How much lift for 315/70r17

Posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 at 9:05 am
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Hi guys. I recently purchased 315/70r17 tires for my 2008 JKU. I already have a 1.75″ spacer lift but I don’t think it’s enough for anything but road driving. I plan to hit some trails once the weather gets nicer. No serious rock crawling, but I’d like the Jeep to be capable enough to handle most situations in the new England area. In addition, this is my daily driver and I drive 45 minutes each way 3 times per week. I want to keep the stock fenders.

For those of you that have these tires, what lift would you recommend? Some things I’ve considered are the 3.5″, a 2.5″, or a 2.5″ plus body lift. Any suggestions or insights from anyone with these tires?

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