2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport Upgrades

Posted on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 7:07 pm

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If you’re going to go off-road I would start with diff covers and some skid plates… Protect what you’ve already paid for.

My suggestion is you drive the Jeep for a couple of months minimum and figure out what you want to be capable of doing. As far as getting hung up sooner or later, doesn’t matter what size tire you have your going to have to use a winch. Find some guys that are built and do hard trails and catch a ride, Then decide if that something you want to be capable of and plan your build around that!

You’re running a D30 upfront… Depending on what is the ultimate size tire you want to run you’re probably going to have to reinforce that with either sleeves or truss and gusset the C’s. Bigger tire means deeper gears, it makes no sense to put lockers in until you know what gears you ultimately want to run. And that decision will be based on what size tires and what capability you ultimately want.

Definitely look into disconnects, you can probably find a set on WF classifieds, CL, or purchased brand-new from one of our vendors.

Take care of what you have right now, see if you can find any maintenance records. If not, then look into changing your fluids and start keeping a log of all the maintenance AND MODS that you do to the vehicle. This will help if you ever decide to sell it, have an accident or there ever becomes an issue. Good luck, enjoy what you have right now!

The vast majority of people are on a budget. Plan out your build, make sure that’s what you really want NOT just what you want right now. Then start to put together a plan on how you’re going to pay for it. Learning to do the work yourself will save you a tremendous amount of money by not having to pay labor. There’s an entire thread on modifications people regret doing. And as many regrets there’s just as many reasons why they did that particular modification at the time. Most of it can be tracked down to failure to do research. Build your rig once, build it right and you’ll have something you will enjoy for a long time! Remember, the majority of the advice you’re going to get here is good, however, a lot of people tend to recommend what they did with their Jeep rather than what’s right for YOU!

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