Canadians, ’17 Hard Rock/Rubis/ w/LEDs, "DRLs", how do they work?

Posted on Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at 10:12 pm

Ladies and Gents,
Kind of a weird title to a post/thread but, I have a specific question aimed at Canadians who’ve purchased either 2017, Hard Rock, Rubicon or Sahara edition Jeep Wrangler, in JK or JKU. Since all of those units come with factory LED headlights and fogs, and, since it’s MANDATORY that ALL Canadian vehicles MUST have or, be equipped with and working, DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS, I’m wondering how they work?
That is, in many, many vehicles, the factory utilizes the headlights as daytime runners. But, also in many cases, they don’t feed the headlights full voltage for daytime running. Some as low as 50% voltage. Now, lately, as in quite a few years ago, daytime runners have migrated away from headlights to just about any other light facing forward on a vehicle.

So, for those of you that are Canadian, and, own a 2017 Hard Rock, Rubicon or, Sahara (as far as I know, those are the three in the line-up of Jeep JKs, that are automatically equipped with the new LED headlights and fogs) edition, what, if I may ask, ARE the daytime running lights? Are they the headlights running on full voltage and equally as bright during daytime running as they are at night? Or, are they the fogs? What?

For those of you that are in the know, can the factory ’17 LEDs be ran at a lower voltage for daytime running? Just trying to learn how this stuff works.

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