1st time Jeep owner from Ohio

Posted on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 at 9:36 pm

Well guys, I bought my first Jeep. I have been wanting one for a few years since my one buddy got his first wrangler. Mine is a 98 TJ 4.0l 5 speed with 129k.

Let’s start with why I bought it right now. A different buddy of mine found this off-road event up in Michigan called the Detroit Gambler 500. Look it up on Facebook if ya want. There might even be a group on here going already. I haven’t had the chance to check or familiarize myself with the site enough. The goal is to buy a vehicle for $500 or less and go on this 475 mile adventure in Michigan which combines road driving, way points, and minor offroading. I looked for a 4X4 first gen S-10 (I am an s-series guy to start), but I never found anything roadworthy or for a fair price. Well, I went a little over the budget and bought this TJ. I mean why not? I didn’t want something for $500 that I was never going to drive again. I just bought a new winter beater (04 loaded ZR5 CC S10 that I bought with a salvage title and I got it rebuilt).

Well enough on the back story. Now some details on the Jeep itself. Body needs floor work and frame needs attention. The back by the control arm mounts was already patched and done right. The front by the steering box, which does not seem to be a common problem or a problem I have found anything about, is pretty rotten. The previous owner hit a patch of ice and slid into the rock exposing how bad the frame truly was. In typical Chrysler fashion, at least to me, a brake line blew on the test drive. The exact same thing happened to me when I bought my Cummins so I thought to myself, this thing has to go home with me. So I bought it right after the test drive and drove it to a buddy’s house. This is where it will be for pretty much all of the repairs.

So here is a list of what is needed:

Frame patch by front steering box (hope to find a good front section of a frame)
Patch the floor and other parts of the tub (wouldnt mind finding a clean tub with no title and using it to patch)
Find a back seat and seat belts
Replace all brake lines and rebuild brakes
Replace radiator (seeping but no puddles on the ground), hoses, thermostat, and flush system (try to unclog the heater core)
Newer tires (dry-rotted)
Replace front coil springs (really sagged out) and maybe the rears
Replace oil, diff fluids, transfer case fluid, and tranny fluid
Windshield wipers
Hood latches (see pics)

Here is a list of stuff that I want, but won’t be concerned with until the need list is complete:

2″ spring puck lift or spring
31s (need the puck lift)
Find new rear window for top (has hole)
HiLift with mount
Offroad lights
CB radio

If anyone has any of these parts, I would be willing to buy them and pay for shipping. I’m in northern Ohio and willing to travel a little. Sites for parts are great obviously. I’m a newb to Jeeps so please, fill me in.

End goal is to have a big enough lift to be able to wheel, fit 33s, and still daily it in the summer. But realistically, not this year. For now, I need something simple and quick for the Gambler 500.

And what everyone really cares about, PICTURES!

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