Rock Chips

Posted on Saturday, April 15th, 2017 at 11:14 pm

OK, with 3700 miles on the odometer and only two different excursions on gravel county roads, there are a number of rock chips in the painted fenders on our JKU. And, we haven’t been driving speedy on these roads; 35MPH at the fastest. I know regular road debris can cause this too, since we’re seeing lots of gravel and mud from construction projects around town.

So, solutions I’ve found – thus far – are:

Body Protection Film (after fill and repaint on the fenders)
Black Fenders (Takeoffs, preferably to stay away from the dealer)
Mud Flaps
Different Type/Style Rock Rails (Currently have enhanced MOPAR Rubicon rails)

Which of the above is the most effective, for anyone who has fought this? Literally, we are 3 months into ownership and it appears we should have opted for the Black Fender Flares. That would have been the best answer, or so it seems.

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