Falcon 3.3 Shocks vs Arizona Four Peaks (and 463 offshoot)

Posted on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 at 11:45 pm
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As promised here is my review of the Falcon 3.3 shocks. I will qualify this by stating: my butt dyno probably isnt the same as yours and you might have different results. Im not one to really get flowery and creative, so this will probably not have as much detail as desired.

BLUF: Im blown away. The response between “adjustment levels” is undeniable. If you are trying to decide between brand x and Falcon and you can swing the dollars – go with FALCON. Teraflex has done their diligence.

I wont get into packaging or install as Blue Baby Sound covered that quite intensively: Teraflex Falcon 3.3 Shocks- Install Review

Background: Four Peaks trail is a green trail in the Arizona Wells book (#49), its a fire/access road with a switchbacks, washboards, a few creek crossings, and some soft spots. All in all, a fairly easy trail. I did take off on 422A to 463, which I shouldnt have done, but alas I did. I followed a couple people up this trail a couple weeks ago as I wanted a comparison point and a test before Moab. I also put on a TF 2.5 Spring lift with the TF Alpine Arms.

The trail: The beginning of the trail is full of washboards, which I switched from 2.4 to 1 to 3 and ended up being VERY satisfied at 2.1.

I DO NOT recommend switching them this often.

1 – too “floaty” seemed to allow the tires to lose just a bit of contact patch, plus I bounced around a bit more than I enjoy. I will say, even at this setting I did NOT bounce near as much as OE set up.

2.4 – Seemed to be good, but still not quite right. Definitely better than 1.

3 – Way too stiff for my comfort since this road is very curvy and used heavily by ATVs/UTVs. This setting is set up for the “pre-runner” type, where you have a large long straight ahead “whoops” section and/or an experienced off roader who can work the brakes. Four Peaks is not that way, nor am I that good as a driver. I then went back to 1 from this setting so I could do a true feel between them.

2.1 – dang near perfect. Good feel, never felt like the steering was going away and great reaction with the washboards. Decided to use the rest of the trail with this setting.

Sub-Trail (422A/463 “more difficult” ATV trail): Since I was happy with the 2.1 on the main trail, I kept it here. Handled like a champ. Quite a few flexy opportunities (pic attached), some rock crawling, and pushing through enough brush to make the sides of Rebel cry due to the pinstriping. Other than me myself getting tired, Rebel never faltered. The shocks just kept asking for me.

On road:
The evening of the install
and myself took Rebel for a road test. We started with the 2.4 (as thats what I had them when I was playing with them upon receipt). I liked the feel, definitely better than the original set up. But, why not switch things up. We had a stoplight opportunity to adjust to 1 so we took it. While better than original, still too “floaty” for my feel. If you like a body roll when turning, and more of a “Caddy” feel then 1 is for you.

Upon my final departure, I set the shocks at 3. For a bit of a check, I took off the “back way” out of his place which is a GREAT place to test your shocks/suspension. Coming in with the original set up, I bounced around where I had to slow to a crawl. When leaving, that road didnt phase the setting 3 Falcons. Completely under control, made me WANT to hit the holes. On the highway, I REALLY like the solid feel. The suspension felt tight, together, and went where I pointed Rebel.

Bottom line:
Again, if you have the opportunity, these Falcons will do you right. After the 463 “earn your exit” rock climb, these things came out unscathed. Do NOT worry about dragging them over rocks, banging on them, etc. They can/will handle it.

First picture:
Start of trail
463 Flexy Spot
Front Flex
Rear Flex

If someone can turn the sideways Id be eternally grateful.

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Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f274/falcon-3-3-shocks-vs-arizona-four-peaks-and-463-offshoot-2016722.html

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