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Adding Amp to 130 and 77kick10 speakers

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I’m still somewhat confused after searching on how to add an amp to my 130 and existing Kicker 77kick10 speaker setup. It seems splicing is involved, with some folks mentioning you don’t even need the PAC module, just the wiring harness. I don’t want to hack up anything until I know for certain.

What I purchased based on research (Images below):

  • Alpine KTP-445U 4-channel Power Pack Amplifier

As I said, I’m confused. I just want to do is install the Amp using the factory connectors. By using the PAC, I understand I do not have to cut/splice any of the factory wires. Everything is stock except for the speakers which were plug-n-play.

With my 130, I have UConnect, Sirius and steering wheel controls; which I believe I would retain using the PAC. Correct?

I just need simple step by step instruction (ideally with pictures).

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Brake pedal booster rod clip

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Please don’t think I’m trying to be a wise guy.
Have you tried the dealer?
Even if they charged $10.00 that’s probably less than buying one online and paying shipping.
I would expect a dealer to stock one, or at least be able to order one. The TJ clip looks like it will fit a YJ. Just take the old one with you so that they can match it up.

Good Luck, L.M.

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Unlevel after Tera flex leveling kit install

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I’m a Newbie to JK’s and this forum so I apologize for my ignorance ahead of time.
So today I installed the 2″ front and 1″rear Teraflex leveling kit on my ’17 JKRUHR. No problems on the install, finished and everything seems fine after a good test drive, however I’m 1/2″ lower on the passenger’s side, front and back.
Here’s probably the no no. I didn’t loosen the control arms or the front track bar. I started on the drivers side on both the front and back too. I just need confirmation that this can cause this problem and that I need to loosen the control arms and re torque.


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Running wires thru firewall

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Rock Slider Identification

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Help with OEM Tubular Chrome Sidestep hardware

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I am at a loss and need some direction.

I inherited my dad’s 2012 unlimited sport. Love the fact it is SO analog. Complete opposite of my daily driver. I upgraded the 16 inch steelies with OEM Sahara take offs. Part of the package was a set of 2016 OEM Sahara side steps complete with brackets BUT missing some bolts.

Brackets line up perfect. I have all of the 6M hardware for the back of the mounting plates at the pinch weld. I cannot for the life of me get a bolt to fit in the factory “nuts” that exist in the underside of the floor pan

I have been to 2 different dealers. Both say there is NO kit and none of their manuals give any size for the 6 missing bolts. I have made 2 trips to Fastenal too.

I gently cleaned out the holes to accept bolts. Have tried the 8m. Too big. It won’t bite as it is exceeds the diameter of the hole. 7m Tries to bite but it is a smidge too small. It slides in. Tried standard size too. Either too big or too small. Frustrated beyond anything at this point.

Any suggestions? What am I missing?

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Is it beneficial to run dual stabilizer or single on jeep TJ 4" lift on 35’s

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Targeting Bonefish In The Keys With Capt. Randy Towe

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It used to be that Key Largo and Islamorada were the hot spots in the Keys, but over the last ten years, the Lower Keys and Key West have been the place to consistently catch them. Whatever area you fish, you want to have favorable conditions which are a good incoming tide with a lot of current. Keep in mind that in the Keys there’s a different body of water on either side of every island, so there’s an incoming tide from the Atlantic and an incoming tide from the Gulf of Mexico, and a lot of times they differ so that you can fish the incoming tide on the Atlantic side and then run into the backcountry on the Gulf side and fish the incoming tide there.

On the incoming tide, the bonefish come out of the channels and up onto the flats to feed. As the water levels rise, the fish push up shallow to take advantage of the shrimp, crabs and worms that are exposed with the incoming water.

The key to bonefishing is in the water level—too much water and you can’t see them or they’re in the mangroves, and too little water and they can’t get up onto the flat. What you want is 8 to 15 inches of water on top of the flat. Tide is critical and the windows are small, so you want to time your bonefishing to stay the most amount of time in that perfect level of water.

