Help .. Trying to visualize 4.75 BS and 0 offset on 17×8.5 wheel

Posted on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 9:27 am
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Running factory Rubicon wheel and 1.5 spacer… So BS is 4.75″
Tires are 285/75.
2.5″lift Tires are flush with fenders.
NO ISSUES off road flexed and disconnected.

Going to be purchasing Method wheels, specs are 17×8.5, 4.75 BS, 0 offset
Will be putting 315/70 Cooper STT pros on them Am I good to go?
My BS is same with factory wheel and spacer…. But the wider rim and 0 offset, what’s that gonna be on rubbing and/or sticking out past fenders? I get what offset is, but visually trying to see how it looks in relationships when bolted on my Jeep. Minus of buying one wheel and testing it

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