Adj. CA setup question

Posted on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 at 10:34 am
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I’m about to install rear adj. control arms lowers and uppers. I’ve setup my front ones in the past but my caster/pinion angle just worked out so I didn’t have to do this step last time. So reading the setting up 8 adjustable control arms sticky it’s pretty clear that when you are getting them dialed in to be centered on the bump stops at full bump if you adjust the driver side lower 3 turns you do the same to the driver side upper. It’s also clear that you do the same when making sure the axle is square. For setting the pinion angle however after adjusting the uppers to dial in the angle there’s no mention of doing anything to the lowers it just says to now verify your centered at full bump and the axle is still squared. I just want to confirm that’s correct. I realize if after setting the pinion angle I’m not centered at bump or axle isn’t squared I would make adjustments by turning the uppers and lowers on the same side the same amount again I just want to specifically confirm when setting the pinion angle if I need to turn the lowers the same amount as that sides upper in the opposite, same direction, or don’t turn them and just check full bump, if axle is squared, and adjust accordingly?…/387330?page=1

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