My Dana 35 Conspiracy Theory

Posted on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 at 10:50 am
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This is definitely gonna ruffle some feathers here. But I believe that the “fact” that the Dana 35 is a hopeless piece of garbage bound to leave one stranded due to some sort of breakage is exaggerated by the aftermarket industry. We all have read the articles we all know the story’s. The focus of this thread is to document any future breakage with pictures and videos, also to discuss our theories. I currently run a TJ with a Dana 35 in it.

The fact of the matter is that on paper the axle assemblies tow specs as to the weight it’s rated at does show that it isn’t even rated to hold the full weight of the jeep wrangler YJ or TJ, a point against the axle, but bear in mind that the rear axle only holds a smaller portion of the vehicles distributed weight. Heavy front light rear. I will bring up this point again.

Now I have searched the internet for videos of the Dana 35 breaking. There are some but all of them have something in common. They all had open diffs, they all were in dry rock terrain and at the moment of failure there was wheel hop involved. Tires seemed to be at full pressure and all the weight of the vehicle was on that side of the axle. 90% of them Cherokees.

The ones that were TJs or YJs only happened when the rig was almost verticle. I ask that if anyone experiences a failure in theirs try to document it with with pictures and video. With all due respect try to refrain from posting a story without some evidence. I am trying to find some truth here.

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