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Posted on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 10:51 pm

Hey All

My 98 TJ Suddenly started blowing warm air. I recharged it last summer (5mo) after I bought it used. I know the most likely cause is that it needs to be recharged again so I bought another one of those recharge yourself kits. I read the directions and it said that if the low pressure side is in the “Red” then it could be a bigger problem and not to use the product. The pressure is at 100+psi and the Clutch is not engaging.

After reading some posts on here, I thought that I still needed to recharge the system and that once enough Freon was in the system the clutch would start and pressure would regulate itself (Low side dropping then raising back up to actually show the amount of freon in the system). I also checked to ensure the clutch was working by paperclipping the leads off of the dryer connection? and the clutch came on.

Here is my problem. When I connect the Freon can, invert it and try to charge the low pressure side it seems like it doesnt want to accept any freon from the can (The jeeper is on and AC on high) I move and shake the can and follow all the directions but after 30+ min it seems that only half of the of can is gone and alot of that dripped, shot and leaked out of the can during and after attempting to charge it. The pressure has not dropped from 100 psi and the clutch has not started. I also changed the 20amp fuse from behind the glovebox.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it not a recharge problem?

What other diagnostic things can I do? I dont have a complete set of hoses regulator just the hose and gauge that came with the kit (And a hose/gauge from last kit).

I want to try and figure this out and learn something in the process without taking it to a professional.

Thanks for the help



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