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Posted on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 at 8:15 am
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Greetings, Name is Brian. I am becoming a jeep-aholic. I picked up this 2000 TJ SE, 2.5, three speed auto about 6 years ago. After two years, and 180k total miles, it puked out on me and it sat for 2 years while I saved up money for the rebuild.

Now is the time!

I have swapped the engine with an ATK crate long block, had the TF301 completely rebuilt. I had to do a new torque converter and flex plate due to previous bolts comming loose and egging out holes. Did all new plugs, filters, wires, injectors, seals at the same time. Still chasing down other essential stuff before I add fun parts. This is my daily driver as well as light-trail, desert cruiser.

I think I have a fuel delivery issue. It will start and run every time first thing in the morning. Usually, after a short drive, if I have to stop at a store or something, It will start but not idle. If I hold 1k RMPS for about 10 seconds and very gently release the throttle back to 800RPM idle, it will idle and run fine for the rest of the trip. I get no sputtering, no hesitation but I feel it is weak on acceloration and holding top gear. It will run up fine through 1st and 2nd, but seems to want to take it’s time running up 3rd to 60 MPH before it drops into “cruise mode”. Any head wind or uphill, and I have to hold throttle wide open to maintain 70MPH.

I know the strainer is sub-par and there was an inch of sludge in the tank when I got it. I rinsed the tank out, cleaned the strainer as a temporary fix to get it back on the road. I am now ready to implement the permanent fix. I am ordering a new fuel assy and strainer although I am unsure which one to buy as there seem to be way too many choices. Open to suggestions.

Second, on the return lines, at the quick-connect by the tank, there is a broken plastic tube sticking out of one of the lines. I cannot seem to identify what is supposed to be there to replace it. Any help here would be greatly appriciated!

TPS and Idle Control. While I am emptying the bank account, should I go ahead and replace these? I find mixed information reading the net on these. Any advsei from Jeep gear heads would be appriciated as well.

Anyway, sorry for the long first post but why jump right into the deep end!

Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f210/fuel-delivery-tj-rebuild-1971338.html

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