Brand New Bumpin Uglies Single feat. Ted Bowne of Passafire

Posted on Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 at 2:27 pm
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Bumpin Uglies are back with a scorching new single called “All In Stride” featuring Ted Bowne of Passafire. The brash reggae rockers out of Annapolis, Maryland also brought in the horns from Tropidelic and production from Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!, for a brighter, fuller sound on the track. Bumpin Uglies frontman Brandon Hardesty also revealed to The Pier new info regarding the band’s next album.

Less than a year removed from their last full-length, Keep It Together, Bumpin Uglies have expanded from a trio to a quartet, adding Chad Wright on keys. The rest of the band is made up by the aforementioned Brandon Hardesty (vocals/guitar), Dave Wolf (bass), and TJ Haslett (drums). Bumpin Uglies music is a back-and-forth between reggae songs spiked with punk-rock, and acoustic folk ballads. But the songs almost always involve some combination of story-telling, life lessons, and unabashed self-deprecation.Bumpin Uglies New Single

“All In Stride” is about taking the good with the bad. Hardesty explains his mindset for writing the song, saying, “I had in mind this yin and yang idea. In reggae, there’s all of this focus on good vibes and stuff, but I’m a cynic at heart. And shit happens. That’s part of life too.” The song begins with Hardesty’s signature chip-on-the-shoulder bitterness, then shifts moods at Ted Bowne’s featured verse, finishing with a cheerful chorus from Hardesty.

“I wanted to use someone on the East Coast for that verse, because we’ve got a really great, budding scene over here. And who better than Ted to highlight that,” says Hardesty of getting Ted Bowne on the track. “All In Stride” also received contribution from Ballyhoo! frontman Howi Spangler on the production side. According to Hardesty, Spangler has been working hard at producing lately and signed up to co-produce the track with him. The song was recorded at Annapolis Audio Lab with the band’s long time engineer Ryan Cullen.

Speaking of the single, Howi tells The Pier: “I was really happy when Brandon asked me to produce their new album. Producing is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity to dive right in. For me it’s all about understanding the artist’s vision and meeting their expectations and helping define the overall goal. Ted Bowne did one of the sickest verses I’ve ever heard and the Tropidelic horn section really added a nice layer — I think we made a really great record. ‘All In Stride’ is just the beginning!”

Bumpin Uglies have a bunch of new material on hand, and the band is preparing to release another album in the near future. Brandon says to expect a ton of collaborations with artists from up and down the entire East Coast. Until then, you can catch Bumpin Uglies on the road with Passafire from June 3rd – 18th; hopefully performing “All In Stride” live on stage — You can purchase “All In Stride” on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Listen: Bumpin Uglies – All In Stride (ft. Ted Bowne of Passafire)

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Article By: Brian Winters

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