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Posted on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 8:40 am
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Hi. New member here. By way of introduction I spent a lot of time off-road in southern California while living there in the 80s 90s. Had two vehicles: 86 Jeep Cherokee and a 91 Nissan Pathfinder. Both had manual trans, 2-speed part-time transfer cases, stock limited slip rears and 31” tires. No other mods. Hate to say it but the Nissan was the better of the two. Jeep was not the company then it is today. Explored all over southern CA and Arizona. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I have been down every dirt road in Death Valley – twice.

Life got in the way, moved to Virginia, and I have been away from the dirt for over 20 years now. However I am thrilled to now be in the position to return to the hobby. I do have a SUV but it is not off-road worthy so last week I ordered something I have wanted since I was 15: an honest Jeep. My 2-door, soft top, 6-speed, Rubicon will arrive in about a month so I’m crawling the internet to see what I missed during the past 20 years.

So I have a couple of Jeep questions I could not find answers for I hope you guys can help me with.

1. Does the front driveshaft spin in 2H?

2. Do the suspension components and drive shafts have zerk fittings for greasing?

3. Where is the weak point in the stock JK if you do a lot of off roading? For example, I broke two front drive shafts (CV joint near tcase) under warranty in my 86 Jeep Cherokee. When I broke the third one out of warranty I had one custom made for $200 and never had a problem again.

4. How stout is the 6-speed manual trans? There do not seem to be many complaints about it on the internet. It appears the tcase in the Rubicon has a great reputation. Generally, how long does the clutch last? I sold my Pathfinder at 125k miles with the original clutch. However I don’t abuse my vehicles.

5. I ordered the tail gate reinforcement kit which appears to be a factory installed Teraflex HD carrier (…d962f416e72f7f) Can I mount some sort of gas can to this without the hi lift jack and with the stock 32” spare tire?

Many thanks and I look forward to being in low range again.

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