Electrical issues after hardtop installation

Posted on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 at 11:16 pm

I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler X 2 door and I recently installed a hardtop. Here’s the scoop: About three weeks ago, I installed the hardtop wiring harness (before the hardtop was in my possession) which overall went fine. I did break off one of the plastic clips that holds the large grey handle on the E harness connecting to the TIPM, but was still able to reinsert connector E in the TIPM without issue. I had no issues following the installation. Last Thursday, I picked up the hardtop and installed it on my Jeep. I hooked up the connectors and everything except for the rear defroster worked fine (I had not been to the dealer to have the computer programmed for the hardtop yet). I drove it after installation and everything was fine.

Here’s where the problems start. The next morning, as I was pulling out of my parking garage, the ABS, BRAKE, ESP/BAS, and traction control lights came on. I parked the car, turned it off, and turned it back on; no lights. However, as soon as I hit 10 mph, the lights would come on. I could get the traction control light to turn off by pressing the “ESP OFF” button on my dash twice. I hooked the car up to a DTC reader and got the code C2200.

I immediately assumed I screwed something up with the hardtop wiring harness installation given the timing. I checked and double checked all of my wiring and harnesses, ensured they were secure, etc. Didn’t work. If anyone is familiar with the hardtop wiring kit instructions, they’ll know they are terrible. There is one wire (CAV 27) in the TMPC Connector E where there is some confusion regarding whether the old wire (dark blue/brown) should be removed and replaced by the new wire from the hardtop wiring kit (brown/green), or if the new brown/green wire should be spliced into the existing dark blue/brown wire. Initially I spliced into this wire. After the lights came on, I tried simply replacing the old blue/brown wire with the new green/brown wire. This also didn’t work.

I have checked through everything and can’t figure out what’s going on. For the C2200 error code, if it disappears after turning the car off and doesn’t reappear until you start driving, the service manual states its an intermittent ABS internal fault. I went through the directions to solve this issue and haven’t found the problem. Maybe it’s unrelated to the hardtop install and its just coincidence it happened at the same time? Anyone have any ideas?

tl;dr Installed a new hardtop on my 2008 Jeep Wrangler and now the ABS, BRAKE, ESP/BAS, and traction control lights are on (after reaching 10 mph) with DTC code of C2200. What did I screw up?

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