins. That was a great people watching spot. Turtle stopped to get a drink with Ashley and their little girl. I can’t remember her name but she is growing up fast. We then headed to Duck Duck. There were only a couple folks there so we were enjoying the peace and quiet. But that didn’t last long. A group of about 25 folks came in on some kind of pub crawl. They all ordered frozen drinks. The bartender was running ragged. Then as quick as they came they all left. Most were riding bicycles too. That could be interesting after a few more frozen drinks.

Our last stop was at Landshark Pizza for yep, a pizza! They also had a big crowd there. When Sunshine Cindy and I got home we went to visit with our neighbors who moved a few doors down. That was nice.

Sunday Funday we went to Tailfins to watch the Browns lose another game. It is a necessary but painful season as they get new talent up to speed. Mike, Suzanne and Brian all joined us. We had a great time. Brian let me listen to his new song that I kind of helped co-write. He took one of my poems and made it into a song. Come to the Boathouse on Tuesday night and he is going to debut it. It’s really good.

There was a Pat’s fan there giving me a hard time about the Browns. At least I was able to throw the Indians beating the Red Sox in the first two playoff games back at him. So there! lol

It is going to be another great week in Destin. Don’t forget to read my Crab Island Mambo Weekly Update for all the information about what’s going on around the panhandle.

See ya next Monday!

Destin Steve

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