Sometimes in the middle of the day when the tide is high, you’ll find bonefish mudding in three to five feet of water. It’s not your traditional dark looking mud, it’s more of a dusty, off-color to the water. If you see that discoloring of the real clear water, you want to stop and either blind cast or look for fish.

Remember that when you’re dealing with current, it’s like a conveyor belt, so the mud you’re seeing is actually behind the fish. Bonefish feed into the current, so if you’re looking at a mud, you’re looking at something that had already happened. You want to look ahead of it to see the fish.

Good baits are a small 1/8-ounce brown jig, a live shrimp or a quarter-sized blue crab. If you’re going to use the shrimp or crab, you’ll want a 1/0 hook. You can break the tail off the shrimp and thread the hook through the tail, and then back into the body of the bait to make it weedless. If you’re using a crab, you want to hook it in the corner of the shell, and then break off the other corner to add scent to the water. You can also break off the claws and some of the legs so the crab can’t burrow into the sand and hide.

I fish them on seven to right foot 10 pound spinning rods with a 4000 size reel and 10 pound monofilament line. You want to have a reel that holds at least 200 yards of line. If you use braided line, you want to use a monofilament leader, because bonefish have excellent eyesight. I like the eight foot rods when there’s a lot of small mangrove shoots in the water, because it gives you a little extra height when you need to get around them.

You don’t want to cast directly onto the fish. Cast ahead of them 15 to 20 feet and let them swim up to your lure or bait. Bonefish have an outstanding sense of smell, and they’ll come from 10 feet or more to find that shrimp or crab.

The average bonefish in the Keys these days is four to five pounds, with a 10 pounder a big fish and anything larger a jumbo. When someone hooks up on a bonefish, that’s the time to get the camera out and get ready for when you get it to the boat, so that you can grab the fish, take a picture and get it back into the water quickly. You want to handle the fish as little as possible and release it so they live to repopulate the species and fight again another day.

Captain Tips

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Latitude Margaritaville coming to South Carolina in 2018

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A new development geared toward retired Parrotheads is set to be built on a roughly 2,700-acre site on U.S. 278 in Hardeeville, SC.

“This is something that we have been working on and looking forward to for months,” Hardeeville Mayor Harry Williams said Thursday. “It’s so exciting and a great compliment for the city and for the region that (the developer) chose us.”

The project — called Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head — is a partnership between the Jimmy Buffett-inspired Margaritaville brand and Florida-based developer Minto Communities.

The community will be built on the site of the southern portion of Hilton Head Lakes, which the developer has purchased, Minto senior vice president William Bullock said Thursday.

The Hardeeville location will be the second Margaritaville community. The first, in Daytona Beach, Fla., broke ground in March, according to a news release from the developers.

“We look forward to creating another port of paradise for those looking to live a life of fun and relaxation on the shores of South Carolina,” John Cohlan, chief executive officer of Margaritaville, said in a statement.

Bullock said the developer did months of consumer research, and potential residents surveyed overwhelmingly selected Florida and South Carolina “as their top two choices” for a Margaritaville community.

“We are very confident in our location choice,” he said, citing the proximity to airports, highways, shops, and the beach. “The great weather doesn’t hurt either,” Bullock said.

Plans for the 55 years-and-older Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head call for the construction of about 3,000 homes, a 290,000-square-foot retail center, and amenities such as a pool, fitness center, and tennis courts.

A variety of floor plans will be offered and home prices will start at around $200,000.

Construction is will start this summer and a sales center is expected to open early next year. “We expect the first residents (to be moved in) by the end 2018,” Bullock said.

For more information on LATITUDE MARGARITAVILLE and to sign up to receive regular development updates, visit


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TJ Reverse

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Hey Mates,

Just wondering if anyone could tell me if the reverse gear on a 2004 TJ Wrangler Automatic is computer controlled?



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