Let’s hear about your first 4×4!

Posted on Monday, April 17th, 2017 at 11:27 pm
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Mine wasn’t a Jeep. In fact, the 2013 JK that I currently own is my first Jeep. There’s been many 4×4’s in my pole barn, but the first one always has special sentiment.

My first 4×4 was a 1967 Ford Bronco with the 170 cu in straight 6. It had a 3-speed manual on the column and breaker point ignition (had to change the ignition points every 12k mi). Mechanical fuel and water pumps. Like our Wranglers, both axles were solid. Never had an issue with death wobble. The good part was that it had a 50/50 ft/rr weight distribution and a 92″ wheelbase which made it fun for backwoods and sand pits.

My Bronco had a tin top and solid doors. It also had a fold down windshield when the top was removed. The most annoying feature was the non-electric, vacuum wipers, which were obviously powered off of engine vacuum. They were fine for off road, but on a highway, it was another story. In a rain downpour, if you were going up a long grade, the wipers would either slow down or stop, because they were being robbed by engine vacuum. Coasting would help speed them up a bit, but you only get so much coasting momentum going up a hill. Going down a hill, it was another story and the wipers would speed up like crazy, because of surplus engine vacuum. The wiper vacuum lines also developed leaks at the windshield hinge because of overflexing if you folded the windshield down often (which I did all the time off road).

No leather, no headrests, not much of anything but off road ability. Wish I had it today though.

The illustration was not my Bronco, because we didn’t have digital pictures at that time, but it was pretty much identical to this model.

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Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f6/lets-hear-about-your-first-4x4-2012338.html

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