Christmas in Destin

Posted on Monday, December 12th, 2016 at 9:17 pm

It was a festive holiday week in Destin and along the Emerald Coast. It was supposed to start on Monday with the Fort Walton Beach Christmas parade but rain and wind postponed the parade till Tuesday evening. A big crowd enjoyed the parade that night.

The city of Destin held it’s Christmas parade on Saturday. The parade started about 10:00 am and went till almost noon. Then on Sunday there was the lighted boat parade in the Destin harbor. A couple dozen boats got decorated and cruised up the harbor where a fireworks display ended the evening. Well, the fireworks almost ended the evening.

The fireworks are shot off from a barge in the East Pass. Somehow the fireworks started a fire in the parking lot at White Trash Beach. This is the parking lot at the southwest corner of the Destin bridge. Pictures show a big brush fire but the local fire departments were able to get it out. That’s the first time that has happened.

Sunshine Cindy and I took Chaos to the parade on Saturday. We went to Landshark Pizza to watch it. One of the first places we ever took Chaos last year was to the parade. She was barely 10 pounds. Today she is a big strong 60 pound plus bundle of energy. Chaos had a good time. Wayne, Loujean and several others were there to watch the parade and drink Bloody Mary’s. After the parade many Parrot Heads showed up to keep the party going. We ended up heading back home about 3 in the afternoon. Chaos was a tired puppy!

On Friday night the Parrot Heads had our monthly meeting at Landshark. BT provided the music and had everyone up and dancing. Elections for the 2017 board of directors was held. I am actually going to be on the board next year as the club secretary. An ugly sweater contest was held and a check to a church charity for $1000 was presented. For the year our club has donated about $12,000 to various charities.

We didn’t go to the boat parade on Sunday night but I did go to Charlie’s BBB Bar in the harbor to watch the Browns lose again in the afternoon. Josh was working the inside bar, Mike was outside and Carlos was wondering around too. Brian came and joined me as we watched the Browns try hard again but still fall short. Jose came by and told me to hang in there. He’s a 49er’s fan so he knows my pain! LOL 

When I left I saw Alan and Jackie sitting at the bar. I stopped and talked with them for a few minutes when the old GM of the Cantina, Judy came in. She moved to Louisiana early this year. I have not seen her since and it was nice talking with her for a few minutes.

I have been talking about how dry it had been in Destin until we got some rain last week. I looked and it was dryer than I had thought. We had NO rain in September and only .7” in October. That’s less than one inch in two months. But in the first seven days of November we had received 8.8” so we are back to normal around here.

The Destin Log reported last week the widening of Hwy. 98 will begin. They will be adding a lane in each direction from Airport Road east into Walton County. It will take several years to complete. Get ready for even worse traffic while they do this work but it should help in the end. 

The route of the Destin Christmas parade was right down 98. It started in the parking lot of Old Time Pottery at Main street. Then it was about 2 miles down to Stalhman Ave. at Whataburger. The west bound lanes were shut down and all traffic was directed onto the east bound side. The city and the sheriffs were very efficient in getting the route set up and then back to normal. There were thousands of folks lined up along the highway with the kids scooping up candy and beads.

In addition to Landshark Pizza having a viewing party there was also big crowds at Hogs Breath and Mama Sherry’s. The weather was good…cool but sunny and dry. And of course Santa came up at the end riding in the bucket of the high rise fire truck. It is a lot of fun living in a small town and see how everyone comes together for an event like this parade.

Less than two weeks till Christmas. I hope you are ready! See ya next week!!!

Destin Steve

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