Popping out of first and the $$$ B&M shifter.

Posted on Friday, April 7th, 2017 at 10:50 pm
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So I have been watching for the release of the BM shifter for the 6 speed manual. My 2010 JK has the dreaded issue of popping out of first. I consider myself lucky that it is a fairly uncommon that it happens but when it does it’s always at the worst times it seems.
The tranny was rebuilt once by the dealer to try to resolve the issue with no change and I have replaced the inner boot along with adding a leather outer boot to remove as much tension from the shift lever as possible. Still no real improvement.
So this brings me to the BM shifter. The short throw I’m not really concerned with but they make a claim that the vastly improved shifter detents will solve the issue of it jumping out of gear. SOLD! If this works it’s money well spent. A lot of money ($469) of course but I’ve spent more for things that do nothing but look cool so I’m taking a shot.
I ordered it today and have been told it will ship on the 19th direct from the factory. I plan on following up with some posts for a box opening / install, first impressions and hopefully a positive review after a couple thousand miles. I know I am one of many with this issue so I hope this puts the problem to bed.

The shifter for those not in the know…

BM Racing # 45195 Precision Sport Shifter for 2005+ Jeep JK

I am in no way affiliated with the product or Marken.

Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f202/popping-out-of-first-and-the-b-and-m-shifter-2004370.html

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