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1994 Heep

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After a harder than usual thrashing, it’s time to take this Heep to change things up a bit. I’m still trying to decide on a drivetrain(see my thread in the general discussion forum). The leads are getting yanked and a 3-4 link is going in. While I like the leaf springs and they work well, they don’t fit my driving style. I have broken numerous u joints, u bolts, and even a yoke or two. Axle wrap is a PITA!

Going to put some pics in photobucket, I’ll be back.

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Sailfish 2017

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Which of these 3 Lift Kits to go with Falcon Shocks?

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I have already purchase Falcon 3.3 adjustable shocks for a 2.5-3.5″ lift.

Despite the research I’ve done I am still having a hard time choosing which lift to go with but think that I have narrowed it down to one of these three kits:

The new Teraflex Alpine CT3. This kit is also available with the Falcon 3.3 shocks. Guessing they may have used this kit when developing the Falcons?

This kit also comes with two of TF’s hydraulic bump stops in the front, which I like. But it does not include a rear track bar, only front. I’m not even sure if this kit can be purchased yet?

MSRP: $2,280.00

Next would be the Metalcloak Game Changer 2.5″ lift kit. This includes front and rear track bars, dual rate coils, but no hydraulic bump stops. They are in CA so I will have to pay sales tax on this kit (unlike the others)

MSRP $2,150.00

Finally, the Rock Krawler X-Factor 2.5″ kit. I have a friend with this kit and he really likes it, but he did have an issue with one of the joints fairly early on. No problems since. It drives really nice and smooth on the road. He bought the kit that had RK shocks.

MSRP $2,209.47 (this kit seems to be discounted by a fair amount, not sure about the other two).

Any advice, input, or criticism (which I deserve for not being able to make up my mind!) is appreciated. Also feel free to send me a PM if you would prefer.


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Tuffy security enclosure deck 282

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Ordered model 282-01 for my 2015 2 door. Picture and description indicated was two piece design that allowed for removal of the top. It showed up as a one piece hinged design. I contacted the vendor who sent sent the *right* part which end up being the same one-piece design. I figured they had stock of some old design but turns out the single-phase *is* the new design. Bummer!

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Targeting Spotted Seatrout In The Northeast Region With Capt. Tommy Derringer

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April and May are probably the single best two months for catching seatrout in my region, as the shrimp are running and the strong tides on the new and full moons are really carrying a lot of bait. Seatrout are a lunging/grasping predator, so you have to put your lure or bait fairly close to them to get them to eat it. There’s a couple of ways to target them with lures or baits: working the edges and drop-offs around oyster bars and fishing the docks at night.

The single most productive method of targeting seatrout is by fishing a live shrimp around the oyster bars, particularly on the outgoing tides. Shrimp move on the outgoing tides, so that’s when the trout are looking for them. Keep in mind that by late April, it’s starting to get warm, so the fish are only active from dawn until 9 or 10 in the morning. You can still catch trout after that, but the majority of fish have hunkered down in deeper water to avoid the bright sunlight.

If you’re going to fish live shrimp, you can freeline it, fish it on a 1/8- or 1/4ounce jighead or fish in suspended from a bobber. All are effective methods of targeting trout, and are used depending on the depth of the water you want to fish and the composition of the bottom. Freelining is good in 1 to 4 feet of water, where the shrimp can naturally swim or be reeled back just under the surface. Adding a jighead will take the shrimp to the bottom, and is great for bottom bumping the bait in deeper holes and along drop-offs or crawling them down the edge of a bar. The bobber method is the best of both worlds, and you can use a bobber stop to set the depth you want the bait to run, and add a little split shot if you want to fish it deep. The nice thing about using a bobber is that you can set it so the bait is just off the bottom, so you never snag, but it’s in the strike zone the entire time.

There’s also a lot of small mullet in the Intracoastal Waterway this time of the year, so topwater plugs will work well early in the day when fished around oyster bars and docks. You can also throw soft plastics like a white paddletail grub with a chartreuse colored tail on a ¼-ounce jighead and do real well, especially on the school trout. If you can find a live oyster bar on the outgoing tide or beginning of the incoming tide, you’ll find trout this time of the year.

