Too much of a coincidence or not?

Posted on Monday, April 10th, 2017 at 10:39 am

so yesterday i went to a local Lowe’s less than a mile from my house and when i pulled into the parking lot there was another jeep about to park in the lowe’s parking lot as well so i decided to park next to him. we both pretty much got out of our jeeps at the same time. i was alone, but 3 white guys hopped out the other jeep. he said a quick word of something like “this is the jeep side” or something to those terms. i said yup and walked into Lowe’s.

so i grabbed what i needed then pay and exit. well when i exit the 3 guys were next to my jeep looking at my suspension. one of the older guys sees me put my thing into back of jeep and walks up to me and ask about my RC sway bar disconnect link. he asked if all i need to do is pull the pin and then what? i said there are some straps to strap it up but i had taken them off for now that i havent pulled the pin to use the straps. he says ok then we go our separate ways.

about an hour or so later, i dont know what made me think of those guys but i wen tout to my jeep to check my links and notice my driver side swaybar disconnect pin is missing. i checked the passenger side link and the pin was still there. i had remembered when i got out to my ride those guys were on the passenger side looking at my links/suspension. so im thinking these guys swiped my pin to my driver side link. its just to much of a coincidence that they are asking and looking at the same part that i happen to be missing. makes me upset that someone would do this IF they did it.

just wanted to rant that possible someone stole a link pin off my jeep yesterday.

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