LJ to LJR (help)

Posted on Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at 10:16 am
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So I couldn’t afford an LJR so I decided to make my own. I currently own an 2006 TJ Rubicon and just bought a 2006 LJ both manual. My plan is to swap my transfer case, front and rear axles and the lockers from my rubicon over to the LJ and put the other parts back on the rubicon TJ.

I took transfer case and front axle out of the LJ yesterday and plan to get back at it today. One question I have is since the rubicon has much bigger u joints and beefer drive shaft my rubicon DS wont fit into the LJ t-case. And since I have my rubicon T case in the LJ looks like I’m gunna have to buy a LJR DS since its a lot longer then my Rubicon DS.

Could someone provide me the information where I can get a DS that will fit into a D44 rear and into the LJ transfer case?

Also any recommendation’s on the DS I should get for the LJ? that will fit in rear D44 to the 4:1 T-case? plan on doing 5-6″ lift.

Also the front drive shafts on both jeeps swap perfectly.


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