This is also the best time of the year to fish the dock lights at night. The trout move to the docks that have lights on them because the lights attract shrimp, minnows and mullet, and the trout can just sit in the current and suck them off the surface as they swim through the light. You can fish it with a live shrimp, mullet or mud minnow, or even throw a plastic shrimp or small swimming plug and get your limit.

If you’re going to dock fish, use as light of a leader as you can, because the fish can see a leader better in artificial light than they can under normal daylight. I like to use 10 pound fluorocarbon leader, and 10 to 15 pound spinning gear on a 7’ rod and 3000 size reel for all my trout fishing. Trout are strong fighters but aren’t known for rushing towards structure, so you just want to use a medium drag to keep the fish from pulling the hooks and play them gently until you can land them.

Get on the water early or fish after dark, and you’ll have plenty of great seatrout action in the Northeast Region. Our average fish are 2-3 pounds, with fish to 8 pounds or more. If you’re not going to eat the fish you catch that day, then let them go to live another day. That will give you a reason to go fishing again in the future.

Captain Tips

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Authority Zero Announces 6th Studio Album

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On June 2nd, 2017, Authority Zero will drop their 6th full-length album. The album, titled Broadcasting to the Nations, is releasing via Bird Attack Records. The vets out of Mesa, AZ will celebrate their new album with an album release party on June 3rd at The Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ.

Authority Zero has been dishing out an adrenaline-filled mix of punk rock and reggae since forming back in 1994. The current lineup consists of Jason DeVore (vocals), Chris Dalley (drums), Mike Spero (bass), and Dan Aid (guitar). Authority Zero released their first album A Authority-Zero_Broadcasting_To_The_Nations-635x572Passage in Time in 2002, and since that time they’ve accumulated a global fan-base of punk and reggae-heads alike. The band has toured alongside heavyweight groups such as Pennywise, Sum 41, and Flogging Molly.

To record the upcoming album, AZ traveled to The Blasting Room Studio in Fort Collins, CO. The band holed themselves up in the studio for three and half weeks in order to perfect with the help of producer/drummer Bill Stevenson (of Black Flag/Descendents).

Jason DeVore explains the Authority Zero’s new material, saying, “It’s really going to be an exciting album. It’s a combination I think of ‘The Tipping Point’ (2013) meets the first album ‘A Passage in Time’ (2002). It’s really taking a step back to take a step forward—in the sense that you get a little more of what you feel like a lot of the kids that have been around for a long time have been missing out on a little bit, I think. There’s also some stuff on there that some people won’t have heard before I think as well… they’ll be like ‘that’s what band again?’ There’s a couple of surprises on there too that might throw people back a little bit—but in an exciting way. I’m pretty excited man. We’ve done about 15 tracks and we’re debating if we are going to use all 15 or hold off on a couple for bonus tracks.”

As the June 2nd release date inches closer more information is expected to come out about Broadcasting to the Nations. Be sure to check back for any further announcements or tour updates from Authority Zero. For now, hit the link below to grab your tickets for the band’s album June 3rd album release party.


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Article By: Brian Winters

Watch: Authority Zero – Over Seasons [Official Video]

Listen: Authority Zero – Retreat!

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California Custom CA Licence Plate (JEEP TLR)

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California Front and Rear JK Driveshafts (From Auto)

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Front and Rear JK Drive shafts from a 2014 Rubicon Automatic

(Other post went to Archive after selling axles)

75 picked up
125 shipped

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Mopar 82213575 Front Off-Road Bumper with Winch Mount & OE Fog

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Engine dies at idol

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I have a 2012 Wrangler Sahara, ever since I had the head replaced by the dealer, it will die at idle in gear….usually at a stop light. Seems to happen more when AC is on. Dealer can’t figure it out…. dies sometimes in reverse or if I max out power steering.
Diagnostics says the idle control valve ( not sure if right name) is working and increasing rpm’ under load….. any suggestions?

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