Looking for some OME advise

Posted on Thursday, April 6th, 2017 at 10:31 am
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So, i went from bone stock, and against my better judgement, had a RC 4” X series lift, and 33” tires installed on my ’04 TJ. Now i hate my Jeep. My issues are…….

1. The 4” kit is more like 6”
2. The kit involved replacing the factory pitman arm with a dropped pitman arm wich in my opinion screwed up the whole steering geometry

3. The street ride quality is now comparable to an old school wooden roller coaster

4. The whole damn kit, and probably the company itself is Chinese..enuf said

First off….I really do love my jeep. And the only way that it is driven is without the hardtop/soft top, and without doors. It doesn’t see much if any off road terrain. It is purely a daily driver, city/beach/cruiser.

What I really want to accomplish is a mild lift that will accommodate 32”-33” tires, and give me a better than stock ride.

I wasn’t happy with stock height and went with the Rough Country, now I’m paying the price with an overly lifted, piss poor sloppy ride and handling Jeep.

So, now I’m ready to bite the bullet and re-do the whole damn thing over again.

The question for the forum is, should I…….?

A. Scrap the whole damn kit, including the adj. uppers and lower arms. Go back to bone stock, including the original factory upper and lowers, and factory pitman arm. And just upgrade with the OME coils and shocks, MML and 1.25′ BL

B. Scrap everything but keep the RC adjustable upper and lower control arms, and add the OME coils and shocks

C. Am i stupid? what the hell is the matter with me? why would i want to keep anything remotely associated with Rough Country on my Jeep? Im all for cutting out the cancer with a rusty sawzall blade and completely and starting fresh, with a proven winner.

So, what I’m basically asking is the OME 3.75″ kit really all that as far as street ride and handling? Everything I’ve read so far points in that direction…can anybody chime in and verify from experience?

Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f282/looking-for-some-ome-advise-2003226.html

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