Lift and tire sanity check

Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2017 at 11:23 am

Hey guys just wanted to make sure I’m thinking this all through right. I have a 17 JKU Sport and am about to pull the trigger on a Rock Krawler 2.5″ lift and will be getting tires a couple days later. My gear ratio is 3.73 and a manual trans so I should just stick with 33″ or at most 34″ tires with that kind of lift right?

Also for the wheels I personally like the stock ones once they are painted black so I’ll be using them still. Anyone have any experience or heard of anyone that used stock wheels with wider tires, 10″-12.5″ wide? Are wheel spacers generally needed when going out that wide?

My commute to base is about 20 miles and only get up to 45 mph. I live in Florida so it’ll only be on sand and a little mud when I can find it. Don’t plan on going up any Fock walls or rocky terrain outside of trails with mud and water.

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