AirWorkz Dual Viair 400C compressor issues/Questions

Posted on Monday, March 13th, 2017 at 10:09 pm
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I am trying to track down and eliminate a recurring popping fuse and have already replaced the air check valves with SMC check valves.

Current Compressor wiring givens:

  1. The run from the battery to the 80 amp relay is approx. 7 feet.
  2. The run from the 80 amp relay to each Viair 400c is 2 feet.
  3. The run from each negative lead from each compressor to the frame is 2 feet.

Compressor wiring questions:

  1. I plan on running 4 gage wire from the positive battery to the 80 relay, is this adequate (probably overkill but I want to lower the resistance)?
  2. The pigtailed wiring from each compressor appears to be 12 gage or 10 gage, is this true for the Viair 400c compressor (I could not find the gage online)?
  3. The existing fuse was popping (60 amp barrel fuse) after filling 3 tires with multiple cycles of the compressors after filling the 2 gallon air tank, will be replacing with a Bussmann 60amp circuit breaker (285060). Is this circuit breaker a better choice compared to the barrel fuse?
  4. I have replaced the air check valves with quality SMC check valves. Is this a good check valve (I know the answer to this, but it is in the question section)?
  5. How does a 7 foot run of 4 gage wire that splits onto two 12 gage two foot long wires play into the total amperage? Does the step down negate the 4 gage wire advantage up to the relay?
  6. Is a 12 gage ground wire from each compressor to the frame sufficient, or should I run 4 gage wire back to the negative side of the battery? I would gang the two compressor black wires (2 feet long each) on the frame, and then run another ganged wire (4 gage this time, 7 feet long) to the battery.
  7. Can a weak 80 amp relay cause a 60 amp fuse to blow after about 10 minutes?
  8. Stock Viair relay sufficient or have these been a source of problems?

Just a recap of what I am planning to do:

  1. Add a Bussmann Hi-AMP 60A circuit breaker 1 foot or less from the battery positive terminal.
  2. Existing red wire from each compressor ganged on the output side of the relay.
  3. Existing black wire from each compressor gang attached directly to the frame (2 foot run).

Thanks for reading and I look forward to the answers from you wiring engineers/experts.

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