Working Rock Lights, PLEASE!!!

Posted on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at 9:24 pm
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Hey Guys,

So I’ve been hassled with this ever since I purchased my first kit and I figure its time to actually ask some people on what their opinion is. Basically over the summer (2016) I purchased a RGB rock light kit (even though its kinda obnoxious I love to turn them on sometimes) and it worked until several issues came about. I thought it’d be easier to case them into scenarios below so here we go (sorry for the extended ranting ) :

BTW, kit is powered via 12v relay with a rocker switch in main cabin, location of controller is above battery and to the left. 4 pods are in each wheel-well and are 2 under rock sliders on each side of vehicle (4 total).

– the first kit I obtained from Latsun and it was the rock light kit they offered with 8 light pods. I ran into my first issue when i realized how f**king hot these pods would get after like 5 minutes of usage. I ignored that fact that it may be a problem and went forth with the install. I barely even got to finishing placing where i wanted them to go before (after 15 min of usage) one pod died. I tried to fix it by going through different settings on the app but eventually the controller itself got so messed up it just wouldn’t turn on (maybe heat?) anyway i sent it back and asked for a new kit.

– the second complimentary kit came and the first thing I did was stress test them on color cycle for about 45 min to 1 hour. After that, I took very great care of them installing where I wanted them to go, making sure not to bend or pull the entry of the wire into the pod to much. I got them installed and all colors worked great for about an hour after install (with cool down time since stress testing them) then a blue led went out with red and green only working. I ended up getting another kit for free but didnt install it because of the headache surrounding it and lack of time. I ran it just red for about 6 months only using it here and there at night. Then one hot day in California the entire kit wouldn’t turn on one day (maybe heat again?).

-Anyway now I have the third kit from Latsun but I dont know if I even want to install it. Ive been thinking about just getting a LED controller myself and buying RGB pods and matching the electrical inputs/outputs ect correctly, but then again if the pods are the problem I dont have much to work with.

What I wanted to ask you guys is what kits have you been using (if any) and how long they have worked for you? It can’t be this hard to find a kit that wont break after a few days of using it. Also if anyone has any information on a DIY kit with RGB pods please let me know because I think that might just be the best way to get it done at this point

Also if you’ve had the same problem as well, please post your experience.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

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