Adding Amp to 130 and 77kick10 speakers

Posted on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 at 1:10 pm

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I’m still somewhat confused after searching on how to add an amp to my 130 and existing Kicker 77kick10 speaker setup. It seems splicing is involved, with some folks mentioning you don’t even need the PAC module, just the wiring harness. I don’t want to hack up anything until I know for certain.

What I purchased based on research (Images below):

  • Alpine KTP-445U 4-channel Power Pack Amplifier

As I said, I’m confused. I just want to do is install the Amp using the factory connectors. By using the PAC, I understand I do not have to cut/splice any of the factory wires. Everything is stock except for the speakers which were plug-n-play.

With my 130, I have UConnect, Sirius and steering wheel controls; which I believe I would retain using the PAC. Correct?

I just need simple step by step instruction (ideally with pictures).

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