Another AEV vs Teraflex question. PLEASE HELP ME..

Posted on Monday, March 20th, 2017 at 10:14 pm

Im about to buy a 2.5 lift kit. The jeep is my daily driver and i want the best ride quality. The extent of my off road would be the beach and dirt roads. My original plan is teraflex 2.5 with shocks. The kit cost me 750 plus 500 to install so approximately 1350 before tax. I then seen i could buy the coils from teraflex and shocks from bilstein for fox. This would cause me a few hundred more. After talking to someone from a local jeep shop he suggested AEV which was 1000 but he would do the install for 200. He suggested a steering damper for an extra 80 so roughly 1300 install same price as the teraflex install.

My question is which is better?
I was reading with AEV was twitchy steering and i needed a Geometry Correction Brackets and Steering Attenuator (IDK if that is the same as a steering damper)

Then for teraflex i needed a monster trackbar have no idea what this stuff is.

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